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14:02:33  <Brettucci>Hi all. I was in here yesterday asking some questions about adding a DLL to be delay loaded in a NuGet package. I sort of got it working a little bit by using ItemDefinitionGroup.Link.DelayLoadDLLs in the targets section of the .autopkg file. Thanks for the help so far!
14:02:48  <Brettucci>I ran into a couple of other issues with it though and am hoping I could find some more help here.
14:04:11  <Brettucci>Things defined in the targets section get added to the .targets file in the main NuGet package. Is there a way to have some of them added to the .targets file in the .redist NuGet package? This makes more sense to me since I am defining something for the DLLs
14:05:20  <Brettucci>Also, is there a way to specify certain things for the targets section depending on the pivots? I would like to delay load different DLLs if I'm in Release or Debug for example.
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15:30:25  <Brettucci>Nevermind on my question about using different values for the DelayLoadDLLs settings depending on pivots. I forgot that you just use the DLL name for that setting, not an actual path.
15:30:41  <Brettucci>My question about adding things to the .redit NuGet package still stands though ;-)
15:30:46  <Brettucci>.redist*
15:31:58  <virmitio>the distinction between the base package and the redist is altering somewhat drastically with the next rollout of the tools
15:32:18  <Brettucci>ah ok. thanks
15:32:48  <Brettucci>It's not a feature I really need right now anyways. I'm just trying to get a feel for what is possible and understand the process a little more
15:32:55  <virmitio>the original reason for the seperation was an attempt to only require downstream software to depend on the base package if they were needing a build-time dep on the library
15:33:16  <virmitio>that actually didn't work out too well in practice compared to the intent
15:33:21  <Brettucci>hah ok
15:35:15  <virmitio>the new direction is for the tools to automatically divide the package into sub-packages (satellites) for each pivot combination, and the base package will only contain the relevant props and targets information for the package and handle the retrieval of any satellites actually being used by the consumer
15:36:42  <virmitio>currently this is only being done in the development branch of the tools, but so far appears to be working as expected and I would anticipate it being pushed to beta sometime in the next week or so
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19:25:04  <Brettucci>Can package restore be used with native NuGet packages?
19:31:52  <Brettucci>Nevermind. Looks like it does. I just couldn't get it to work at first
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