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12:58:26  <genio>http://matrix.cpantesters.org/?dist=Alien-libuv+1.002
13:00:26  <genio>Matrix of libuv builds using the same compiler as Perl on those platforms. gcc, clang, and mingw for the most part
13:01:30  <genio>but that uses the autoconf/libtool build method.
13:03:19  <refack>genio: that's lovely. Is there a way to run pull requests on that?
13:03:53  <refack>Since it has several platforms that we don't have
13:04:14  <refack>https://ci.nodejs.org/view/libuv/job/libuv-test-commit/
13:04:17  <genio>on that testing matrix? or the Alien::libuv module?
13:04:26  <genio>https://github.com/genio/Alien-libuv
13:05:20  <genio>The testing matrix is a Perl-specific thing. The CPAN Testers test every single module loaded for the CPAN on various versions of Perl all the way back to 5.6 for us. It's a conglomeration of volunteer machines
13:06:42  <genio>metacpan.org is our npmjs.com. https://metacpan.org/pod/Alien::libuv
13:08:14  <refack>CPAN is known to be the granddaddy of package repositories (it even pre-dates PyPi AFAIK)
13:08:21  <genio>The testing matrix code itself can be found here https://github.com/eserte/cpan-testers-matrix
13:12:21  <refack>Do you bump libuv version when we release updates?
13:13:36  <genio>refack: So, what I'm doing there is just building the libuv libraries for Perl use later. That simply looks at your machine and tries to check if you already have a suitable libuv installation (v1.0+). Then if it doesn't find one, it downloads the latest libuv (I manually bump that every time libuv is released). It compiles that libuv and then has a Perl bit of wrapper code to tell any author of a module later how to find the libuv libraries
13:13:40  <genio>and header files, etc.
13:14:05  <genio>It's used, for example, by https://metacpan.org/pod/UV
13:14:54  <refack>That's great. We had a PERL related regression a few months ago
13:15:16  <refack>Only way to know that is from bug reports
13:16:16  <genio>Can you point me to the regression? I try to stay on top of the libuv project's github activity
13:17:36  <genio>While I'm thrilled about moving away from gyp, I'm concerned about cmake. I'm hoping the libtool/autotools build method will hang around. While the libtool/autotools method is a huge pain, cmake will be worse for us.
13:17:38  <refack>https://github.com/libuv/libuv/pull/1659
13:19:04  <genio>ohhh, that's Perl6. The other language.
13:19:13  <refack>I would assume that cmake will take effort away from GYP.
13:19:13  <refack>automake has an important role in covering "niche" platforms
13:19:16  <genio>What I'm dealing with is Perl 5.
13:19:17  <refack>hhhhhh
13:20:37  <genio>Yea, it just means that we have to require the user to go through installing, automake, autoconf, libtool, m4 first on each machine. While that doesn't sound bad, Windows is no fun in this area.
13:20:48  <refack>Anyway, what happens to libuv depends a lot on who shows up. If you have a stake, keep track of issues, voice your opinion, and try to contribute
13:21:18  <refack>I know, I one of the resident Windows guys
13:21:46  <genio>The Perl6 people are mostly a different group of people (some overlap, to be sure) and a different ecosystem all together.
13:22:00  <genio>I'm not at all sure what they do for builds.
13:22:46  <genio>We in Perl 5 are still mostly using EV, but would like to have a working UV implementation instead. I kind of just started kicking it around until I got something working-ish
13:24:36  <refack>(I something use the PERL5/6 schism as an argument against adding features to node that might cause such a split)
13:25:36  <genio>my UV module works, but it's slow. I'm in the process of rewriting my implementation to be a bit cleaner and hopefully faster.
13:26:41  <refack>Good luck with the effort. If you hit any problems, open an issue, or ping here, usually there is someone to help.
13:28:14  <genio>Thanks, will do. I mostly idle here and try to read through all of the notifications from the libuv github repo.
13:28:38  <genio>and good luck not falling into the same problem as the 5/6 issue.
13:29:18  <genio>I tend to like NodeJS a lot. I'm less than thrilled when I browse npmjs looking for something useful though. (I guess CPAN has spoiled me)
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21:01:10  <Fishrock123>why does uv_fs_utimes take a `double` but uv_fs_stat return two `long`'s?
21:16:56  <refack>The two longs is POSIX, the double is just smart https://github.com/libuv/libuv/commit/25175c7071c37dddd7a450ae741b623755797900#diff-56343bd7ad8bf449c2693082fb3e4081R883
21:24:27  <refack>If you can't track Igor you can ask Ben https://github.com/libuv/libuv/commit/74999f8f9974970e4d71a0df521e178e3149f3df#diff-6a16903c26af4b4035eda9922a73ecc9R116
21:28:49  <Fishrock123>mmm noted
21:29:26  <Fishrock123>oh my god out mode can't use // comments
21:29:26  <Fishrock123>wtf
21:31:17  <refack>also no `NULL`
21:31:22  <refack>or `bool`
21:31:33  <Fishrock123>lies, NULL works
21:31:38  <Fishrock123>it;s all over the test files
21:31:42  <Fishrock123>so v0v
21:31:45  <Fishrock123>I guess????
21:32:01  <Fishrock123>sorry that I'm littering the CI a bit, this issue is platform specific and I don't have ready access to non macOS 10.13 systems atm
21:32:51  <Fishrock123>oh good, this does actually repro with just libuv
21:32:51  <refack>You want ssh to a the test machines?
21:32:56  <Fishrock123>no
21:33:02  <Fishrock123>I want apple to fix their FS
21:33:03  <Fishrock123>http://www.openradar.me/33734892
21:33:52  <refack>ROFL, yeah that will happen real quick
21:35:00  <Fishrock123>idk what kind of tests the built for that
21:35:11  <Fishrock123>but their tests were apparently not good
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