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13:13:51  <qwebirc6515>Hey guys! I need help! I created a NuGet package with NuGet which has two different types of libs included ([static,v110,x64,debug] and [static,v110,x64,release]). The folder structure inside the nupkg becomes as build\native\lib\static\v110\x64\(Release/Debug)\SampleStaticLibrary.lib. Problem is that when I install the package for a C++ project, VS does not find the library during linkage.
13:14:11  <qwebirc6515>It says: LINK : fatal error LNK1181: cannot open input file 'C:\mystuff\projects\Experiments\NuGetExperiment\NuGetLibraryUser\packages\samplelib.0.2\build\native\..\..\build\native\lib\SampleStaticLibrary.lib'
13:14:24  <qwebirc6515>What can be the problem?
13:14:43  <qwebirc6515>I created the package with CoApp
13:14:52  <qwebirc6515>not NuGet
13:16:02  <qwebirc6515>It looks for it in the lib directory but lib directory has subdirectories where the library is located.
13:32:07  <qwebirc6515>I upgraded the Visual Studio NuGet Extension from latest stable to latest CI, now linker says:
13:32:30  <qwebirc6515>error LNK2019: unresolved external symbol "int __cdecl getSomething(void)" (?getSomething@@YAHXZ) referenced in function wmain
13:38:32  <qwebirc6515>Visual Studio does not seem to get that it should link with a library.
13:43:48  <qwebirc6515>The project compiles and links fine if I add the library directory to Library Directories and add the library name to Linker->Input->Additional Dependencies, but doing this almost defies the purpose of using NuGet.
13:46:15  <qwebirc6515>It is most probably an issue with Visual Studio NuGet Extension rather than CoApp. It's just strange nobody has encountered such misbehaviour when using NuGet in C++ in very standard ways.
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14:33:27  <virmitio>for the record: git svn is slow
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14:37:17  <FearTheCowboy>Sure... the day that I want to rant about GTK/Cairo/ATK/Pango/etc ... auroraeosrose isn't even on line.
14:37:42  <virmitio>she's like that
14:39:51  <virmitio>so, I was looking at the libs needed to build MySQL and it's native-language connectors
14:40:08  <virmitio>the c++ connector depends on a bunch of Boost headers
14:40:32  <virmitio>no compiled Boost libs, but a number of the headers
14:40:51  <FearTheCowboy>oh, joy-among-joys.
14:41:01  <FearTheCowboy>A large part of boost is just the headers.
15:22:59  <qwebirc6515>On front page of CoApp, clicked on the big red Contribute button -> Error 404: http://coapp.org/not-found.html#page=/pages/developers.html
15:23:43  <qwebirc6515>Looks like CoApp is really in need of some contributing.
15:30:34  <FearTheCowboy>Yeah, it's hard to keep all the balls in the air all the time
15:30:52  <FearTheCowboy>I've been meaning to do some work on the website, but I haven't had any spare cycles in a long while :S
15:31:23  <FearTheCowboy>qwebirc6515 -> I just saw your messages from earlier... lemme read that.
15:31:58  <FearTheCowboy>qwebirc6515 -> make sure that you have the most recent set of tools for building the package :
15:32:04  <FearTheCowboy>use:
15:32:16  <FearTheCowboy>update-coapptools -beta -killpowershells
15:32:57  <FearTheCowboy>and rebuild the package... I changed some stuff in the late generator last week that may fix that.
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15:34:22  <FearTheCowboy>aaand then he buggers off.
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15:38:40  <FearTheCowboy> I just saw your messages from earlier... lemme read that....make sure that you have the most recent set of tools for building the package :
15:38:40  <FearTheCowboy> use:
15:38:40  <FearTheCowboy> update-coapptools -beta -killpowershells
15:38:40  <FearTheCowboy> and rebuild the package... I changed some stuff in the late generator last week that may fix that.
15:39:21  <FearTheCowboy>the trouble you're having isn't in NuGet -- it'll be in the generated package
15:39:49  <FearTheCowboy>qwebirc30340 -> those were meant for you :D
15:45:24  <qwebirc30340>I got the NuGet package working by modifying the CoApp script. From whatever I had before, I changed to [x64,debug] and [x64,release]. Looks like the order of the specifiers is important or some of the specifiers I had before are not supported or something
15:46:03  <FearTheCowboy>Hmm. the order isn't important at all.
15:46:44  <qwebirc30340>Alright... then removing static and the VS version were the needed trick, I guess
15:51:06  <qwebirc30340>Another problem: why is it not possible to use "include" statement more than one time? Looks like it only takes the include files specified by the last include: {blabla} and forgets what was included before
15:51:49  <FearTheCowboy>You can, in several ways.
15:51:51  <virmitio>use "include += { stuff };" instead of "include: { stuff };"
15:52:17  <qwebirc30340>I thought I tried that, but I'll try again
15:52:19  <FearTheCowboy>and/or specfiy multiple items in the { }
15:52:47  <FearTheCowboy>include: { foo.h, bar.h, etc.h };
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15:55:43  <FearTheCowboy>vpovirk -> are you familiar with all this gobject-introspection stuff that's in gnome-related projects (atk ... etc?)
15:57:23  <vpovirk>not really
15:57:30  <vpovirk>I may have occasionally used it from python
15:58:47  <FearTheCowboy>ATK now has crap in there for generating this... can I skip all that for now? -- afaict it's used only for other languages to bind to this stuff... which I'm not worried about right now.
15:59:10  <FearTheCowboy>and pulling together all the g-ir-scanner crap is a bit much right now.
15:59:15  <vpovirk>right
15:59:28  <vpovirk>you know atk doesn't work on windows, right?
15:59:46  <FearTheCowboy>O_O Then... why do we need it?
15:59:53  <FearTheCowboy>and/or "why do we even compile it?"
16:00:30  <virmitio>vpovirk: it's listed as a prereq for others in the gtk stack, and I thought someone made us a package of it previously
16:00:49  <vpovirk>it's required
16:00:55  <vpovirk>but it doesn't do anything
16:01:25  <FearTheCowboy>thats. awesome.
16:01:30  <vpovirk>it's supposed to be a wrapper around accessibility systems, but no one implemented it on windows
16:01:41  <FearTheCowboy>Yeah, I started with the previous build, but updated to the latest sources.
16:03:35  <FearTheCowboy>so, as long as it compiles, we're good eh?
16:04:27  <vpovirk>and things link to it
16:04:35  <FearTheCowboy>yeah.
16:04:41  * FearTheCowboyshakes head.
16:04:53  <vpovirk>when we see gtk-demo running that's a good sign
16:05:57  <FearTheCowboy>:D
16:09:35  <qwebirc30340>Is this correct syntax? nestedInclude { #destination = ${d_include}\mylib; "whatever" };
16:10:03  <virmitio>looks fine to me
16:10:30  <qwebirc30340>I get a fatal error on this. Invalid token in selector declaration--found 'whatever'
16:10:33  <virmitio>I typically spread it across multiple lines for easy reading, but the syntax appears good
16:10:43  <virmitio>that's interesting
16:10:51  <FearTheCowboy>missibg the colon
16:11:00  <FearTheCowboy>nestedInclude: { ... }
16:11:01  <FearTheCowboy>;
16:11:13  <virmitio>ah
16:11:23  <virmitio>completely missed that
16:11:43  <qwebirc30340>Yup, that was it! Thanks!
16:13:44  <qwebirc30340>The documentation should also include that then
16:13:46  <qwebirc30340>http://coapp.org/reference/autopackage-ref.html
16:13:54  <qwebirc30340>The colon is missing there also
16:14:34  <virmitio>not missing from the "include" line
16:15:38  <FearTheCowboy>fixing (at the end example)
16:15:41  <virmitio>I should really number those lines or something
16:15:55  <virmitio>ah
16:15:58  * virmitiois an idiot
16:16:30  <qwebirc30340>At the last example, the "include" also misses the colon
16:16:56  <qwebirc30340>But you already noticed that
16:17:22  <virmitio>qwebirc30340: out of curiosity, what are you building?
16:19:02  <qwebirc30340>A static library which is only used internally. It contains a part of Boost, part of Poco and several utility classes and functions which are useful
16:19:29  <virmitio>sounds all kinds of fun and interesting
16:19:39  <qwebirc30340>Oh yes it is
16:20:45  <qwebirc30340>The project itself what is under development is Microsoft Smooth Streaming player and SDK for Android and iOS
16:36:06  <qwebirc30340>Looks like using multiple nestedInclude statements is not supported, is it?
16:36:32  <virmitio>ah, they need distinct names
16:36:47  <virmitio>"nested1", "nested2", etc.
16:37:19  <virmitio>what you name them doesn't really matter
16:37:21  <qwebirc30340>Oh, so the names are arbitrary values not predefined? Cool, didn't know that :)
16:37:40  <virmitio>only "includes" is predefined and special
16:38:03  <qwebirc30340>Okay, I see. Good to know.
16:42:28  <qwebirc30340>Alright, I'll be going. Thanks for helping me out and see you later!
16:42:35  <virmitio>seeya
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