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21:28:27  <vtjnash>I have a number of commits I would like to get upstreamed into libuv master. What's the best way to go about this? Is there a good time perhaps?
21:29:05  <refack>Hi vtjnash, are they against v1.x or master?
21:29:49  <refack>Anyway feel free to simply read https://github.com/libuv/libuv/blob/v1.x/CONTRIBUTING.md, and post a PR
21:30:09  <vtjnash>I have opened several PRs already
21:30:34  <refack>I'll take a look
21:36:56  <vtjnash>I have most of them against both v1.9.0 and master, since my backlog goes back quite far.
21:36:57  <refack>I see one is ready, and the other two need another review. I'd @ mention Ben in the issues. I believe he'll get to them when he has the chance. (AFAIR he was on vacation just around when they were posted)
21:39:33  <refack>Any chance that's why it's failing on zOS (the base branch is from before the z/OS compatibility)?
21:43:48  <vtjnash>Yes, I didn't rebase that one (I did for the other two). Checking diff on master against the build log, looks like 88d716e1 is missing form base.
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22:21:48  <vtjnash>Thanks refack. I have a more, but I can't easily track a lot of PRs if they are going to stall and need to be rebased, so I've been attempting to prioritize them somewhat. Is there some strategy towards getting them reviewed and merged faster?
22:23:27  <refack>I can't think of anything. It mostly depends on the availability of the members to review 🤷
22:24:09  <refack>I don't believe anyone will be annoyed if you ping people every few weeks
22:26:53  <vtjnash>OK, I've been attempting to ping about once a month to avoid annoying people. I'll keep doing that.
22:30:58  <vtjnash>For https://github.com/libuv/libuv/pull/597, will this ever merge into v1.x, or should it be retargeted against master?
22:33:57  <refack>From a quick read it looks like semver-minor so it could land in v1.x
22:36:04  <vtjnash>Ah, looking back, I see saghul also said it would be merged into v1.x
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23:20:24  <vtjnash>I've made a new PR of it, so hopefully that can get some more attention now. Thanks again refack.
23:24:07  <vtjnash>Is there a plan for updating master to pickup the development work from v1.x? It seems the last commit on master is from July.
23:25:13  <refack>It's done manually from time to time. latest is https://github.com/libuv/libuv/pull/1630
23:33:24  <vtjnash>Is there an estimate for when that will be completed, so I can plan my downstream work accordingly?
23:34:27  <refack>shouldn't be too long away (I'd assume days to weeks)
23:35:50  <vtjnash>ok
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