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22:08:38  <doburg>Good afternoon/timezone appropriate greeting
22:09:52  <doburg>I started cracking into learning koa today, and found that koa2 is/has removed generator support.
22:13:59  <doburg>I'm interested in learning more about that decision, but I haven't yet been able to find any discussions on why generator support is on the outs
22:14:32  <doburg>Could anyone point me to mailing list threads or github discussions on the topic?
22:15:26  <TBotV63>Essentially it's future-proofing for ES7. It will introduce the async keyword and native handling for promises, which will render wrapped generators useless
22:16:08  <doburg>hmm, I guess I don't really know much about ES7, I'll have to research.
22:16:25  <doburg>I was excited for generators in ES6. Are they going away/being looked on as unfavorable in general?
22:16:33  <TBotV63>Certainly no.
22:17:17  <TBotV63>Just not in this specific use case. Here they're just being used as a way of passing async operations / promises to an abstraction framework. But generators have way more use cases than that
22:17:28  <doburg>true, makes sense
22:20:25  <doburg>Most of the documentation I've found uses generators; I'm wondering if its worth my time to use this documentation/tutorials to learn koa.
22:20:36  <doburg>learn koa 1 basically
22:21:21  <doburg>I was kind of surprised when npm installed an alpha version when I asked it for koa
22:21:33  <TBotV63>The differences as far as I've seen aren't that big. But if I were to relearn it, I'd start with koa2 and use a transpiler such as babel. https://babeljs.io/
22:24:21  <doburg>you mean use the koa 2 dependency and kode for generators, use babel to make it compatible with koa2?
22:24:59  <doburg>That sentence came out really terrible, I'm sorry, haha
22:25:28  <TBotV63>No, I mean code for es7 with the async-await proposal and then transpile it to es6 code that will run on node with babel
22:25:47  <TBotV63>As for the proposal: https://tc39.github.io/ecmascript-asyncawait/
22:27:40  <doburg>How is ES7 going? I'm often scared to jump into new features due to ES4, and the whole ES6 node/iojs kerfuffle
22:29:00  <TBotV63>ES7 will probs come out in a year and a few monts I'd say, but I have no idea ;) As for ES6, it is now mostly (if not fully?) supported by node. Unsupported ES6 will be handled by babel aswell.
22:30:28  <doburg>Well, what I meant to express is that I worry about committing myself to new ecmascript features because I feel like I run the risk of getting into something which could potentially never really be supported
22:31:45  <doburg>I was honestly worried, and I think justifiably, that ES6 would never fully be supported in node
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22:32:37  <TBotV63>As long as the V8 engine is developed and there are people using node, I doubt it'd fall too far behind.
22:32:48  <doburg>well, it did for a while
22:33:17  <doburg>and boy oh boy my experience trying to replace node with iojs was nothing short of a nightmare
22:33:51  <TBotV63>I don't see V8 going anywhere any time soon. As always there is the same delay as with browser vendors for spec implementation, but I think it's pretty safe to assume that it'll come.
22:34:21  <TBotV63>Also stuff in node handling and management has changed (or so I was told) so this is sped up
22:34:34  <TBotV63>In conjunction with the iojs merge that is
22:34:35  <doburg>yeah, that was a relief
22:34:55  <doburg>supposedly it's jointly piloted now by joyent and a council of community members
22:35:39  <doburg>I was personally very in line with the iojs principals, but found implementation of it kind of a mess
22:36:01  <doburg>this may be due to me finding symlinking node to iojs as filthy and something I didn't want to do on my servers
22:36:24  <doburg>so maybe that was stubbornness
22:36:28  <doburg>on my part
22:36:29  <TBotV63>Same for me. I never actually deployed iojs for the very reason of it being a mess and a pain to change to...
22:37:02  <doburg>I did, however, play with it much in a docker
22:39:09  <doburg>anyway, thanks for the input. I was just really curious about why generators were being taken out when much of the documentation was like "wow, generators"
22:39:42  <TBotV63>hehe, np
22:39:49  <doburg>lates!
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