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21:16:14  <qwebirc27818>I'm not sure if this is the greatest place to ask this question, but it doesn't seem like there are forums for CoApp and I don't think this counts as a feature request on GitHub. It seems that using a package created with CoApp results in the DLL being added as an additional dependency. Is there a way to change this so that the DLL is added as a delay loaded DLL?
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21:20:16  <vpovirk>qwebirc27818: with the current packages, no, but it'd probably be possible to add that feature to individual packages
21:20:43  <vpovirk>(and/or change our policies so we have it in anything we publish)
21:22:41  <qwebirc27818>I am creating my own package, so I would be able to use that feature if it already exists
21:22:49  <qwebirc27818>I just don't quite know enough to try it :-)
21:23:41  <vpovirk>I know enough to know it should be possible, but not enough to know how to do it, I'm afraid
21:24:50  <qwebirc27818>hah ok thanks. I'll take a look some more. I do have another question though
21:25:37  <vpovirk>thttp://www.coapp.org/reference/autopackage-ref.html <-- I believe the targets { } section will map to xml that is essentially imported into the .vcxproj file
21:25:52  <vpovirk>and that you would have to use that
21:25:55  <vpovirk>but I don't know exactly how it works or what xml you'd need to add
21:26:05  <qwebirc27818>Awesome. Thank you. I was thinking that targets section is where it would be possible
21:26:41  <vpovirk>it would be nice to have a more convenient way to do it, though, and that's a valid feature request
21:26:42  <qwebirc27818>When defining the different files included for different platforms, toolsets,and configurations,... It's unclear to me how a "release" or "debug" value gets mapped to the configurations in the project that is using the NuGet package
21:26:51  <ender|>fun, looks like upgrading to Windows 8.1 freed about 30GB on my system drive
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21:27:17  <vpovirk>if the configuration name contains debug (case-insensitive), it's a debug version; otherwise it's release
21:27:36  <qwebirc27818>My project that is using the NuGet package has configurations like Debug ENU, Debug DEU, Release ENU, Release DEU, etc.
21:27:43  <vpovirk>ideally we'd look at the version of the C libraries being linked in, but there was some reason we couldn't do that
21:27:49  <qwebirc27818>ok, so it matches based on containing it, not an exact match
21:27:51  <qwebirc27818>thanks!
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21:37:57  <vpovirk>http://www.coapp.org/reference/implicit-packagescript.html seems to do some xml-looking things
21:38:03  <vpovirk>not in the way I expected
21:38:57  <vpovirk> @alias Defines = ItemDefinitionGroup.ClCompile.PreprocessorDefinitions;
21:43:40  <vpovirk>qwebirc27818: so I'm guessing you'd do ItemDefinitionGroup.Link.DelayLoadDLLs += whatever.dll
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21:47:00  <vpovirk>and it'd probably be very easy to add a feature to make that more convenient
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