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01:41:14  <timwis>Hey guys, I'm looking to build an offline-first mobile web app for collecting data "from the field" on a phone, and i'd like it to be datastore agnostic, offering a cartodb plugin for example. i was thinking of using pouchdb for it's offline+sync support, which i believe is compatible with leveldb. but I'm new to leveldb and wondering whether it would be possible to sync with cartodb as well (basically PostgreSQL via HTTP)
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01:45:01  <timwis>back
01:46:01  <substack>timwis: probably not easily
01:46:06  <substack>but I haven't used cartodb
01:46:23  <timwis>oh hey substack
01:46:40  <substack>I'm building a similar offline tool using hyperlogs
01:48:02  <substack>https://github.com/digidem/osm-p2p-db
01:48:09  <substack>https://github.com/digidem/osm-p2p-db/blob/master/doc/architecture.markdown
01:48:55  <jerrysv>timwis: paul ramsey may be on irc somewhere, and would have better answers about cartodb
01:49:02  <jerrysv>and what it would take
01:49:08  <substack>setting a constraint on datastore agnostic will make everything 10x harder
01:49:22  <substack>I would say, pick a db that suits your needs and stick with it
01:50:01  <timwis>interesting project substack, poking around to see if i can figure out what it's doing
01:51:12  <timwis>basically, i've used Esri's "Collector" mobile app, and I was hoping for an offline-first, open source version where the data source could be abstracted. my plan was to use ampersand models/views and just put the datastore interactions inside the model
01:51:51  <jerrysv>timwis: if you can wait, the next version of collector might work for you for offline-first
01:52:10  <jerrysv>i can't give you any details, unfortunately, as i'm still under NDA
01:52:28  <timwis>oh do you work at esri jerrysv?
01:52:33  <jerrysv>(until the first of december, i was the director of esri's portland r&d center)
01:52:39  <timwis>no way!
01:52:44  <jerrysv>yeah
01:52:51  <timwis>small world. i work on open data at the city of philadelphia
01:52:56  <jerrysv>ah, nice
01:53:09  <jerrysv>so you work with the opengov site? that's out of the dc r&d center
01:53:55  <timwis>yeah, i know those guys and am a big fan of koop. we actually use esri open data as well as socrata.
01:54:39  <jerrysv>someone from our office went off to become a vp at socrata, and our office had taken over a lot of the koop work when chris left esri
01:54:57  <timwis>i like the idea of being data store agnostic, so i've been working on a few open source clones of things i like, ie. http://vizwit.io (datalens) and https://github.com/timwis/soda-geoservices (API) and https://github.com/timwis/geoservices-for-humans (API docs)
02:00:09  <jerrysv>substack: i'm supposed to be in the bay area for a week at the beginning of march if you'd be up for beer
02:00:37  <substack>I'll probably be around
02:00:42  <substack>I might be going out to a remote cabin
02:00:47  <jerrysv>ok, i'll let you know when things solidify
02:00:52  <substack>and then I'll be in DC the 9th
02:00:54  <jerrysv>and we can figure it out
02:01:15  <jerrysv>have you been to the whisky place in dc?
02:01:24  <substack>#nerdtracker is good for coordinating where people are
02:01:26  <jerrysv>Jack Rose
02:01:44  <jerrysv>ok, i'll check it out
02:03:24  <substack>timwis: what data is your app going to collect?
02:03:33  <substack>and how do you want to distribute the collected data?
02:06:04  <timwis>substack: I was thinking of having the form generated from a JSON or YAML config, similar to how http://jeremydorn.com/json-editor/ is generated (next step being a form builder like http://dobtco.github.io/formbuilder/)
02:07:04  <timwis>and I think it would push it to the server if it's online, but store it locally if it's offline or the request fails so users don't have to worry about losing entries in poor reception areas
02:07:32  <timwis>hoping that is what you meant by distributing the collected data
02:08:19  <timwis>it would follow that the app would have a "list view" or "map view" to see recent entries from the server, including those of others'
02:08:29  <substack>is it for conducting surveys?
02:09:11  <jerrysv>timwis: if you're using the esri sdk, you should be able to enable offline mode, otherwise sqlite might be an option
02:09:21  <timwis>if you mean "field surveys" then yes. for example, identifying bike racks around the city, or recording graffiti being removed by the field crew
02:09:50  <jerrysv>so essentially collector, but open?
02:10:15  <timwis>haha, i think you hit the nail on the head jerrysv
02:10:24  <substack>timwis: https://github.com/digidem/osm-p2p-db/issues/10
02:10:35  <jerrysv>after over 3 years at esri, i got to know their products pretty well :)
02:10:53  <jerrysv>the collector work is mostly out of maine, btw
02:14:33  <timwis>substack: man, i use and read new things about javascript and databases every day, and these links you're giving me are very well-documented. but i'm having a hard time grasping what they're talking about. i'll poke around the repos a bit more and look up some of these terms.
02:15:57  <substack>timwis: osm-p2p-db is a database for open street map data, specifically built for a remote offline mapping tool that is going to be deployed mostly to communities in the amazon in guyana, peru, and brazil
02:16:21  <timwis>oh wow
02:16:52  <substack>it supports native replication, has spatial index queries, and works in node or the browser
02:17:02  <substack>it's all built on hyperlog with level/level-browserify
02:17:25  <timwis>have you begun work on the UI yet?
02:17:57  <substack>other people are working on that. I'm figuring out all the low-level database and replication primitives
02:18:16  <substack>it should be easy to build a UI on top of this right now though. the osm-p2p-server works with leaflet
02:18:25  <timwis>okay, that's what it looked like. i saw some browser examples, this makes sense though
02:18:37  <substack>ideditor, rather
02:18:52  <substack>this is the simpler interface: https://github.com/digidem/osm-p2p
02:22:27  <timwis>really interesting substack, didn't know you were working on this sort of thing. i'll look more into this
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