00:47:28  * finnpjoined
00:47:42  <finnp>Hey :)
00:48:50  <finnp>Is there a module like sublevel that works with levelup 2.x.x.?
00:50:20  <ralphtheninja[m]>finnp: I use subleveldown + level
00:50:37  <ralphtheninja[m]>but at the moment you can't have different encodings per sublevel
00:50:50  <ralphtheninja[m]>so if you're fine with that it works well
00:50:51  <finnp>Yeah I'm running into rencoding problems with subleveldown
00:51:42  <ralphtheninja[m]>what sort of problems?
00:51:55  <finnp>"EncodingError: Unexpected token o in JSON at position 1"
00:52:38  <finnp>That looks like it's trying ot parse a [object Object] as JSON somewhere
00:52:50  <ralphtheninja[m]>do you have any code I can look at?
00:53:23  <ralphtheninja[m]>if you just want to store json it should be enough to do `{ valueEncoding: 'json' }` in the `level` constructor
00:55:41  <finnp>Sure
00:56:05  <finnp>this i the code I'm trying to update: https://github.com/finnp/similar-issues-bot
00:59:00  <finnp>I need to wrap my head around the encodings a bit more
00:59:24  <ralphtheninja[m]> guessing that it's `.createValueStream` that's the problem?
00:59:33  <finnp>yeah
01:00:23  <ralphtheninja[m]>put the `valueEncoding` here instead https://github.com/finnp/similar-issues-bot/blob/master/index.js#L12
01:00:42  <ralphtheninja[m]>e.g. `level(opts.storagePath, { valueEncoding: 'json' })`
01:01:39  <ralphtheninja[m]>levelup used to handle encodings before, but we removed it so stores can handle encodings themselves
01:02:57  <ralphtheninja[m]>we're working on upgrade guides, changelogs etc .. I also want to have a look at subleveldown to see if we can make it work with multiple encodings .. you don't seem to suffer from that problem though
01:03:18  <finnp>yeah thanks, this seems to work
01:03:27  <ralphtheninja[m]>good
01:03:36  <finnp>the encoding stuff always has been a bit confusing to me
01:03:59  <ralphtheninja[m]>it is :)
01:04:24  <finnp>:D
01:05:08  <ralphtheninja[m]>let me know if you run into any other problems
01:09:57  <finnp>thanks. yeah now the createValueStream only streams strings
01:11:45  <finnp>Or do I still need to do {valueEncoding: 'json'} on createValueStream?
01:14:17  <ralphtheninja[m]>you shouldn't need to
01:15:15  <finnp>hm weird
01:16:23  <ralphtheninja[m]>so, it's not working correctly?
01:16:48  <ralphtheninja[m]>a bit difficult for me to see what's going on
01:17:55  <ralphtheninja[m]>create an issue on `level` repo so we can put some more eyes on it
01:18:16  <finnp>yeah it's still not working as before. I can fix it by just adding {valueEncoding: 'json'} to the createValueStream
01:18:45  <ralphtheninja[m]>hmm
01:18:46  <finnp>But missing understanding of where the encodings are handled.
01:18:50  <finnp>*I'm
01:20:32  <ralphtheninja[m]>it would be awesome if you could create an issue with a tiny example and I'll get to it tomorrow .. tired right now .. also vweevers and juliangruber can also help out
01:21:29  <finnp>Yeah thank you for you help though!
01:21:33  <ralphtheninja[m]>even if you get it to work I mean .. it would be useful to get feedback on what's problematic
01:21:55  <finnp>Yeah I'll try to look into this a bit more, maybe I can figure it out
01:22:03  <ralphtheninja[m]>no worries
01:22:10  <finnp>I will let you know on github how it went :)
01:22:11  <ralphtheninja[m]>please do :)
01:42:28  <ralphtheninja[m]>cool :)
22:16:23  <finnp>I am trying to update subleveldown to the latext leveldown/levelup :)
22:16:38  <finnp>I was just running into the issue where memdown was overwriting _end in the iterator
22:17:09  <finnp>But now I see that's apparantly something that is being worked on right now :D
22:19:48  <finnp>Nice, updating to the latest memdown that was released 7 hours ago worked.