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19:10:37  <lostaf>how can I use requests inside a route with koa? i'm trying to read from an external api, getting headers already sent
19:13:29  <lostaf>looks like I need to use https://github.com/request/request-promise
19:19:55  <lostaf>still can't get it to work :(
19:21:52  <lostaf>ooh, it works now. i suck at this
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19:48:32  <danneu>npm install co-request
19:48:52  <danneu>basic co wrapper around https://github.com/request/request
19:49:54  <danneu>app.get('/', function*() { var result = yield request('api.example.com/v1/users'); this.body = result; })
19:50:37  <danneu>mezod: cool. i've been holding off using babel on the server side for now. i'm burned out on build steps man
19:51:42  <danneu>there's so much buildstep magic once you start using babel + react + x + y + z on the client side that i look at my end result frankenstein and ponder if i might as well just use a language that compiles to javascript like clojurescript or elm haha
19:51:46  <mezod>i was avoiding it too in the backend, but bleh, kinda getting used to the fancy es6 :D
19:51:50  <danneu>agreed
19:52:07  <danneu>sucks to juggle different javascripts in your head
19:52:12  <mezod>yep
19:52:23  <mezod>but now I need to refactor everything to es6 modules
19:52:35  <mezod>better now than later i guess
19:52:37  <danneu>yeah
19:52:43  <danneu>pretty mechanical chang at least
19:53:14  <danneu>the one thing i don't like about es6 modules is the difference between `import thing from './thing'` vs `import * as thing from './thing'`
19:53:40  <danneu>that's something that commonjs gets right (`var thing = require('./thing')`
19:54:03  <danneu>not sure if you've run into that yet
19:54:50  <mezod>yeah
19:55:22  <mezod>i have an index.js where I import all the files, so that I can import that file later
19:59:53  <mezod>danneu: for example: https://github.com/mezod/listlogs/blob/dev/app/src/components/index.js
20:00:30  <danneu>rofl
20:01:10  <danneu>i did this same sort of thing when i was first using clojurescript. got tired of importing the same shit in every view file, every controller file, etc
20:01:29  <danneu>my end-result take-away was that it's best to just import things as needed, even if it's repetitive.
20:01:54  <danneu>it was only so annoying because i was refactoring things so much at the beginning
20:02:45  <danneu>in your case it might be a good idea since it's just your components
20:03:35  <danneu>i guess your components themselves will require each other individually. else yu'll run into circular dependencies if each compnent imports that
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20:42:15  <fl0w>danneu, mezod: Do you guys check in your transformed code into project repo?
20:43:21  <mezod>i'm not sure of what you mean
20:43:41  <mezod>you mean the after babel transpiled it?
20:43:57  <mezod>if so, I don't
20:43:58  <fl0w>right
20:44:21  <fl0w>so you build before you deploy?
20:46:54  <danneu>fl0w: no, main branch is unbuilt code. my deploy step is (build -> deploy)
20:48:10  <danneu>well, my build step is actually build -> commit to 'production' branch -> deploy 'production' branch. the diff between master and production branch is really useful
20:48:17  <danneu>er deplyo step
20:50:36  <fl0w>hm.
20:50:59  <fl0w>I’m having a brain fart trying to wrap this all together myself.
20:51:11  <fl0w>(hence why I’m prying/picking your brain)
21:00:19  <mezod>yeah I basically go at it like danneu
21:01:01  <mezod>fl0w: i've heard some people just tar the dist/ folder and untar it in the serv
21:01:16  <mezod>that'd be more pro, for some reasons i dont even remember
21:02:56  <danneu>fl0w: yeah, the build step is pretty hard to get right tbh.
21:03:23  <danneu>you look at random babel projects and everyone has a different set of magical incantations
21:03:27  <fl0w>This is (possibly) on Heroku so I can’t just tar it - im kind of limited to just commiting dist into repo before push. But I hate it. The commit log gets so bloated.
21:04:38  <fl0w>well not the log but diffs rather.
21:08:08  * TheThingquit (Remote host closed the connection)
21:11:45  <fl0w>ping?
21:12:40  <fl0w>1gbps fiber and I get latency issues … killing all performance.
21:31:46  <danneu>fl0w: oh, yeah, for heroku i honestly just checkout production branch, build, commit, deploy
21:32:12  <danneu>at least for front-end assets