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06:13:22  <foxkit>arf, so, dist.libuv.org is silently redirecting to dist.nodejs.org and it is breaking our package manager attempting to fetch libuv tarballs:
06:13:29  <foxkit>>>> libuv: Fetching http://dist.libuv.org/dist/v1.14.0/libuv-v1.14.0.tar.gz
06:13:31  <foxkit>curl: (22) The requested URL returned error: 404 Not Found
06:13:42  <foxkit>opening it in Firefox confirms that this is the nodejs dist server, not the libuv one
06:13:56  <foxkit>I'm not sure if I should tell you, or node, but I figured you're probably the ones to tell.
06:15:46  <txdv>you can use the curl -L flag
06:17:47  <foxkit>it already is; the problem is that 'dist.libuv.org' is actually 'dist.nodejs.org'
06:18:43  <foxkit>for example when I click Releases on libuv.org home page, I see: https://i.imgur.com/HFbEl5Y.png
06:19:41  <txdv>o
06:19:43  <txdv>lol
06:20:22  <foxkit>in my experience, this usually means the vhost configuration is wrong; this computer is IPv6 enabled so it could be that vhosts are not enabled properly on the v6 socket, too, depending on what server software yall run
06:20:45  <foxkit>but it could also be simple DNS mixup. not sure
06:20:57  <txdv>its not the first time they fuck up the ipv6 version of it
06:22:23  <txdv>rvagg: ping
06:22:30  <foxkit>https://bpaste.net/show/7d2c69bebafe I see the issue
06:22:42  <foxkit>IPv6 is doing 301 to nodejs.org, IPv4 is doing 301 to https://dist.libuv.org
06:23:06  <txdv>rvagg is from australia and last time we had to report to him to get this thing fixed
06:23:16  <txdv>i guess we have to wait now until he wakes up
06:23:26  <foxkit>I have 16:23 Sydney time
06:23:34  <txdv>ohh
06:23:36  <txdv>yeah its morning
06:23:37  <foxkit>so I would think he would be awake, but maybe at work / busy :)
06:23:40  <rvagg>?
06:24:06  <txdv>rvagg: are you responsible for the dist.libuv.org/dist.node.js.org site?
06:24:26  <foxkit>rvagg: hi! I'm trying to package libuv for our Linux distro and I'm running in to a corner case where http: over IPv6 is giving me a 301 to nodejs.org ( see https://bpaste.net/show/7d2c69bebafe )
06:24:54  <rvagg>Partly, I don't have access to the DNS for libuv.org but can pass on instructions to fix stuff. If stuff needs to be fixed on server I can do that .. maybe
06:25:03  <foxkit>yeah it's the server, not the DNS
06:25:20  <txdv>we have issues with ipv6 again :>
06:25:26  <foxkit>it looks like a bad / invalid redirect directive. I only really work on Apache and Lighttpd, so I don't know how to fix nginx.
06:25:30  <txdv>nobody is testing ipv6 ever
06:25:36  <foxkit>txdv: I am! o/
06:27:04  <txdv>there are dozens of us!!!
06:28:26  <rvagg>Just trying to find my config on GitHub but it doesn't look like the latest is there since I switched it to SSL
06:28:58  <rvagg>https://github.com/nodejs/build/tree/master/setup/www/resources/config is where the nginx config files live but they are not current and I am on mobile.
06:29:22  <rvagg>What's the 1-line summary of the problem? Sorry, in the middle of something ATM but will look when I'm back at the office.
06:30:36  <txdv>rvagg: if you go to dist.libuv.org with ipv6 ir redirects to dist.nodejs.org
06:36:10  <txdv>foxkit: thanks for reporting
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06:36:31  <txdv>stay around a while and test it once the problems gets solved to verify if the problem has been really solved
06:38:10  <foxkit>txdv, no problem. I have a few hours left here, and will leave this channel open overnight if it isn't fixe before I leave :)
06:38:24  <foxkit>fixed*
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15:11:29  <sinasi>mrb
15:11:55  * sinasiquit (Client Quit)
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21:26:42  <ryoshu>I'm running tests on NetBSD now.
21:26:48  <ryoshu>It took a while as I was preempted.
21:30:57  <ryoshu>http://netbsd.org/~kamil/libuv/2017-09-06-tests.txt
21:39:34  <foxkit>any result on the IPv6 thing? seems still broken here
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