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14:34:25  <jshanab>I have been looking at a way to pool buffers in libuv like mentioned here; http://www.howtobuildsoftware.com/index.php/how-do/WHC/c-memory-memory-management-libuv-libuv-allocated-memory-buffers-re-use-techniques
14:36:05  <jshanab>I do not like one aspect of that. there is only char* and length. Is that the length of the allocated or used area. If I am going to re-use it I need a capacity and a used otherwise I will be continuously resizing the buffer, which could defeat the pool concept.
14:39:01  <jshanab>It looks like the alloc_cb will provide the len of the actual data and so I can easily aquire the next buffer of suffient size, I jsut loose the capacity information for the release step without now a lookup.
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