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06:44:23  <txdv>iamtakingiteasy: the reason why most of the stuff is not on the stack is
06:44:28  <txdv>the lib is asynchronous
06:44:31  <txdv>its not blocking
06:44:38  <txdv>functions tend to run through and the stack get cleared
06:44:59  <txdv>you could use the stack for the loop if you block with uv_run
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07:01:26  <iamtakingiteasy>txdv: thank you. Though it still seems to me as completly unnesessary, if not to say confusing, in case of simple examples; not supposed to have any initializations beyond main() function, yet still doing full run-time memory allocation and de-allocation for constantly-sized data structure with no complicated life-cycle.
07:05:33  <txdv>well, if you look at the tests, most of them are not dynamically allocated
07:06:38  <txdv>the problem is the same
07:06:44  <txdv>https://github.com/libuv/libuv/blob/v1.x/test/test-udp-try-send.c#L42-L47
07:06:49  <txdv>either you allocate them like this
07:07:02  <txdv>which means you are a predefined size and you can't get above it
07:07:13  <txdv>or you do it dynamicallty
07:07:41  <txdv>becauase if you do it on the stack, no function blocks, every libuv is supposed to finish immediately
07:08:08  <iamtakingiteasy>speaking of size, how can you get above it in case when malloc argument is a compile-time sizeof() construct (every case i've seen)?
07:08:12  <txdv>so if you do create a new socket and connect somewhere, you handle the connection even in the callback
07:08:42  <txdv>i dont understand the question
07:09:39  <iamtakingiteasy>i am refering to >txdv which means you are a predefined size and you can't get above it< -- you have the same pre-defined size at compile-time both with malloc and stack allocation
07:10:40  <txdv>well the sizes of the structs are predefined
07:10:49  <txdv>however, if you create a an array with malloc
07:10:53  <txdv>you are free to make it as big as you want
07:11:30  <txdv>malloc is a dynamic allocation, you can have as many dynamic allocations as you want
07:13:01  <txdv>if a connection comes in, you can use malloc to allocate some memory for the tcp struct for example
07:13:13  <txdv>and on disconnect you free that
07:13:34  <txdv>if you use static program allocation, you will have a predefined size
07:13:49  <txdv>its either an element or an array, but its static and will never grow
07:14:19  <txdv>if you try to put it on the stack, the functions run through immediately, once it is out of scope, the allocated stack memory is void
07:15:27  <txdv>you see in my test, i know exactly how many sockets i will need
07:15:30  <txdv>so i create 2 of them
07:18:04  <txdv>iamtakingiteasy: i hope you understood what i wanted to say
07:18:25  <txdv>to summarize: libuv doesn't block, all the structs allocated on the stack in the function are void past the actual event
07:19:11  <txdv>so if you have a connect and disconnect event, you link a function to the connect event, you allocate some structs on the stack in that function
07:19:29  <txdv>but all of them are void after the function is done handling the event
07:19:47  <txdv>and you cant use blocking calls in that function because it will stop the entire event loop
07:21:23  <txdv>and if you use that allocated struct in the disconnect event, you have left the connect event function and thus the pointer to the stack probably contains garbage
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07:33:47  <Ralith>iamtakingiteasy: I pretty much always place my uv_loop_t on the stack, and generally most of the other stuff is directly inside something or other as well
07:34:09  <Ralith>one of the nice things about libuv is that it lets you do that, vs other libs that always unavoidably allocate everything behind the scenes
07:36:17  <daurnimator>for a uv_loop_t I can't imagine it matters much
07:36:43  <daurnimator>it's a pretty much unheard of use-case to create/destroy them on a hot path
07:37:19  <daurnimator>makes more sense to be consistent with allocations than to prematurely optimize
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08:00:15  <txdv>since uv_run is the only blocking function, you can place it in the same function
08:00:23  <txdv>or block
08:04:07  <txdv>daurnimator: here is a scenario, you are embedding the libuv somewhere else
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11:44:13  <nmdguerreiro>hi - I'm doing some work on an open-source HTTP server library based on libuv (https://github.com/haywire/haywire). I'm finding that when I open a large number of connections using wrk (around 5k in my case), I don't get nread = UV_EOF not UV_ECONNRESET for all the connections that are closed and after running wrk (a load testing tool), I still see a number
11:44:13  <nmdguerreiro>of connections marked as ESTABLISHED using netstat (and none on the remote host, btw). I know it's a vague question, but how can I detect that the peer has disconnected? Wouldn't the read callback always be called with nread < 0 ?
12:15:47  <nmdguerreiro>digging further, it seems like the FIN packets are never being received (maybe due to packet loss)
12:17:25  <nmdguerreiro>I guess that's something we should handle, by implementing some sort of reaper that kills inactive connections
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12:47:05  <saghul>nmdguerreiro: yep, checking for nread < 0 is the way to go
12:47:40  <saghul>you want to have a timer anyway, in order to prevent the slowloris attach, I assume
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13:45:41  <nmdguerreiro>Thanks @saghul
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22:06:33  <daurnimator>txdv: if you're embedding libuv somewhere else, you'll be using no_wait, and hence probably want to be allocating your uv_loop_t on the heap
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23:42:31  <laskar01>Hi, pardon a beginner, but is libuv the place to discuss maislot in Node?
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23:47:23  <laskar01>mailslot as in Windows ? https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/windows/desktop/aa365130(v=vs.85).aspx
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