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02:18:04  <philips_>gerka: hi
02:18:31  <philips_>gerka: luvit would probably do well as a proxy server for http
02:18:48  <philips_>gerka: it has http and https libraries although they aren't terribly optimized
02:21:54  <s_frit>philips_: is there a specific project direction for luvit? i had assumed having the http/REST/SOAP stack sorted would be a first priority but this seems not the case (not that i care about http, more wondering about direction)
02:22:56  <philips_>s_frit: alot of the direction is either creationix trying out new APIs or the virgo guys getting stuff working for their agent
02:25:10  <s_frit>philips_: does it seem like creationix knows where he's heading or is it all an experiment?
02:25:55  <s_frit>philips_: by the way thanks for your help the other day and on the mailing list... i'm up and running on Windows now
02:27:12  <philips_>s_frit: AFAIK luvit is mostly a fun project for creationix and besides virgo I don't think anyone is pushing a particular direction for the project at the moment.
02:27:19  <philips_>s_frit: np
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03:42:35  <creationix>so the official luvit API is pretty much set. I don't want to break things for virgo since it gets more value out of luvit than anyone else
03:42:42  <creationix>my experiments are in userspace as modules
03:42:51  <creationix>and yes they are experiments
03:43:10  <creationix>s_frit, philips_ ^
03:43:37  <creationix>now if someone wants to fork luvit and go off in a new direction, my feeling won't be hurt
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04:06:57  <philips_>creationix: :)
04:07:16  <s_frit>i'm not looking for a fork: quite the opposite.. looking for something with a known direction i can rely on
04:08:03  <s_frit>creationix: what are your userspace experiments focused on? i noticed some mention of gui stuff on the mailing list
04:12:14  <creationix>two experiments
04:12:32  <creationix>one is a new web platform based on more-or-less libuv + scripting language + webgl + input events
04:12:41  <creationix>luvit may be used for that
04:12:47  <creationix>at the moment I'm creating a new language for it
04:12:55  <creationix>also I have a web framework experiment
04:13:00  <creationix>in lua land, I call it moonslice
04:13:06  <creationix>in node.js it's called "web"
04:13:31  <creationix>it replaces the "http" module and has a better interface for http handler layers
04:13:35  <creationix>and has better streams
04:14:06  <s_frit>so that's a server thing? or intended for clients too?
04:15:44  <s_frit>the reason i ask is i'm thinking of writing some kind of client-side p2p fabric and wondering what is already done
04:15:52  <creationix>the web'moonslice experiment is an http server for the current web
04:16:09  <creationix>the gl thing is to replace html and the dom
04:16:50  <creationix>currently I'm doing a lot of p2p and crypto stuff with one of my clients, I'm sure I may experiment more there in the future
04:17:18  <s_frit>ok cool. so if i was interested in a high-performance http parser moonslice would be a better starting point than luvit "http" module?
04:17:29  <creationix>for luvit, I'd say so
04:17:37  <creationix>moonslice is about 20x faster than "http"
04:17:42  <creationix>but it's also a very unstable API
04:17:53  <creationix>and not fully implemented
04:18:16  <creationix>though the http_parser is the same between luvit's built-in "http" and moonslice
04:18:26  <s_frit>actually i need SDP rather than HTTP parsing so i may need to hack something together anyway.. but knowing where to start would help
04:18:44  <creationix>right, so luvit and moonslice use the same http parser as node.js
04:18:48  <creationix>it's written in C and fairly strict
04:18:54  <creationix>not sure how much it would help for SDP
04:19:12  <s_frit>me neither. i'll have to look into it
04:19:29  <creationix>I do have a standalone binding of it for plain lua
04:20:17  <s_frit>standalone binding of http_parser?
04:20:26  <creationix>right
04:20:30  <creationix>the C library is https://github.com/joyent/http-parser
04:20:38  <creationix>luvit binds to it internally
04:20:54  <creationix>and I extracted luvit's bindings as a standalone lua module
04:21:00  <creationix>called lhttp-parser
04:21:31  <creationix>https://github.com/creationix/lhttp_parser
04:23:13  <s_frit>this is more than enough to keep me busy
04:23:16  <s_frit>thanks for the infos :)
04:23:19  <creationix>cool, have fun
04:23:35  <creationix>and if I'm not in here, mail me at tim@creationix.com or @creationix on twitter
04:23:59  * creationixpays more attention to twitter than he probably should
04:26:58  <s_frit>ok great!
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18:57:56  <gerka>philips_: thanks for your reply. I was also looking at Lev which they claim overhauled version of luvit.
18:58:54  <gerka>philips_: their presentation was interesting in terms of memory usage which you can see from here http://www.slideshare.net/kazupon/lev-14332762
19:00:33  <gerka>philips_: I thought that would be more suitable for embedded devices. I'm curious about what is your thoughts on Lev except that it doesn't support Windows which is not my interest.
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