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21:10:50  <ugexe>node -e "const assert = require('assert'); const cp = require('child_process'); { const bat = cp.spawn('cmd.exe', ['/k', 'dir'], { stdio: 'inherit', detached: false, windowsHide: true }); }"
21:11:03  <ugexe>this exposes the libuv regression using nodejs
21:12:46  <refack>I think you're missing the assertion. But I get what you're getting at
21:13:53  <ugexe>yeah youll have to forgive me... i dont know much about programming in node or js in general, nor am I a native windows users :(
21:13:58  <refack>detached: false, windowsHide:true
21:14:41  <ugexe>stdio: 'inherit' and windowsHide: true
21:14:47  <refack>And you get no output.
21:14:52  <ugexe>it dead locks
21:15:08  <ugexe>not on an older node though
21:15:21  <ugexe>which does show output
21:15:39  <refack>That's almost directly mapped to uv
21:15:55  <refack>cp.spawn
21:16:54  <refack>Well using node as the test harness will make this easier to understand
21:17:19  <ugexe>if you look at the issue I opened there are some links that describe what i think is happening
21:17:24  <refack>P.s. stdio: 'inherit' if the default
21:18:02  <refack>Will do when I'm back near keyboard
21:18:18  <ugexe>https://github.com/electron/electron/pull/5776 fwiw
21:18:18  <refack>*if = is
21:20:34  <ugexe>slightly unrelated, but `detached: false` shows the output for me on osx but not windows. this behavior is consistent on the newer and older versions of nodejs though
21:20:54  <ugexe>er, detached: true
21:21:52  <refack>Yeah RE the electron issue, do you know if the perl binary in compiled as GUI or console?
21:23:36  <ugexe>im just assuming console but i dont know for sure
21:24:47  <refack>Since python for example has python.exe and pythonw.exe for dealing with such nuances
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22:14:45  * Morn_part ("Leaving")
22:25:20  <ugexe>given this code path, can it use a pipe to get the stdout/stderr of the child and send back on the handle it would otherwise have let the child inherit? that seems to be the gist of what i saw in electron / chromium prs anyway. or this logic could be left out of libuv, but then additional flags would be needed to get whatever bespoke invocation to work as expected (CREATE_NO_WINDOW, CREATE_NEW_CONSOLE, etc)
22:26:30  <refack>I think that is the reasonable thing to do if `detached: false`
22:32:43  <ugexe>normally i would give this a go, but implementation is a bit out of my understanding given my free time :x
22:33:09  <refack>I'll try to get to it in the next few days
22:48:43  <refack>Correction: I earlier wrote that for node `stdio: 'inherit'` is the default. That's wrong, the default is `stdio: 'pipe'`
22:57:30  <ugexe>im a bit surprised that between moarvm/nqp/rakudo/libuv/nodejs/(whoever else is using recent libuv versions) that no tests catch this
22:59:54  <ugexe>or more likely they exists but get skipped on windows :)
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