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08:20:13  <lmatteis>JasonSmith: down? :)
08:21:34  <JasonSmith>lmatteis: what?
08:21:43  <lmatteis>JasonSmith: http://www.iriscouch.com/
08:21:46  <lmatteis>and my couch
08:22:09  <JasonSmith>lmatteis: Just you? http://www.downforeveryoneorjustme.com/www.iriscouch.com
08:22:20  <lmatteis>It's not just you! http://www.iriscouch.com looks down from here.
08:23:01  <JasonSmith>I have it saying "just you"
08:23:28  <lmatteis>oh
08:23:42  <lmatteis>now it says just you
08:23:44  <lmatteis>weird!
08:24:12  <lmatteis>but now it says: It's not just you! http://www.iriscouch.com looks down from here.
08:24:22  <lmatteis>haha dunno
08:24:58  <JasonSmith>Yes I see a sporadic error now. Thanks
08:27:09  <JasonSmith>Fixed
08:27:36  <JasonSmith>lmatteis: What is the name of your servrer?
08:27:54  <lmatteis>now it's up actually yeah... it's: hckr
08:28:27  <lmatteis>i might've hit the quota :) i've been pushing a bit too much today
08:30:29  <lmatteis>it's still unbelievable how my GET requests have mounted to 284,668 just this month
08:30:33  <lmatteis>i have virtually NO users
08:31:35  <JasonSmith>lmatteis: I know what you mean, but just to be clear: you can fetch your _log and confirm. Our goal is transparency
08:31:58  <lmatteis>JasonSmith: a little gotcha on the pricing. A user could very well create a new account for each couch, to distribute its usage into many accounts instead into a single one
08:32:19  <JasonSmith>Yes, my response to that is monitoring and vigilance. So far that has happened zero times
08:32:28  <lmatteis>yes
08:32:41  <JasonSmith>Also, we are bringing maintenance tools on-line, and those work for all of your couches under the same email address
08:33:14  <JasonSmith>But yes, I am actually in complete shock that the Russian mafia has not been signing up and posting spam web pagtes
08:33:18  <JasonSmith>web pages
08:33:33  <JasonSmith>haha
08:37:21  <lmatteis>:)
08:44:41  <JasonSmith>lmatteis: I saw that you had some kind of _update function that seemed like it was not working on Iris Couch?
08:44:47  <JasonSmith>in the #couchdb channel yesterday
08:45:11  <lmatteis>ah yeah, wasn't your issue sorry... i had something weird happening in my validate_doc_update that was outputting a weird error
08:46:57  <lmatteis>JasonSmith: also, would you know how to deal with static content. like i'm using couch directly as a couchapp, and i serve attachments such as stylesheets and javascripts that i would like the browser to cache... in the sense that i don't want the browser to request these assets everytime... however it seems like couch response is always a 304 Not modified which isn't cached by browsers :/
08:47:17  <lmatteis>just to be sure it's not possible... i guess i could use a CDN for them, but just wondering
08:47:35  <JasonSmith>I thought 304 not modified means that the browser cached it?
08:47:45  <JasonSmith>Because the browser must send (IIRC) an If-Match header
08:48:08  <lmatteis>right, me too actually, but somehow it doesn't... like there's always a latency
08:48:13  <lmatteis>whilst with 200 it does
08:48:18  <lmatteis>Chrome network inspector shows this
08:48:31  <JasonSmith>These are attachments or _show functions?
08:48:35  <lmatteis>attachments
08:48:50  <lmatteis>but from _rewrite
08:49:04  <lmatteis>but i think it's the same... no?
08:49:45  <lmatteis>i can show you an example: http://www.hckr.it/
08:49:59  <lmatteis>look at the site.js asset. it's loaded everytime... and it's directly from an attachment in couch
08:50:17  <lmatteis>as you can see the other content is no loaded everytime... because it's stored in another server
08:50:43  <lmatteis>i think it's because there's no Cache-Control header
08:51:26  <lmatteis>anyhow, i think it's a couch issue, and guys told me there's no way to modify this cache-control header... but maybe i thought you had extra ideas
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13:20:18  <bigbluehat>lmatteis: are you familiar with YSlow?
13:20:35  <bigbluehat>you are getting some speed boost from the Etag/304's
13:21:33  <lmatteis>bigbluehat: yes why
13:21:48  <bigbluehat>just helpful info :)
13:21:54  <bigbluehat>especially for this sort of thing
13:32:31  <lmatteis>hrm
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15:10:23  <lmatteis>bigbluehat: but it's not totally cached
15:10:39  <lmatteis>maybe the request is just to see if it was modified, right? not the actual content
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