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17:51:25  <kpg_>is there a way to programmatically stop a expressjs listen function. I would like to have a REST call be able to shut down the server. I've found server.close() method where server is the return value of express().listen(3000, function(){...}). But it takes 2 min for that to finally close. Is there a better way to kill the server from a REST function?
18:10:02  <kpg_>this is what i am testing with
18:10:03  <kpg_>http://pastebin.com/c6j2HZdQ
18:11:09  <kpg_>I want to force close the server without killing the process
18:20:54  <kpg_>I guess my main question is, how can i make the server.close() call faster. Right now it waits for ~2min before finally closing
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23:37:28  <KieronWiltshire>Is this the official expressjs irc?
23:37:45  <KieronWiltshire>nope
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