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06:57:47  <damon_>Hi there, what library does everyone use for WebSockets?
06:58:02  <damon_>I've been through 4 or 5 different libraries already and they either don't work well or not at all
06:59:44  <damon_>most of them seem to be unmaintained (6+ months without any commits) or nonfunctional prototypes (`koa-socket.io` has recent commits but the example doesn't work)
07:06:02  <damon_>koa-websocket *does* work, but when I invoke `uuid()` to assign an Id to each connection it randomly stops executing for no reason
07:08:23  <damon_>e.g. https://gist.github.com/wyqydsyq/dba18eef9ea06b06a108fc6f6ed2f803
07:14:26  <damon_>hmm actually it seems my problem was caused by something bizarre happening with `import`ing `uuid`
07:14:36  <damon_>`const id = require('uuid/v4')()` works perfectly *shrugs*
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