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23:45:28  <qwebirc51590>hey again
23:45:55  <qwebirc51590>so, i've finally figured out how to add files to other framework targets
23:45:59  <qwebirc51590>by doing something like:
23:46:25  <qwebirc51590>net40 += {
23:46:33  <qwebirc51590> #output {
23:46:42  <qwebirc51590> package = redist;
23:46:48  <qwebirc51590> };
23:47:01  <qwebirc51590> #destination : \build\net40;
23:47:04  <qwebirc51590>};
23:47:47  <qwebirc51590>however, i'm missing two things now:
23:49:02  <qwebirc51590>1. how can i specify that i want to add the ".targets" file to the net40 target?
23:49:47  <qwebirc51590>this file is generated behind the scenes by CoApp, so maybe i can't do it? that would be a bit sad...
23:51:46  <qwebirc51590>2. i have a DLL that is shared by both Debug and Release targets. Is there a way that I can make the ".targets" share that file for both debug and release?
23:51:48  <qwebirc51590>right now I have to duplicate the file in both debug and release, which causes package size to increase unnecessarily
23:52:14  <qwebirc51590>one more suggestion regarding CoApp community
23:53:40  <qwebirc51590>i think you guys should really consider setting up a forum or some other means of allowing users to interact more directly between themselves and you over periods of time
23:53:46  <qwebirc51590>i only have so much time to be here
23:53:55  <qwebirc51590>and i always feel like like i'm throwing questions to a wall
23:53:58  <qwebirc51590>that may or may not reply
23:54:04  <qwebirc51590>and it feels very ephemeral
23:54:11  <qwebirc51590>tried to register for the mailing list
23:54:19  <qwebirc51590>but it's too bureaucratic
23:54:43  <qwebirc51590>waiting days for approval now...
23:55:14  <qwebirc51590>i think a forum would enhance the community experience dramatically
23:55:40  <qwebirc51590>if you're really aiming to build a strong base of support for CoApp, especially if you want to build critical mass to show that it's useful
23:55:53  <qwebirc51590>you want to have as many people involved, i would say
23:55:56  <qwebirc51590>just my two cents