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18:56:26  <toddinpal>Are there other options in LevelDB for persistence other than the file system?
19:22:57  <bret>toddinpal: yeah, look for level-down modles
19:23:03  <bret>anything that extends that
19:24:13  <bret>toddinpal: for example https://www.npmjs.com/package/level-js provides a leveldown on top of idexdb for the browser
19:24:26  <bret>there is also an in memory provider
19:24:46  <bret>https://www.npmjs.com/package/abstract-leveldown
19:24:58  <bret>Is there a bulk range delete?
19:27:17  <toddinpal>levelup/leveldown seem to be just bindings to leveldb, not storage replacements, or am I missing something
19:30:29  <bret>toddinpal: check the dependents of abstract-leveldown
19:30:49  <bret>those provide alternative storage implementations usually
19:32:36  <bret>toddinpal: what other persistence layer are you looking for specifically?
19:34:57  <bret>toddinpal: https://github.com/level/levelup/wiki/Modules#storage-back-ends also this link
19:35:41  <toddinpal>Trying to see how difficult it would be to replace the use of the file system with something else such as a cloud based object store
19:36:39  <bret>toddinpal: no too hard iirc. You implement methods on abstract level down and run the tests
19:36:59  <bret>then when you create your levelup, you pass in your db provider
19:37:12  <dguttman>toddinpal: there are many already, so you probably don't have to write your own
19:37:18  <bret>^^
19:37:41  <dguttman>I wrote one for dynamo (but I wouldn't suggest using dynamo as a back end if you need it to scale)
19:38:23  <dguttman>relevant fun issue I received: https://github.com/davidguttman/dynamodown/issues/1
19:38:45  <dguttman>"I just thought you should know your project has been cloned without attribution. You can see the first commit the code files are identical, but license and copyright notice was changed."
19:39:38  <dguttman>toddinpal: I've been using mongodown lately with mlab.com and I've liked it so far
19:40:46  <dguttman>we also use multileveldown pretty extensively to share a single leveldown with multiple apps over tcp
19:41:26  <bret>that thing is cool
19:44:49  <dguttman>been working pretty well for us in the 500GB-1TB range so far
19:53:38  <bret>whoa
19:54:02  <bret>dguttman: is that on mongodown? or multileveldown
19:55:19  <dguttman>bret: multi
19:55:34  <bret>good to know!
19:55:55  <bret>has anyone had leveldb corruption issues?
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