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19:07:30  <ugexe>refack: have any new thoughts on possible solutions re: uv_process_windows_hide (stdio: 'inherit', detached: false, windowsHide: true)? i might be able to try some things if i have a little more direction than the vague abstract i've brought up (i.e. create a uv_foobar for new proc, a uv_barbaz for orignal, pass data between them using a SomeWinMethod)
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19:24:40  <refack>ugexe: I think we might need to explicitly create pipes to connect to the new process, or if it's easy explicitly pass the parent stdio pipes to the child
19:25:30  <refack>so essential `stdio: 'inherit'` is not a valid option
19:34:09  <ugexe>an easy solution may be to add a flag to toggle off CREATE_NO_WINDOW flag to allow moarvm to keep the old behavior. this is probably ok since moarvm dependency on libuv version will need to be pinned to make use uv_fs_copyfile and uv_ppid (so will have the needed flag added)
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19:41:45  <ugexe>uv_process_consoles_hide or some such
19:53:44  <refack>sounds like an options, try to think about a name that implies it's windows only, and mapped directly to CREATE_NO_WINDOW
19:54:11  <ugexe>uv_process_windows_create + uv_process_windows_hide
19:57:15  <ugexe>_windows_create is the cleanest I can come up with although its a negation of create_no_window
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20:11:27  <ugexe>unfortunately i cant think of anything that does both a) maps to create_no_window b) makes sense without knowing the win process api. although im not sure the win api makes sense in the first place
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