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06:26:18  <Youdaman>goodbye cloudant, hello iriscouch
06:26:55  <JasonSmith>Hi, Youdaman
06:29:14  <Youdaman>hi!
06:30:30  <Youdaman>i'm here because my couchapp that works fine locally won't work on cloudant due to their extra security layer, and their docs about how to lift that and just use the standard couchdb _users wasn't clear... and it works fine on iriscouch :)
06:31:44  <JasonSmith>Awesome!
06:32:02  <JasonSmith>Right, that is actually our thing, orthodox CouchDB. Cloudant is great! But for now it's not Apache CouchDB
06:35:16  <Youdaman>yeah. i read that some of its stuff is being pulled back into couchdb, but for now i just want my app to work
06:38:50  <Youdaman>surprised there's only a handful of people in here whereas the cloudant channel is packed?
06:39:34  <Youdaman>JasonSmith: just watching "LXJS 2012 - Jason Smith - Javascript at IrisCouch" to hear more about iris + js :)
06:39:42  <JasonSmith>That's me
06:40:18  <Youdaman>the next step for my project is having node listen to _changes to do things like sending emails etc
06:40:24  <Youdaman>i'm on a steep learning curve but it's fun
06:43:42  <Youdaman>a talk i just watched by @mikeal was that the usual way people think of doing things is putting node in front of couch, like your traditional app/db combo, but it's better putting a couchapp in front of node... so that's where i'm currently at, after getting a basic demo (a mix of jchris' chat demo and some other bits and pieces via node.couchapp.js like integration with mustache and jade
06:43:42  <Youdaman>for templates)
06:44:17  <Youdaman>https://youdaman.iriscouch.com:6984/gametime/_design/app/_show/index
06:44:52  <JasonSmith>Awesome!
06:59:41  <Youdaman>hmmm, it's probably me being a noob, but is there any special conditions for vhosts in your couchdb config on iris?
07:06:37  <Youdaman>nevermind, it's me being a noob with a typo
07:06:42  <Youdaman>http://www.gametime.io/
07:22:50  <Youdaman>JasonSmith: i see i don't have to specify a port in my vhosts rewrite which is nice
07:29:06  <Youdaman>JasonSmith: dude, this is awesome: https://github.com/iriscouch/follow -- EXACTLY what i wanted for my next step!
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07:50:20  <JasonSmith>Youdaman: Yes I use follow a LOT! However I am not sure about browser support, it may be busted
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09:21:50  <Youdaman>JasonSmith: that's cool, i'll be using it from node to send emails
09:22:04  <Youdaman>currently just hacking on bits and pieces: http://app.gametime.io/
09:22:08  <Youdaman>back after dinner!
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15:55:20  <IrishGringo>is anyone doing windows 8 here?
16:27:08  <Youdaman>still on 7
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17:23:56  <dch>IrishGringo: Youdaman: couchdb works happily on Windows, I didn't test it on 8 much though. Personally the only reason I see for using 8 is that you bought a new PC and didn't change the OS.
18:02:28  <Youdaman>dch: agreed
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