19:43:48  * creationixtopic: Lua + libUV + jiT = pure awesome-sauce | http://luvit.io | https://github.com/luvit/luvit | https://github.com/luvit/luv
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20:20:35  <travis-ci>luvit/luv#370 (master - aba94e2 : Tim Caswell): The build passed.
20:20:35  <travis-ci>Change view : https://github.com/luvit/luv/compare/7af0cef0aa4d...aba94e2ba5ca
20:20:35  <travis-ci>Build details : https://travis-ci.org/luvit/luv/builds/67897991
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20:32:44  <madninja>hi all, I'm trying to use weblit since it looks like a neat package
20:32:55  <madninja>I'm having trouble installing it with lit
20:33:23  <madninja>was hoping someone here had seen and found a workaround or fix for lit failing to install weblit (but working on other packages)
20:33:26  <creationix>madninja: what’s the issue?
20:33:41  <creationix>do you have latest lit?
20:33:47  <creationix>should be 2.0.5
20:34:17  <madninja>hmm perhaps that's it? Latest update I got through lit update was 1.3.0
20:34:30  <creationix>1.3.0 is a bad version and worse, it won’t auto-update
20:34:34  <madninja>error I'm getting is: "Disconnected while waiting for send"
20:34:36  <creationix>manually update
20:34:43  <creationix>lit make lit://luvit/lit `which lit`
20:34:47  <madninja>k, thanks for the quick response
20:34:50  <creationix>(assuming you’re in bash)
20:34:54  <madninja>yup
20:35:15  <creationix>and run the manual update command twice for good measure so that the new lit is building itself
20:36:46  <creationix>madninja: let me know if that works
20:37:07  <madninja>trying now.. got the latest version just fine.. it's stalling on fetching: 1 object
20:37:19  <madninja>installing package: creationix/weblit@v0.3.2
20:37:19  <madninja>fetching: 1 object
20:37:28  <creationix>ok, try nuking your local cache
20:37:31  <madninja>Then a "Disconnected wating for send"
20:37:34  <creationix>usually at ~/.litdb
20:38:00  <creationix>~/.litdb.git that is
20:38:07  <madninja>trying
20:38:43  <madninja>same stall
20:38:57  <madninja>ending in the same error
20:39:08  <creationix>did it fetch a bunch of new items?
20:39:08  <madninja>appears to only happen with weblit oddly enough
20:39:18  <creationix>(after nuking the cache and trying again?)
20:39:32  <madninja>I killed that git directory
20:39:42  <creationix>I literally just installed weblit before you posted your question, this is strange
20:39:53  <madninja>it didn't fetch a bunch.. Do I need to kill .litconfig too?
20:40:14  <creationix>you can, but you’ll need to lit auth again if you want to publish
20:40:40  <madninja> lit install creationix/weblit
20:40:44  <creationix>madninja: is your upstream ws://lit.luvit.io or wss://lit.luvit.io?
20:40:54  <madninja>wss://lit.luvit.io/
20:41:39  <creationix>hmm, so your network shouldn’t be able to interfere
20:41:55  <creationix>(unencrypted wss doesn’t work on many company networks)
20:42:27  <creationix>madninja: so to verify, when you run `lit -v` you get 2.0.5
20:42:38  <creationix>and when you run `lit config` the database is the folder you nuked?
20:43:01  <madninja>yah
20:43:09  <madninja>lit 2.0.5 luvi: 2.1.1
20:43:13  <creationix>what OS is this?
20:43:20  <madninja>OSX..
20:43:24  <madninja>oh.. El Capitan
20:43:30  <madninja>which may make a difference?
20:43:33  <madninja>:-/
20:43:41  <creationix>I don’t see how, but I’m still on mavericks
20:43:53  <creationix>and windows 8.1 and ubuntu 15.04 :)
20:44:18  <creationix>I wonder if apple doesn’t like some bit pattern in the weblit packages
20:44:27  <creationix>is there a new anti-virus or something?
20:44:36  <creationix>though with tls, I’m not sure how it would even know
20:45:00  <madninja>I seriously doubt it.. Also odd that it fails on just weblit and not on other packages
20:45:19  <madninja>I can install creationix/weblit-app just fine
20:45:31  <creationix>ok, I’ll publish a new weblit meta-package and see if that helps
20:45:35  <creationix>this is really strange
20:45:49  <madninja>I can install creationix/weblit-app just fine
20:46:02  <madninja>sorry.. damned arrow keys
20:47:07  <madninja>yeah, there's something of with the meta-package
20:47:18  <madninja>I just installed all dependencies individually and they all worked
20:47:23  <creationix>heh, I can’t publish now! I nuked my local database and can now reproduce your issue
20:47:31  <madninja>oh yay!
20:47:43  <madninja>or rather, I'm sorry to hear that :-)
20:48:00  <rphillips>heh
20:48:02  <creationix>ok, I worked around it. `lit down && lit add . && lit up && lit publish`
20:48:20  <creationix>normally lit fetches a package before publishing to make sure there are no conflicts
20:48:24  <creationix>but if you’re offline, it doesn’t
20:49:45  <madninja>it's trying to import 0.3.3
20:49:57  <madninja>fetching: 1 object, then fetching: 2 objects
20:49:59  <madninja>and stalling
20:50:08  * hdmsjoined
20:50:11  <creationix>yeah, it probably worked before because I was installing from the machine that published weblit
20:50:16  <creationix>so it was in the local cache
20:51:00  <creationix>yep, still stalling on 0.3.3 when I don’t have it cached locally
20:51:04  <creationix>this is really strange
20:51:11  <creationix>the remote git database checkout clean with `git fsck`
20:51:17  <creationix>*checks-out
20:53:15  <creationix>madninja: you can download the entire registry via git with `git clone git@github.com:luvit/lit-backup.git --bare ~/.litdb.git`
20:53:26  <creationix>but it appears there is a bug in my packed-repo reading code
20:53:40  <creationix>(the production lit database is unpacked git)
20:54:47  <madninja>well that was unexpected...
20:55:02  <madninja>db.lua blows up after doing that..
20:55:08  <creationix>yep
20:55:13  <madninja>attempt to perform arith on upvalue
20:55:32  <creationix>if you know you can manually unpack the git repo, or wait for me to fix lit to not cry when the db is packed
20:55:40  <creationix>unpacking the repo is somewhat tricky and manual
20:56:01  <madninja>I can wait.. :-)
20:56:35  <madninja>appreciate the effort and help! lit and luvi are amazingly cool
20:58:26  <creationix>madninja: while you wait, here is a fresh unpacked db with weblit and it’s deps static.creationix.com/db.git.tar.gz
20:58:41  <creationix>unzip this to ~/.litdb.git and it should stop trying to fetch weblit
20:59:49  <madninja>awesome, that worked
20:59:59  <creationix>thanks for the bug reports!
21:00:12  <creationix>and enjoy weblit. I have most of it documented now at least in basic form
21:00:35  <creationix>the luvit.io website is powered by weblit with source at https://github.com/luvit/luvit.io
21:01:28  <creationix>and https://github.com/creationix/hexes is a simple example with websockets
21:03:05  <madninja>ah hadn't seen the latter yet
21:03:17  <creationix>deployed to http://hexes.creationix.com
21:03:23  <creationix>visit with two browsers and click around
21:03:25  <madninja>I'm looking to build an, initially internal, tool that interacts with the GH API
21:03:45  <creationix>lit consumes the GH APi a little (for key downloading)
21:04:04  <creationix>it has an internal helper that wraps coro-http https://github.com/luvit/lit/blob/master/libs/github-request.lua
21:05:05  <madninja>yeah, was looking at that, thanks!
21:05:36  <creationix>and thanks again for reporting the weblit bug. If it’s been there since luvit 1.3.0 that would explain why nobody is trying out weblit
21:05:45  <creationix>I mean lit `.3.0
21:09:02  <madninja>np, thanks for making all this great stuff public
21:11:53  * hdmsquit (Quit: hdms)
21:41:19  <creationix>madninja: I still don’t know what the weblit issue is, but it’s this blog causing the trouble. https://github.com/creationix/weblit/blob/d929634cd13bbe6be6dfa9b5a0ed3c17d0438294/server.lua
21:41:25  <creationix>s/blog/blob/
21:41:41  <creationix>I mean this blob https://github.com/creationix/weblit/blob/d929634cd13bbe6be6dfa9b5a0ed3c17d0438294/init.lua
21:43:50  <madninja>is the require override causing this?
21:44:18  <creationix>it’s something in the lit server, not sure yet the cause
21:44:29  <creationix>but something about that hash makes the server simply never send the data
21:44:59  <creationix>the file isn’t evaluated as lua by lit, it’s just opaque binary data
21:50:53  <madninja>perhaps the exports table is leaking into the global env? Or into a spot where the server is going down a black hole?
21:51:09  <madninja>I'm new at this so shooting in the dark.
21:53:26  <creationix>nah, it’s protocol related. Something in one of my layers doesn’t like the bytes in this file
21:53:44  <creationix>I just setup a test server and it’s sending the response, but the client never gets it. So maybe websocket issue
21:54:46  <creationix>the blobs are sent over the wire as deflated blobs in websocket binary frames
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21:58:31  * songgao_changed nick to songgao
21:58:52  <creationix>madninja: https://github.com/luvit/lit/issues/92
22:00:05  <madninja>oh fun!
22:05:34  <creationix>yep, the websocket frame is ring arount the 128 byte boundary at which websocket length encoding changes shape
22:05:53  <creationix>and the client is interperting the encoding as 30721 bytes length when there are only 128
22:06:05  <creationix>*right around
22:13:43  * madninjaquit (Quit: My Mac has gone to sleep. ZZZzzz…)
22:21:55  <creationix>fixed it! https://github.com/luvit/lit/commit/4cffee03d2388161f6202ee20c7f265b2701d668
22:44:33  <creationix>dinner time
22:45:41  <rphillips>nice fix
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