00:03:41  <luvit-bb>build #586 of virgo-rhel6.1_x64 is complete: Failure [failed integration tests] Build details are at https://virgo-bb.k1k.me/builders/virgo-rhel6.1_x64/builds/586
00:03:41  <luvit-bb>build #922 of virgo-ubuntu10.04_x64 is complete: Failure [failed integration tests] Build details are at https://virgo-bb.k1k.me/builders/virgo-ubuntu10.04_x64/builds/922
00:07:54  <luvit-bb>build #912 of virgo-windows2008_x64 is complete: Failure [failed integration tests] Build details are at https://virgo-bb.k1k.me/builders/virgo-windows2008_x64/builds/912
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15:12:47  <rphillips>good morning
15:14:55  * bakinsjoined
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15:55:23  <philips>rphillips: morning!
16:01:38  * hij1nxjoined
16:02:06  <rphillips>philips: is the collector test supposed to work on windows?
16:02:19  <rphillips>or should I disable the test?
16:03:28  * hopefuljoined
16:04:17  <hopeful>creationix: congratulations on the 0.4 release!
16:04:28  <hopeful>i love all those prebuilt binaries
16:04:54  <rphillips>hopeful: which platform are you using?
16:04:55  <hopeful>now i can even test luvit in a vm with windows
16:05:13  <hopeful>rphillips: usually only mac os x
16:05:26  <hopeful>but i have a few vm's with windows xp
16:05:29  <rphillips>let me know how the windows binary works out for you
16:05:45  <hopeful>rphillips: it works!
16:06:05  <hopeful>rphillips: need more details?
16:06:14  <rphillips>if it crashses :)
16:06:20  <hopeful>not yet ;)
16:06:44  <hopeful>rphillips: do you know if i can load a binary module (.so or dll)?
16:06:55  <rphillips>the FFI interface should work
16:07:18  <hopeful>rphillips: it's because i want to try luacom on windows with luvit
16:07:25  <hopeful>i know it's blocking...
16:07:31  <hopeful>but maybe using fibers
16:07:47  <hopeful>i have built it with luadist
16:08:08  <hopeful>if i just put it in a module could it works (be loaded) by luvit
16:08:18  <hopeful>could it work
16:08:31  <rphillips>i think it could just work
16:08:41  <rphillips>the FFI interface is AFAIK stable
16:09:08  <hopeful>rphillips: I'm just trying a regular .so on mac inside luvit with mac
16:09:15  <hopeful>can't get it to load
16:09:20  <hopeful>require does see it
16:09:25  <hopeful>but it crashes
16:09:32  <hopeful>let me copy the error message
16:09:50  <rphillips>make sure the .so and luvit are both 32 or 64bit
16:10:11  <hopeful>ah need to check this
16:10:13  <rphillips>you can run `file [filename]`
16:10:37  <hopeful>just a second
16:11:19  <hopeful>rphillips: indeed it's a 64-bit file
16:11:30  <hopeful>is luvit on mac 64-bit too?
16:11:39  <rphillips>depends on the flavor of osx
16:11:57  <hopeful>I'm using the prebuilt 0.4 for lion
16:12:06  <hopeful>let me check it
16:12:24  <rphillips>looks like it's 32 bit
16:12:30  <hopeful>rphillips: it's 64-bit too
16:12:41  <hopeful>same architecture then should it work?
16:12:53  <hopeful>i'm getting a stack overflow
16:13:15  <hopeful>by the way how would you require an .so in luvit?
16:13:33  <hopeful>I've put it in a package inside modules folder
16:13:48  <hopeful>it's called hello.so
16:14:00  <hopeful>it's inside a hello folder inside modules
16:14:09  <rphillips>hmm. the bundled version in 32bit, and the non-bundled version is 64bit
16:14:15  <rphillips>is*
16:14:33  <hopeful>rphillips: it's the non-bundled version
16:14:39  <rphillips>i haven't actually done that..
16:14:42  <rphillips>creationix has though
16:15:18  <hopeful>rphillips: you mean compiling the prebuilt versions?
16:15:25  <hopeful>or calling an .so
16:15:27  <rphillips>using the .so
16:15:33  <hopeful>ok
16:15:47  <hopeful>I'm really wondering how this could be done
16:15:57  <hopeful>someone wrote about it in an issue
16:16:08  <hopeful>but then said it ended up working
16:16:17  <hopeful>just by renaming the .so
16:16:22  <hopeful>without further details
16:16:32  <rphillips>do you have an example module I could try?
16:17:04  <hopeful>oh this one is really easy i picked it from norman's hello-lua
16:17:12  <hopeful>let me check the github url
16:17:36  <rphillips>https://github.com/norman/hello-lua
16:17:37  <rphillips>?
16:17:43  <hopeful>rphillips: indeed
16:17:48  <hopeful>just run make
16:18:16  <hopeful>then i took the hello.so and put it inside a hello folder inside a modules folder...
16:18:36  <hopeful>then added a package.lua copied on curl module
16:18:48  <rphillips>that isn't going to work by default
16:19:00  <hopeful>oh...
16:19:01  <rphillips>luvit uses luajit
16:19:19  <hopeful>it's a pity
16:19:20  <rphillips>you will most likely need to compile with the headers provided with luvit
16:19:31  <hopeful>sure I'm afraid
16:19:37  <hopeful>i'll have to
16:19:57  <hopeful>but luacom is sort of pre-built
16:20:02  <rphillips>look in examples/native
16:20:04  <hopeful>hard to build
16:20:06  <rphillips>of the luvit source
16:20:11  <hopeful>let me check
16:20:14  <rphillips>it's an example of a binary module
16:20:24  <hopeful>ok checking
16:21:48  <hopeful>rphillips: seems easy
16:22:06  <hopeful>now i need the luvit toolchain for windows
16:22:08  <rphillips>yeah, just a couple special things that need to be done
16:22:17  <hopeful>which i know nothing about
16:22:27  <hopeful>what's the required toolchain for windows
16:22:36  <hopeful>i have mingw
16:22:39  <rphillips>msysgit, python, visual studio
16:22:53  <hopeful>please not visual studio ;)
16:22:57  <rphillips>pancake, who is not here, had a mingw script
16:24:07  <hopeful>rphillips: we need these details about building under windows in the wiki
16:24:46  <rphillips>true
16:24:48  <rphillips>https://github.com/racker/virgo#building-on-windows
16:24:57  <rphillips>need to copy this over mostly
16:25:08  <hopeful>nice
16:26:05  <rphillips>we could use some help maintaining a mingw build
16:26:26  <rphillips>the Makefiles may work, but gyp should also be able to build it
16:27:07  <hopeful>rphillips: how large is the VS 2010 C++ Express download?
16:27:25  <rphillips>not sure. couple gigs maybe
16:28:00  <hopeful>that's a lot for me
16:28:13  <hopeful>would rather go with mingw
16:29:03  <hopeful>rphillips: if you can find those details from pancake please ask him to put them in the wiki
16:29:19  <rphillips>k
16:29:43  <hopeful>rphillips: luvit is so promising
16:29:59  <hopeful>and virgo seems very powerful
16:30:05  <rphillips>thanks.
16:30:18  <rphillips>we are working hard to make luvit useful
16:30:42  <hopeful>yah i admire and respect your work and that of creationix
16:31:08  <hopeful>it's a pity i don't have time currently to contribute
16:31:58  <hopeful>rphillips: have you tried using fibers to wrap blocking libraries?
16:32:18  <rphillips>creationix did
16:32:36  <hopeful>that's what attracted me to luvit in the first place
16:32:51  <hopeful>the existence of coroutines
16:33:11  <hopeful>and lua with it's small footprint of course
16:37:00  <philips>rphillips: oh, yea, please diable
16:38:42  <rphillips>on it
16:39:31  <hopeful>rphillips: so there's no way to mix lua (luarocks, etc.) and luvit?
16:39:39  <hopeful>just wondering
16:39:47  <rphillips>not out of the box
16:39:49  <rphillips>currently
16:40:08  <hopeful>would be handy
16:40:55  <hopeful>luajit does it somehow
16:42:11  <hopeful>rphillips: i'll stop torturing you for today
16:42:21  <hopeful>thx for the help and keep up the good work
16:42:39  <hopeful>\quit
16:42:42  * hopefulquit
16:45:44  <luvit-bb>build #914 of virgo-windows2008_x64 is complete: Failure [failed integration tests] Build details are at https://virgo-bb.k1k.me/builders/virgo-windows2008_x64/builds/914
16:51:45  * mkandrashoffjoined
16:56:42  <rphillips>strange
16:56:51  <rphillips>return code was set to 1
16:57:01  <rphillips>philips: do you know how that works
16:57:02  <rphillips>?
17:00:25  <philips>rphillips: return code where?
17:01:31  <rphillips>https://virgo-bb.k1k.me/builders/virgo-windows2008_x64/builds/914/steps/integration%20tests/logs/stdio
17:01:40  <rphillips>i skipped the test but the process returned 1
17:08:06  <philips>rphillips: hrm, I don't know. Can you just not have the collector in the list of tests if windows?
17:08:27  <philips>if os.platform ~= 'win' table.append("collector") end
17:08:52  <rphillips>sure
17:09:12  <philips>no point in mentioning anything about the collector on windows, it simply will never work
17:17:27  <luvit-bb>build #915 of virgo-windows2008_x64 is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at https://virgo-bb.k1k.me/builders/virgo-windows2008_x64/builds/915
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