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14:53:47  <KennethWilke>g'morning
14:58:42  <rphillips>morning
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15:08:57  <creationix>mornin
15:10:48  <KennethWilke>i've been praising luvit to my colleagues, trying to entice them to tinker with it as well
15:11:08  <rphillips>i am thinking the coroutines are not quite working right in the tls codec
15:11:34  <creationix>KennethWilke: nice
15:11:41  <creationix>rphillips: that’s fine, we can drop it.
15:11:49  <creationix>I think the new decoder style is better got http anyway
15:11:52  <creationix>*for
15:12:38  <rphillips>yeah
15:13:21  <rphillips>for some reason the tls.verify function doesn't get called, and the print right before the call displays, but the print in within the verify doesn't display at all
15:13:35  <creationix>rphillips: since luvit is streams based, I don’t feel the coroutines are a good matc
15:13:37  <creationix>*match
15:13:42  <rphillips>yeah
15:14:09  <creationix>feel free to rip the tls codec apart and reuse whatever you need.
15:14:15  <rphillips>k
15:14:26  <creationix>I’ll port my http codec to decoder style
15:14:31  <creationix>should make it faster anyway
15:15:54  <creationix>rphillips: do you have a preference if I finish the package manager first or documentation for luvit?
15:15:54  <KennethWilke>i'd like to see what that looks like, I want to start getting some redis protocol parsing stuff built and would like to see what y'all are doing
15:16:19  <rphillips>package manager would be sweet... ease the pain within virgo-base
15:16:24  <creationix>KennethWilke: this is the decoder style I showed you before https://github.com/luvit/lit/blob/master/net-decoder.lua
15:16:28  <KennethWilke>i +1 the package manager idea
15:16:41  <creationix>ok, I’ll finish the PM first (at least a MVP version)
15:16:51  <creationix>I was thinking of using rst for docs instead of markdown
15:16:52  <KennethWilke>love package managers, and i'd be willing to crank out a few libs into it
15:17:06  <creationix>right, and lots of luvit’s core stuff needs to move to a pm
15:17:22  <creationix>KennethWilke: do you use gpg?
15:17:27  <KennethWilke>i do not
15:17:47  <creationix>do you use ssh keys on github?
15:17:49  <KennethWilke>judge me if you must!
15:17:51  <KennethWilke>lol
15:17:55  <KennethWilke>yeah i do
15:18:13  <creationix>nothing to judge, I’m just polling you
15:18:21  <KennethWilke>lol i'm just kidding
15:18:39  <creationix>I never used gpg till I started tagging releases for luvi
15:18:51  <KennethWilke>i judge myself, i feel like i should know more about it
15:18:53  <creationix>but I’m thinking that auth for lit should be based on signed tags
15:19:18  <creationix>technically it’s possible to use people’s existing ssh keys and verify their identity based on their publig gibhub keys
15:19:27  <creationix>I think that will be a lot more accessable than gpg
15:19:29  * kazuponjoined
15:19:39  <creationix>(not that I can’t add gpg as an option later)
15:19:55  <KennethWilke>is this for submitting libs to lit?
15:19:57  <creationix>“publig gibhub”?
15:20:05  <creationix>KennethWilke: right
15:20:08  <KennethWilke>not for normal just pulling down stuff
15:20:15  <creationix>no, pulling is anonymous
15:20:35  <KennethWilke>kk
15:20:40  <creationix>though the client should probably verify tags against public github identities when pulling
15:20:50  <creationix>let users create a list of authors they trust and use
15:20:54  <creationix>npm is crazy insecure
15:21:07  <KennethWilke>i know one of the first things i'd be doing with lit is automating its usage through salt
15:21:27  <KennethWilke>so i'd like it programmatic usage of it was sane
15:21:31  <KennethWilke>like if*
15:21:43  <creationix>salt?
15:21:54  <KennethWilke>it's a config management tool
15:22:02  <KennethWilke>my work right now is kinda part linux engy work part dev
15:22:41  <KennethWilke>my teams working on switching over from puppet to salt
15:23:01  <creationix>puppet and chef are the same kind of thing right?
15:23:32  <KennethWilke>people often use them for the same thing, but salts a lot more remote execution focused
15:24:14  <creationix>so the basic idea for lit is that machines will have local repositories that contain only the project they are interested. A partial replication of another database if you will
15:24:33  <creationix>it can hold multiple versions of the same package no problem
15:24:52  <creationix>and you could deploy a local mirror/cache in your lan to easy constant re-deploys
15:24:55  <creationix>*ease
15:25:11  <creationix>I should probably make a caching proxy example. It will be pretty trivial
15:25:34  <creationix>since that’s essentially what the local cache is to the pm client
15:25:47  <KennethWilke>that makes sense
15:26:06  <creationix>so I assume salt allows running arbitrary commands on the shell?
15:26:09  <KennethWilke>yeah
15:26:28  <creationix>yeah, this will work fine. Let’s see how much I can get actually running today
15:26:53  <creationix>plus this will be my first real app to write using the new luv bindings. Should be educational for me and others
15:26:53  <KennethWilke>it makes it pretty easy to shell out to things, but long term, if you had some kinda serialized output like json or something, i'd be like wooooooo
15:27:01  <KennethWilke>lol
15:27:36  <KennethWilke>definitely not needed before the core bits
15:28:10  <creationix>machine friendly output is a good idea
15:28:28  <creationix>does it have to be JSON? Is there a fixed set of formats you can support?
15:28:38  <creationix>or could a new format work as long as there was a library to decode it?
15:29:12  <KennethWilke>for compatibility with other languages people might use to script the usage of lit on the client side, json i think is a pretty good fit
15:29:35  <creationix>fair enough
15:29:39  <KennethWilke>i'm not stuck on it, msgpack and yaml and etc are all good in my book too
15:29:51  <creationix>msgpack is great, just not very human readable
15:29:55  <KennethWilke>yeah
15:30:15  <KennethWilke>it's totally not needed, just a nice to have i think
15:30:19  <creationix>I mean *I* can read it with a hex dump, but that’s only because I implemented it a few times
15:30:46  <creationix>the lit network protocol is binary
15:30:59  <KennethWilke>a lot of cli tools don't think about programmatic usage, but i love the ones that do
15:31:35  <creationix>some just make sed friendly output
15:31:55  <KennethWilke>yeah, and that'd an acceptable start
15:32:08  <KennethWilke>usually not too hard to split whitespace and roll with that
15:32:15  <creationix>nice salt has a gitfs
15:32:20  <creationix>I made one of those in javascript
15:32:26  <creationix>https://tedit.creationix.com/
15:32:31  <KennethWilke>they have problems with it sometimes i think
15:32:36  <creationix>full IDE runs completely offline in a browser
15:32:45  <creationix>filesystem is a git repo stored in IndexedDB
15:32:51  <KennethWilke>they may have gotten it better, but the git integration in python isn't great
15:33:04  <KennethWilke>that's interesting
15:33:08  <creationix>yep, that’s why I implement git-core in Javascript. bindings cause trouble sometimes
15:33:18  <creationix>I started porting my git code to lua
15:33:22  <creationix>lit will use some of it
15:33:36  <creationix>packages will be stored in a git-fs style graph
15:33:37  <KennethWilke>nice
15:33:48  <creationix>make cache invalidation perfect
15:33:55  <creationix>really handy for a pacakge repository
15:34:12  <KennethWilke>git's not too great about binary stuff long term though right?
15:34:21  <creationix>git core doesn’t care
15:34:22  <KennethWilke>history + binary
15:34:28  <creationix>there are no diffs in core
15:34:32  <KennethWilke>ahh okay
15:34:39  <creationix>that’s the ui layer that shows everything as textual diffs
15:35:01  <creationix>but large binary files that change often aren’t effecient to store
15:35:08  <creationix>since each change is a full copy of the entire file
15:35:10  <KennethWilke>yeah that's the bit i'm wondering about
15:35:33  <creationix>lit won’t be storing large binary files, packages will be git trees, not tarballs
15:36:15  <creationix>normal git doesn’t support cloning a subtree, but lit’s protocol is designed for exactly that
15:36:29  <KennethWilke>ah, very nice
15:37:17  <rphillips>https://github.com/luvit/luvi/pull/38
15:37:20  <rphillips>bump lua-openssl
15:37:54  <creationix>rphillips: more fixes for you?
15:38:13  <rphillips>there are a couple crasher fixes... not necessarily anything I have hit yet
15:38:37  <creationix>rje: can I merge your zlib PR assuming it builds for me? Or did you want to polish it more first?
15:39:48  <creationix>rphillips: were there any changes in luv or luvi code that you wanted changed soon?
15:40:01  <creationix>I want to cut a new release as soon as the zlib stuff gets merged
15:40:34  <creationix>I’ve got one fix in luv that allows uv.fs_mkdtemp actually work
15:40:38  <rphillips>not that I can think of
15:40:40  <creationix>(needed for the load .dll from zip feature)
15:41:22  * travis-cijoined
15:41:22  <travis-ci>luvit/luvi#207 (fixes/bump_lua_openssl - a452e88 : Ryan Phillips): The build passed.
15:41:22  <travis-ci>Change view : https://github.com/luvit/luvi/commit/a452e88729ef
15:41:22  <travis-ci>Build details : http://travis-ci.org/luvit/luvi/builds/43106219
15:41:22  * travis-cipart
15:41:25  <creationix>rphillips: do you know how to sign and verify stuff in lua-openssl?
15:41:32  <creationix>I could use some pointers there
15:41:39  <rphillips>yeah, I have some tests
15:41:51  <creationix>awesome
15:42:05  <creationix>the only custom code I should have to write is converting ssh public keys to something openssl can read
15:42:10  <rphillips>https://github.com/luvit/luvit/blob/luvi-up/tests/test-crypto.lua#L58
15:42:11  <creationix>but I have node code that does that
15:42:31  <creationix>did we ever get JSON parsing?
15:42:45  <KennethWilke>for a luvit user, is there a testing lib?
15:42:47  <rphillips>yep... i added it in
15:43:07  <creationix>there is the “tap” micro framework in luvit’s own tests
15:43:23  <creationix>I can move it to app/modules if we want to make it public
15:43:40  <creationix>but today, you can get to it at require(‘bundle:tests/modules/tap’)
15:43:45  <KennethWilke>i was mostly just curious, we got production for tests
15:43:48  <KennethWilke>:p
15:43:57  <rch>KennethWilke: also https://github.com/virgo-agent-toolkit/luvit-tape
15:44:09  <creationix>yeah, luvit-tape is much more full featured
15:44:11  * dan336joined
15:44:21  <KennethWilke>ah nice, ty rch
15:45:02  <creationix>I wonder if that works with new luvit yet
15:45:17  <creationix>it used process:on(‘exit’, …) I think
15:45:17  <rphillips>might not
15:45:30  <creationix>my tap uses nested uv loops to know when a test ends
15:45:32  <KennethWilke>yeah i think we're gonna start trying out virgo for our monitoring solution too
15:45:50  <creationix>KennethWilke: awesome!
15:46:05  <creationix>virgo is still luvit 1.0, but we’re working hard to update luvit to support it
15:46:05  <KennethWilke>we've used nagios, nimbus and currently use zenoss
15:46:06  <rphillips>for reference, lua-openssl reads keys in pem, or der by default
15:46:09  <KennethWilke>and blech
15:46:16  <KennethWilke>all monitoring solutions are evil
15:48:23  <rch>true that
15:48:55  <rch>creationix: does process:on('exit', …) not work in new luvit?
15:49:18  <creationix>rphillips: has been working in that area. I know it didn’t work not that long ago.
15:49:46  <rphillips>not yet
15:49:52  <rch>oh ok but it will work
15:50:04  <rch>i was thinking the only change tape would need is pulling the streams module from core
15:50:17  * travis-cijoined
15:50:17  <travis-ci>luvit/luvi#209 (master - 54fd896 : Ryan Phillips): The build passed.
15:50:17  <travis-ci>Change view : https://github.com/luvit/luvi/compare/cb76af371535...54fd8965cacf
15:50:17  <travis-ci>Build details : http://travis-ci.org/luvit/luvi/builds/43107336
15:50:17  * travis-cipart
15:50:56  <rphillips>process:on('exit') support should be only a 2 liner
15:57:23  <rphillips>https://github.com/luvit/luvit/pull/556
15:57:35  <rphillips>that should do it... the tap module isn't using the luvit event loop
15:57:58  <rphillips>we will need to fix
15:58:00  <rphillips>that
16:00:46  <creationix>personally I’d love to see luvit-tape move away from process exit and use the nested uv.run trick.
16:01:00  <rphillips>i agree
16:01:07  <creationix>then you can run multiple tests in one process and wait for each one to finish before starting the next
16:01:13  <rphillips>i like knowing handles are cleaned up correctly
16:01:24  <creationix>maybe merge the two libraries?
16:01:31  <creationix>luvit-tape has some really nice high-level asserts
16:01:39  <rphillips>+1, i like that idea
16:01:42  <creationix>the private tap module has really good low-level semantics
16:02:10  * travis-cijoined
16:02:10  <travis-ci>luvit/luvit#1313 (feat/process_exit - 1ca9ba8 : Ryan Phillips): The build passed.
16:02:10  <travis-ci>Change view : https://github.com/luvit/luvit/commit/1ca9ba8b9659
16:02:10  <travis-ci>Build details : http://travis-ci.org/luvit/luvit/builds/43108404
16:02:10  * travis-cipart
16:02:48  <creationix>rphillips: I hope you don’t mind I delete branches after they get merged
16:02:55  <rphillips>not at all
16:03:07  <creationix>github keeps backups anyway in the pull request section of refs
16:03:38  <creationix>I do a lot of manual `git ls-remote | grep heads`
16:03:54  <creationix>I like to keep it to only currently in-progress tasks
16:05:08  <creationix>rch: do you have time to merge luvit-tap and the internal tap? Seems right up your alley
16:06:12  <rch>sounds fun. i can look at it but it would be a back-burner project for me, pretty full up atm.
16:10:21  <rphillips>http://www.wired.com/2014/12/io-js/?hn
16:11:24  <creationix>rch: we’ll see who gets there first then
16:13:20  * travis-cijoined
16:13:20  <travis-ci>luvit/luvit#1314 (feat/process_exit - c353371 : Ryan Phillips): The build passed.
16:13:20  <travis-ci>Change view : https://github.com/luvit/luvit/compare/1ca9ba8b9659...c353371f1617
16:13:20  <travis-ci>Build details : http://travis-ci.org/luvit/luvit/builds/43110017
16:13:20  * travis-cipart
16:13:40  <rch>heh
16:15:26  <KennethWilke>rphillips, uh-oh! upheavals in the node community
16:15:35  <creationix>rphillips: why do they have to make it all dramatic
16:15:42  <creationix>that’s media for you
16:15:42  <rphillips>good question
16:15:43  <rch>cool logos though
16:15:48  <KennethWilke>yar, media indeed
16:16:22  <creationix>well, I tried to convince the iojs folks to do some radical luvi-like changes to node and it doens’t look they are interested at the moment
16:16:36  <creationix>we’ll see how dukluv fares if I find time to work on it again once luvit is more stable
16:16:45  <rch>it woul dmake it harder for them to backport bugfixes from original node
16:17:33  <creationix>well, it’s fine if they want to go the stable route and make the big customers happy. That’s just not where my interests with node lie
16:19:11  <rch>for you, the untrodded trail, the thin air at altitude, and the sweeping land spread out ahead
16:19:22  <creationix>it’s perfectly understandable that those of us who created node in the beginning are not interested in this later phase of work.
16:19:42  <creationix>different people have different strengths
16:20:20  <creationix>I am excited to help luvit mature though
16:20:25  <creationix>I think it will help a lot of people
16:20:52  <rch>the luv/luvit split will enable some really cool apis
16:20:55  <KennethWilke>people still get a nasty taste in their mouth when they think of serverside javascript
16:21:01  <rch>not me
16:21:19  <KennethWilke>well it's of course not actually bad
16:22:03  <KennethWilke>but when ui designers start writing back end stuff, it gives it a bad rep
16:22:17  <creationix>and callbacks are hard for certain types of tasks
16:22:34  <creationix>and this is coming from someone who used node full time for almost 5 years
16:23:14  <KennethWilke>i thought of javascript as a necessary evil for a long time, since it's the only thing you can rely on the in realm of the browser
16:23:26  <creationix>true, but it could be a lot worse
16:23:35  <creationix>it’s amazing it’s not worse than it is considering
16:23:36  <rch>just look at visual basic
16:23:38  <KennethWilke>but node did change my opinion on that, give it a good environment and it can be great
16:23:54  <rch>people have their biases
16:23:59  <rch>it is sad, it prevents them from seeing reality
16:24:01  <creationix>dukluv is like node, but simpler and more pure. It’s really fun
16:24:16  <rch>KennethWilke: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GeCWaTML3D0 <—— good video about all that
16:24:26  <rch>creationix: yeah i wish i could write a jit for it
16:24:42  <creationix>I wonder if there will ever be the luajit of js
16:24:50  <creationix>the language is much larger than lua
16:25:02  <creationix>especially once you include ES6, then it’s massive
16:25:17  <rch>i'm pretty uncertain about all the changes coming down to js
16:25:23  <rch>i.e. i really don't like many of them
16:25:29  <creationix>enterprise js
16:27:03  * creationixgoes back to actually implement that package manager for luvit
16:27:35  <KennethWilke>the js community does some totally crazy stuff
16:27:41  <KennethWilke>i remember looking at asm.js
16:28:09  <KennethWilke>compiling openssl into something can be ran by an llvm implementation in javascript?
16:28:18  <KennethWilke>there be some crazy smart people out there doing crazy things
16:29:34  <creationix>I be one of them….
16:29:36  <creationix>“Luvit is an attempt to do something crazy..."
16:29:39  <creationix>;)
16:30:35  <creationix>well, crazy at least, not sure about smart
16:30:42  <KennethWilke>lol
16:37:43  <rphillips>creationix: maybe this one http://troydhanson.github.io/uthash/
16:38:45  <creationix>http://symas.com/mdb/ was close, but it’s more complicated than I would like. I prefer the feature set of leveldb that’s much simpler
16:39:24  <creationix>rphillips: so to persist it, just memmap to disk and hope it doesn’t get corrupted?
16:39:37  <creationix>I guess it helps that my data is immutable and verifiable
16:39:46  <creationix>yay for content addressable storage
16:40:52  <creationix>nice, a header-only library. I always find those interesting
16:41:45  * kazuponquit (Remote host closed the connection)
16:41:45  <rphillips>creationix: this is interesting http://cr.yp.to/cdb.html
16:42:59  <rphillips>most of the links are dead on the page though
16:45:58  <creationix>I wonder why Berkeley DB isn’t BSD licenced
16:47:25  <creationix>hmm, and it’s Oracle software now…
16:47:40  <creationix>I’ll stick with git style storage for now, we can replace with a real db later
16:59:53  * KennethWilkequit (Quit: Leaving)
17:05:54  <rphillips>the dns tcp test keeps failing on windows on the buildbot
17:09:22  <rphillips>hmm. passes on my windows cloud server
17:12:55  <creationix>yeah, I’m not sure what’s wrong there
17:13:03  <creationix>it hasn’t failed on my laptop either
17:14:31  * KennethWilkejoined
18:05:38  <creationix>rphillips: someone on twitter pointed me to sophia. It works perfect for my git style database https://github.com/creationix/lua-sophia
18:05:43  <creationix>tweaked some existing lua bindings and it’s working
18:07:04  <creationix>I mean it has *exactly* the API I need and nothing more
18:11:20  <creationix>also rphillips https://github.com/luvit/luvit/pull/557
18:16:37  <rje>rphillips: creationix: is there anything we can do that is better than this? https://github.com/luvit/luvi/commit/bbc9c7cc74133a74026c0a72a7f5323043aeff0a
18:17:25  <creationix>I’m not sure. I’m fine with leaving it in there like that
18:19:07  * travis-cijoined
18:19:07  <travis-ci>luvit/luvi#210 (master - b8267a9 : Tim Caswell): The build passed.
18:19:07  <travis-ci>Change view : https://github.com/luvit/luvi/compare/54fd8965cacf...b8267a942b85
18:19:07  <travis-ci>Build details : http://travis-ci.org/luvit/luvi/builds/43123219
18:19:07  * travis-cipart
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18:20:22  <travis-ci>luvit/luvit#1316 (random-fixes - 2d5e4e2 : Tim Caswell): The build passed.
18:20:22  <travis-ci>Change view : https://github.com/luvit/luvit/compare/19e8f1167011^...2d5e4e282433
18:20:22  <travis-ci>Build details : http://travis-ci.org/luvit/luvit/builds/43123793
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18:21:14  <rje>it's not making too much sense to me as on linux, this works right https://github.com/luvit/zlib/blob/feat/add_cmake/CMakeLists.txt#L86
18:21:47  <creationix>yeah, I’m not sure why it’s acting different on windows
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18:22:51  <travis-ci>luvit/luvit#1318 (fix-examples - 49d8f15 : Tim Caswell): The build passed.
18:22:51  <travis-ci>Change view : https://github.com/luvit/luvit/compare/6201b743aa12...49d8f1596337
18:22:51  <travis-ci>Build details : http://travis-ci.org/luvit/luvit/builds/43124139
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18:23:03  <rje>we should merge the zlib pr and bump the submodule hash
18:26:29  <creationix>oops, sorry about missing that
18:27:35  <creationix>rje: I can update those if you want me to
18:28:17  <creationix>this one right? https://github.com/luvit/zlib/pull/3
18:31:41  <rje>yes that one
18:33:18  * mattlgyjoined
18:41:49  <rphillips>.
18:42:07  <creationix>ok, tagging luvi 0.5.2 unless there are any objections
18:42:31  <creationix>changes since 0.5.1 are rje’s new zlib bindings with updated zlib version and my luv fix to fs.mkdtemp
18:43:07  <rje>sounds good
18:43:11  <rphillips>+1
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18:49:59  <travis-ci>luvit/luvi#211 (master - 33ae959 : Tim Caswell): The build passed.
18:49:59  <travis-ci>Change view : https://github.com/luvit/luvi/compare/b8267a942b85...33ae9594413d
18:49:59  <travis-ci>Build details : http://travis-ci.org/luvit/luvi/builds/43126671
18:49:59  * travis-cipart
18:51:28  <creationix>alright, all tests pass on windows, linux, and osx, tagging
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18:53:48  <travis-ci>luvit/luvi#212 (master - e86631a : Tim Caswell): The build passed.
18:53:48  <travis-ci>Change view : https://github.com/luvit/luvi/compare/33ae9594413d...e86631a6513a
18:53:48  <travis-ci>Build details : http://travis-ci.org/luvit/luvi/builds/43126930
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19:04:30  <travis-ci>luvit/luvi#213 (v0.5.2 - e86631a : Tim Caswell): The build passed.
19:04:30  <travis-ci>Change view : https://github.com/luvit/luvi/compare/v0.5.2
19:04:30  <travis-ci>Build details : http://travis-ci.org/luvit/luvi/builds/43127836
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19:07:31  <rphillips>creationix: i want to disable the dns tests on windows until we can figure out what is going on in luvit
19:07:46  <creationix>that’s fine
19:08:08  <creationix>or maybe just disable on appveyor so they still run on my laptop
19:08:33  <creationix>just look for the APPVEYOR environment variable
19:09:54  <rphillips>ah we can do that
19:10:05  <rphillips>how do i get the environment via luv?
19:10:22  <creationix>lua has native environment variable reading
19:10:25  <creationix>just not writing
19:10:32  <creationix>os.env I think
19:10:41  <creationix>os.getenv
19:10:48  <rphillips>yep
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19:16:55  <travis-ci>luvit/luvit#1320 (fixes/disable_dns_windows_test - 6c0c808 : Ryan Phillips): The build passed.
19:16:55  <travis-ci>Change view : https://github.com/luvit/luvit/commit/6c0c808afac8
19:16:55  <travis-ci>Build details : http://travis-ci.org/luvit/luvit/builds/43129328
19:16:55  * travis-cipart
19:17:35  <creationix>luvi is built for everything but raspberry
19:17:45  * travis-cijoined
19:17:45  <travis-ci>luvit/luvit#1322 (fixes/disable_dns_windows_test - c39bf28 : Ryan Phillips): The build passed.
19:17:45  <travis-ci>Change view : https://github.com/luvit/luvit/compare/6c0c808afac8...c39bf2890e17
19:17:45  <travis-ci>Build details : http://travis-ci.org/luvit/luvit/builds/43129572
19:17:45  * travis-cipart
19:17:51  <creationix>yay, it passed
19:18:02  <creationix>and they all pass on my windows laptop. Not sure what’s wrong with their dns environment
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19:26:50  <rphillips>merged
19:27:57  <rphillips>i suspect their build cluster may be rate limited to google's dns... we need to add some code to enumerate the correct dns ip(s) for windows
19:30:28  <creationix>could be
19:31:58  <creationix>rphillips: ok, rebased my two small PRs, but appveyor has quite the queue now
19:32:23  <rphillips>we can kill some of them
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19:34:53  <travis-ci>luvit/luvit#1324 (fixes/disable_dns_windows_test - baa6517 : Ryan Phillips): The build passed.
19:34:53  <travis-ci>Change view : https://github.com/luvit/luvit/compare/c39bf2890e17...baa651729958
19:34:53  <travis-ci>Build details : http://travis-ci.org/luvit/luvit/builds/43130922
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19:36:10  <travis-ci>luvit/luvit#1326 (luvi-up - 7367d51 : Ryan Phillips): The build passed.
19:36:10  <travis-ci>Change view : https://github.com/luvit/luvit/compare/395a17e0383a...7367d514adb0
19:36:10  <travis-ci>Build details : http://travis-ci.org/luvit/luvit/builds/43130931
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19:36:45  <travis-ci>luvit/luvit#1327 (random-fixes - de9f0f9 : Tim Caswell): The build passed.
19:36:45  <travis-ci>Change view : https://github.com/luvit/luvit/compare/2d5e4e282433...de9f0f9c2e97
19:36:45  <travis-ci>Build details : http://travis-ci.org/luvit/luvit/builds/43131191
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19:41:09  <travis-ci>luvit/luvit#1329 (fix-examples - 4bdb772 : Tim Caswell): The build passed.
19:41:09  <travis-ci>Change view : https://github.com/luvit/luvit/compare/49d8f1596337...4bdb772921e1
19:41:09  <travis-ci>Build details : http://travis-ci.org/luvit/luvit/builds/43131267
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20:01:23  <travis-ci>luvit/luvit#1331 (luvi-up - 735e45d : Tim Caswell): The build passed.
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20:01:23  <travis-ci>Build details : http://travis-ci.org/luvit/luvit/builds/43133371
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20:09:04  <travis-ci>luvit/luvit#1333 (luvi-up - 2bc7167 : Tim Caswell): The build passed.
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20:56:47  <KennethWilke>ooh, found this lil fella outside: http://tinypic.com/r/2v839sk/8
20:57:59  <creationix>nice, I had a brown fuzzy one crawling on me during standup today
20:58:51  <rch>woah
20:59:01  <rch>^ not a cat picture
20:59:24  <KennethWilke>certainly not lol
20:59:46  <KennethWilke>this one's a lil aggressive
20:59:54  <creationix>having been bit by a brown recluse in the past, I have a healthy respect for spiders. But I still like most of ‘em
21:00:03  <KennethWilke>i was trying to get him to show off for the camera, and he was like biting so hard onto the stick he was holding onto it
21:00:45  <KennethWilke>yeah i like having them around, they'll either eat other things or starve and that's fine by me
21:01:14  <creationix>we have tons of texas sized wolf spiders around here. They can run really fast
21:01:19  <creationix>and no webs!
21:01:23  <creationix>pest control
21:01:25  <KennethWilke>lol damn
21:01:46  <KennethWilke>i'm like, just a couple miles north of downtown san antonio
21:02:02  <KennethWilke>so these guys aren't very common
21:02:18  <KennethWilke>or they have been hiding well
21:02:19  <KennethWilke>lol
21:03:01  <rch>"he was like biting so hard onto the stick he was holding onto it" <—— wow never seen anything like that
21:03:27  <KennethWilke>he's pretty little, body about the size of my thumb
21:04:43  <KennethWilke>my wife is like "that thing is terrifying, i'm not coming home"
21:05:05  <creationix>other than the color, it looks just like the one that was crawling on me today. The brown one was some sort of jumping spider
21:05:19  * DarkGodjoined
21:05:45  <KennethWilke>those ones are like, professional hunters
21:15:41  * dan336quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
21:15:46  * dan3361joined
21:17:32  <creationix>Alright luvi v0.5.2 is built, tagged and signed both in luvi and luvi-binaries
21:18:34  <KennethWilke>using this lua lexical scoping magic to make generators makes parsing asynchronous read operations pretty nice
21:19:19  <creationix>yep, lexical scope is the one thing that would make C much easier
21:19:28  <creationix>at least when doing non-blocking stuff with callbacks
21:19:44  <KennethWilke>it's a great solution to the issues i was causing myself trying to parse things myself
21:20:33  <KennethWilke>it seems like a really good fit for lua + libuv
21:20:39  * erlbot--quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
21:20:54  <creationix>JS + libuv is even better since js function statements hoist their value
21:21:00  <KennethWilke>in C i was passing around a struct that had client, upstream and state data
21:21:04  <creationix>but lua has coroutines which help in a different way
21:21:10  <creationix>yep
21:21:19  <creationix>rje: rphillips: https://github.com/luvit/luvi-binaries/releases/tag/v0.5.2
21:21:20  * travis-cijoined
21:21:20  <travis-ci>luvit/luvit#1334 (luvi-up - f58d1f3 : Tim Caswell): The build passed.
21:21:20  <travis-ci>Change view : https://github.com/luvit/luvit/compare/2bc7167d9b6a...f58d1f30fc55
21:21:20  <travis-ci>Build details : http://travis-ci.org/luvit/luvit/builds/43141245
21:21:20  * travis-cipart
21:21:22  <KennethWilke>it's pretty nifty that i don't need that anymore
21:21:33  <creationix>https://github.com/luvit/luvi/blob/master/CHANGELOG.md#v052
21:21:58  <KennethWilke>generators are a lil easier to write in python
21:22:23  <KennethWilke>but that's not gonna scream performance like this seems to
21:23:04  <creationix>it depends. Luajit coroutines are pretty fast
21:23:09  <KennethWilke>i also like that tail recursion thingie lua does with the reusing the stafk
21:23:11  <KennethWilke>stack*
21:23:13  <creationix>I’m still trying to find the best practices
21:23:21  <KennethWilke>that reminds me of erlang a lil bit
21:23:27  <creationix>yeah, proper tail calls are nice
21:23:35  <KennethWilke>but i'm glad i'm not forced to tail recurse all the things
21:25:23  <KennethWilke>really feeling like i shoulda known lua earlier lol
21:42:41  <creationix>KennethWilke, speaking of wolf spiders, one just appeared on my desk https://cloudup.com/cuLdjKK2-yF
21:43:34  <creationix>and yes I have 4 computers on my desk all hard-wired with gigabit ethernet and UPS backup
21:43:43  <creationix>keeps the luvi builds going smooth
21:53:21  <KennethWilke>lol dayum
22:00:27  * cledevjoined
22:35:30  <KennethWilke>headin' out, y'all have a good weekend!
22:35:35  * KennethWilkequit (Quit: Leaving)
22:35:39  <creationix>take care
22:39:03  * cledevquit (Ping timeout: 250 seconds)
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22:50:03  <travis-ci>luvit/luv#192 (master - 5f69caa : Tim Caswell): The build passed.
22:50:03  <travis-ci>Change view : https://github.com/luvit/luv/compare/83f105de9092...5f69caa7782f
22:50:03  <travis-ci>Build details : http://travis-ci.org/luvit/luv/builds/43150129
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