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19:39:23  <windsurf_>I can't edit any field values (and Save Document) or create any new document. The result is the same. Futon is doing a js alert with 'Error: not_found' and 'missing function' in it.
19:39:45  <windsurf_>my chrome console contains, ''Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 404 (Object Not Found)"
19:40:37  <windsurf_>the first time I tried to run the test suite a day or two ago it crashed couch and eventually rebooted. I exploited that today to try and reboot the server and it did reboot and I'm still in the same situation though
20:17:44  <bigbluehat>I can create/edit/delete fine
20:19:12  <bigbluehat>windsurf_: you could also try editing your admin password via the Configuration section in Futon
20:19:15  <bigbluehat>I believe that causes a restart
20:25:36  <windsurf_>I was in Admin party with this problem though
20:28:34  <bigbluehat>you could setup a user then...maybe
20:44:14  <windsurf_>http://pastebin.com/kPnJ0t2e
20:44:19  <windsurf_>that's my curl output, same deal.
20:44:22  <windsurf_>same error
20:44:40  <windsurf_>just tried to add a new document whose id is "foo"
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21:11:29  <windsurf_>validate_doc_update was null, that was my problem :S