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02:58:44  <bdonnahue>hey guys. im trying to start gitlab in a container. the leveldb component is crapping out with the following error message:
02:59:04  <bdonnahue>2017-09-13_02:53:12.54467 time="2017-09-13T02:53:12Z" level=error msg="Error opening memory series storage: found existing files in storage path that do not look like storage files compatible with this version of Prometheus; please delete the files in the storage path or choose a different storage path" source="main.go:191"
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23:55:33  <ralphtheninja[m]>bdonnahue: this channel is for leveldb in the node.js world and not with the google leveldb project
23:56:28  <ralphtheninja[m]>and maybe you should check with the gitlab community on that specific problem
23:56:47  <bdonnahue>ralphtheninja[m], i think its more a leveldb issue
23:56:53  <bdonnahue>something with the way it is writing data
23:57:03  <bdonnahue>i havent had an issue with mariadb or reddis
23:57:49  <ralphtheninja[m]>sure, but it's still a leveldb issue related to gitlab :)