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00:22:45  <andos>Hi. Quick question I can’t seem to find an answer for in the documentation: With the libuv filesystem listener in the case of a file rename event, how do I get the old vs new filename? Currently it seems to fire the event twice in a row, first with the old filename and then with the new. Not very easy to use. Is there a better way? (Note: I’m listening recursively on a folder so I get events for many different files so I can’t
00:22:46  <andos>the path of the listener itself for anything).
00:26:01  <vtjnash>hd_: you can never write to a server, but then, it will never get read callback either since it's not connected anywhere (I have a PR open right now to fix the assertion error you may be seeing)
00:26:53  <vtjnash>andos: you might want to read the nodejs documentation to. the simple answer is that it depends on what events are delivered by the OS
00:27:59  <andos>vtjnash: Even if I’m not using nodejs? This is raw libuv (c library)
00:28:35  <vtjnash>yes. it's better documented in some cases (it used to effectively be the only documentation, now libuv has a bit of it's own too)
00:32:56  <andos>vtjnash: Thanks. The documentation seems better but doesn’t seem to mention anything about this specific case.
00:35:33  <andos>Great, and recusrsive watching is not available on linux :(
00:36:14  <vtjnash>true – you have to watch each folder separately I think?
00:36:37  <andos>Though it looks like it could be somewhat easily emulated by traversing the directory tree and watching all subdirectories. I wonder why libuv doesn’t do this automatically.
00:37:11  <vtjnash>Probably because nobody has offered to write the code
00:41:52  <vtjnash>Or if you aren't doing any other IO, you could instead use a library like https://github.com/emcrisostomo/fswatch
00:44:43  <andos>Guess I’ll have to use another cross platform lib for watching the filesystem. Every once in a while libuv generates no file change events at all despite no errors are generated. I had to work around a lot of funky things in libuv’s FS watching so far to get a higher “logical” level of watching. For example if a typical app overwrites a file but does it by saving a temporary file and then renaming the files at the end. This
00:44:44  <andos>triggers rename events but not file change events. My wrapper detected the “file swap” sequence and (in the case of a single-file listener) reinitialized the listener on the new file instead of the old. Thanks for the link to fswatch. I’ll have a look.
00:45:07  <vtjnash>All libraries will do that though
00:45:25  <vtjnash>That's just what the OS tells them to report
00:47:06  <andos>Yeah but you can do more logical reporting IMHO if you collect the FS events over a time period. Granted you don’t get immediate events.
00:49:54  <vtjnash>Sure, just don't expect it to happen just from adding libraries. And merging the event loops has the potential to be very frustrating, if you're using any other features from libuv
00:51:38  <andos>Yeah thats what I’m afraid od
00:51:44  <andos>*of
00:56:04  <andos>My current implementation is nearly perfect for my needs though. If I create an instance of my listener wrapper class on a root folder and then later create individual file listeners on files within that root folder it will instead reuse the file listener. This is why I needed broad support for recursive listening and the ability to get the old and new filename for a renamed file.
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