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00:51:03  <ggreer>this prebuild stuff in leveldown is making it really hard for me to recompile node modules
00:51:27  <ggreer>gyp: /tmp/.node-gyp/3.3.0/common.gypi not found (cwd: /data/releases/colab-2015_09_04_0032/node_modules/leveldown) while reading includes of binding.gyp while trying to load binding.gyp
00:51:45  <ggreer>(error when running HOME=/tmp sudo npm rebuild --unsafe-perm --build-from-source)
00:52:05  <ggreer>common.gypi is in /usr/local/include/node/
00:52:23  <ggreer>I'm not sure why leveldown is looking in ~/.node-gyp
00:55:05  <ggreer>https://gist.github.com/ggreer/f4eccd14445b9d31259f <-- output of HOME=/tmp sudo npm rebuild --unsafe-perm --build-from-source --verbose
00:56:04  <ggreer>this is using io.js v3.3.0 on ubuntu 14.04.3
00:57:54  <ggreer>this still happens even if I omit HOME= or if I remove .node_gyp
01:25:44  <ralphtheninja>ggreer: can you open an issue on github please?
01:25:52  <ggreer>ok
01:26:17  <ggreer>I think I got it to sorta work.... with
01:26:21  <ggreer> HOME=/tmp sudo npm rebuild --unsafe-perm --build-from-source --nodedir=/home/ggreer/iojs-v3.3.0 --verbose
01:26:27  <ggreer>(and have a built version of io.js in that dir)
01:26:28  <ralphtheninja>ggreer: the things you are doing now is that part of your workflow?
01:26:29  <ggreer>still, not fun
01:26:35  <ggreer>yes
01:26:57  <ggreer>we develop on OS X, then tar up everything (including node_modules), copy to linux, and npm rebuild
01:26:59  <ggreer>then run on linux
01:27:18  <ggreer>that way we're not dependent on npm being up, and we know the code is the same on dev and test
01:28:36  <ggreer>this also complicated by the fact that I'm trying to build a debug version, and various things seem to have "build/Release" hard-coded in them :(
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03:40:08  <ralphtheninja>ggreer: I have a fix coming for build/Debug so we can get that sorted to start with
03:46:23  <ggreer>thanks
03:46:38  <ggreer>I'm not sure why my .node-gyp directory is being weird. it happens on two different OSes, so I think it might be a different module that's messing it up
03:46:42  <ggreer>hmm... heapdump maybe
03:46:52  * ggreerdigs deeper
03:53:11  <ralphtheninja>cc mafintosh ^
03:54:24  <ralphtheninja>https://github.com/mafintosh/prebuild/pull/30 .. now time for zz
04:01:16  <ggreer>thanks for your help!
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10:48:25  <ralphtheninja>ggreer: np :)
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20:17:33  <parshap>Is there a module that will let me put a max size on a database? (And reject new inputs or preferably drop old ones after the limit has been reached)
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20:22:21  <parshap>If not, any advice on how to design an index to achieve that? (basically a circular buffer)
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21:01:49  <parshap>found some helpful discussion here https://github.com/Level/levelup/issues/154
21:21:31  <brycebaril>parshap: I did something like this for level-version: https://www.npmjs.com/package/level-version#gc it's somewhat out-of-date, but might be helpful for inspiration
21:22:07  <parshap>brycebaril: cool! will check it out, thanks
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