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15:22:52  <qwebirc17993>hello, I have a couple of questions.
15:24:00  <qwebirc17993>firstly, I have created a simple native nupkg that is just a statically linked library. I'm actually using expat, packaging it for internal company use.
15:24:36  <qwebirc17993>When 'manage nuget packages' and add it, the exe that uses the nuget package always fails to link.
15:24:52  <qwebirc17993>toolset, and char encoding are identical
15:25:26  <qwebirc17993>what I think is the problem is that the linkage is defaulted to 'dynamic' in the exe, despite there not being any reference to dynamic in my autopkg
15:26:44  <qwebirc17993>I can see this if I right click on my exe, then properties -> Config properties -> Referenced Packages and then click on expat.
15:26:55  <qwebirc17993>It says linkage 'dynamic'.
15:27:36  <qwebirc17993>Also, I've called it 'Internal.Expat' and if I try and change the linkage to static, it complains about '.' being in the name (though works with regular nuget.org expat)
15:28:25  <qwebirc17993>so my two questions are: 1. why is the default linkage dynamic? 2. is the '.' in names a known problem? Thanks!
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