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17:50:13  <FearTheCowboy>New walkthrus for Autopackage : http://coapp.org/pages/tutorials.html
17:50:22  <FearTheCowboy>And more reference docs: http://coapp.org/pages/reference.html
17:53:28  <auroraeosrose>where's the source for those? I seeee typo
17:54:11  <FearTheCowboy>awesome. the link is at the bottom of every page for the source.
17:54:22  <FearTheCowboy>if it's minor, just click on that, and click edit
17:54:39  <FearTheCowboy>and I'll republish after you fix it.
17:58:31  <auroraeosrose>populart
17:58:34  <auroraeosrose>had me laughing a bit
17:58:37  <auroraeosrose>but yeah, quick fix
17:59:26  <auroraeosrose>looks good
17:59:32  <auroraeosrose>maybe I'll try packing something up....
18:00:06  <FearTheCowboy>it really is trivial these days.
18:00:20  <FearTheCowboy>Friday is gonna be "packaging day"
18:02:13  <vpovirk>I.. may have to put packaging on hold until I've finished a few other projects :/
18:02:28  <auroraeosrose>hehe - what did you break now?
18:02:37  <auroraeosrose>I have to get stuff compiling first
18:02:39  <auroraeosrose>sigh
18:03:41  <FearTheCowboy>Well, Next week, I get a build of the new PTK running; then we can at least automate complex builds a bit :D
18:04:49  <auroraeosrose>that should help
18:04:55  <auroraeosrose>you know what I want to get building ;)
18:05:06  <FearTheCowboy>I was trying to work on that last week, but I had to start docs. :(
18:05:14  <auroraeosrose>docs is fine
18:05:37  <FearTheCowboy>and this week, its been docs-docs-fix-bugs-for-VC-team-Docs-Blog-posts.....
18:05:39  <auroraeosrose>if I can 1. grab the deps I need (zlib, libxml2, iconv at a minimum) and 2. use some half decent tools
18:05:49  <auroraeosrose>it shouldn't be too bad
18:08:25  <FearTheCowboy>zlib, no problem, we can prioritize libxml & iconv
18:08:51  <auroraeosrose>those are the big 3 for a PHP build
18:09:04  <auroraeosrose>those are in and static (ewww) by default
18:09:13  <auroraeosrose>I'll have to hack build scripts to SxS them
18:09:15  <auroraeosrose>as they should be
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20:17:38  * qwebirc41944changed nick to spencercw
20:21:41  <spencercw>Hello all. Perhaps someone can help. I'm trying to use a custom build configuration name but I get this error: "Write-NuGetPackage : Unmatched configuration choice 'RelWithDebInfo". I tried adding configurations { ... } to the nuget node (http://pastebin.com/XmgSTfPm), but it didn't make a difference.
20:24:01  <virmitio>the 'configuration' node is outside the 'nuget' node, and I don't believe it will work properly if you try shifting it inside
20:25:25  <virmitio>if you shift what's in the pastebin to be outside of 'nuget', does write-nugetpackage still throw the error?
20:28:58  <spencercw>Nope, that did the trick. Thanks. :) Is it possible to have 'Release' and 'RelWithDebInfo' use the same files? I'm trying to get this to play nicely with CMake which has separate configurations for Release and RelWithDebInfo, which is identical but generates a PDB file as well. (Very annoying..) This means if you have a RelWithDebInfo project it won't find the libraries under the Release configuration
20:30:25  <virmitio>you can certainly do that, but you'll need to list the files for each pivot combination (in this case, you'd list the same files under [Release] and [RelWithDebInfo])
20:30:49  <vpovirk>are you sure you couldn't map Release and RelWithDebInfo to the same name for the configuration setting?
20:31:03  <virmitio>to be honest, if the only diff is the generation of the pdbs, I'd just call it [release]
20:31:50  <virmitio>actually, vpovirk, that's a good point. I suppose you could add an alias from RelWithDebInfo to Release
20:31:54  <spencercw>virmitio: Calling it RelWithDebInfo was not my idea and causes me no end of pain. It's all down to CMake..
20:32:23  <spencercw>Will VS be able to pick that up? I.e., if I have a project using the RelWithDebInfo configuration will it be able to find the Release libraries if I set an alias?
20:32:58  <vpovirk>if that's a general thing that CMake does, maybe we should have an alias like that by default..
20:33:03  <virmitio>spencercw: what's to prevent you from doing something like "[release] lib += ..\out\rRelWithDebInfo\TheLib.lib;"?
20:34:07  <spencercw>If I have a project which pulls in the NuGet package it won't find the libraries under the Release configuration when using the RelWithDebInfo configuration within VS
20:35:16  <vpovirk>well, it's more work to add that for each combination you list, and wouldn't it unnecessarily duplicate the files in the final package?
20:35:59  <spencercw>That's my concern. I was hoping there would be a way to get it to use the same dll/lib/pdb files for both Release and RelWithDebInfo
20:36:04  <virmitio>vpovirk: If I recall correctly, nuget actually only keeps one copy of the file in the actual package if there are two logical files that are data-identical
20:37:51  <virmitio>so having duplicates shouldn't really be an issue
20:38:11  <vpovirk>actually, yeah, the documentation for aliases does make it sound like that won't add a new possible value in .msbuild files that we'd treat identically to some other value
20:38:28  <vpovirk>but what I saw of the winstore/winphone/desktop stuff made me think it would be possible to do that
20:38:38  <vpovirk>although I don't know how that was built
20:39:50  <virmitio>actually, there may be an answer that will cover this with minimal extra effort all around
20:40:27  <virmitio>though FearTheCowboy might not like me suggesting such... inventive ways of using the feature
20:40:28  * spencercwquit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
20:41:01  <auroraeosrose>hehe
20:41:32  <virmitio>didn't think I'd start scaring them off so early...
20:41:50  <virmitio>it's not even really released yet
20:41:56  * qwebirc17563joined
20:42:07  * qwebirc17563changed nick to spencercw
20:42:23  <spencercw>Seemed to have lost my connection there..
20:42:29  <virmitio>spencercw: actually, there may be an answer that will cover this with minimal extra effort all around
20:42:48  <spencercw>I tried creating a package with the dlls etc. duplicated and it was bigger as expected
20:42:55  <spencercw>virmitio: I'm all ears
20:43:18  <virmitio>fair warning, I'm not sure FearTheCowboy will be a fan of this idea
20:43:42  <ender1>me this year: http://s3.amazonaws.com/theoatmeal-img/comics/spring_weather/spring_weather.png
20:44:10  <virmitio>there's a feature to pivots that I haven't had a chance to document yet, as it was just added this morning
20:44:25  <virmitio>it allows what amounts to "virtual pivots"
20:44:44  <vpovirk>did this make the winstore/winphone/desktop selection possible?
20:44:51  <virmitio>yep
20:46:15  * vpovirkwaiting to hear how it works
20:46:33  <virmitio>working up a pastebin for it
20:48:34  <virmitio>spencercw: what you're wanting would look something like this: http://pastebin.com/2N4Me8kM
20:49:05  <virmitio>then you could place everything in [Release] and it will be found for both configurations in the consuming project
20:49:33  <spencercw>That looks nice. I'm guessing this won't work on mine if you did this this morning?
20:49:51  <auroraeosrose>resists the urge to click the "mark as abuse" button
20:50:03  <auroraeosrose>FearTheCowboy will kill you, but that's probably the best fix for now
20:50:08  <virmitio>if you run "update-CoAppTools" in powershell, you'll have what you need
20:50:14  <vpovirk>doesn't seem like abuse to me; could maybe use a nicer syntax for that case though
20:50:29  <spencercw>Right-o. I'll give it a try
20:51:00  <virmitio>this falls under my heading of "not pretty, but generally functional"
20:51:50  <virmitio>and doing it this way makes it a package-specific adjustment that won't affect any other packages being consumend
20:51:57  <virmitio>*consumed
20:52:44  <vpovirk>if we need this for any CMake-generated project, it might be worth adding to the defaults
20:53:28  <virmitio>fair, but that's something we can determine at a later time, and without impacting packages use this in the interim
20:53:58  <spencercw>Funny. After upgrading the generated symbols package has dlls as well as pdbs, which it didn't before. Is that expected?
20:54:29  <virmitio>ah. yes. that was requested by the site we're expecting to push the symbol packages to
20:54:43  <spencercw>Fair enough. I just noticed the file got bigger
20:55:08  <virmitio>understandable
20:55:25  <vpovirk>site we're expecting to... what are you planning?
20:55:27  <virmitio>out of curiosity, what are you buiilding/packaging?
20:55:49  <virmitio>vpovirk: FearTheCowboy has the details, I'm just the package monkey
20:56:22  <spencercw>Just a random package to play with at the moment. I'm evaluating the practicality for using NuGet for native stuff at work
20:56:33  <virmitio>works
20:56:48  <vpovirk>just wondering why symbols packages would need to be uploaded somewhere separately, and the only thing I can think of is crash reporting (but I'm still not sure what that would mean)
20:58:46  <auroraeosrose>I thought it was for symbol server stuff
20:58:51  <auroraeosrose>could be wrong
20:58:52  * auroraeosroseshrugs
20:59:26  <vpovirk>oh
20:59:36  <vpovirk>I've never heard of symbol servers
21:00:27  <spencercw>Hm. This doesn't seem to be working. Still can't find the lib in the RelWithDebInfo build
21:00:33  <virmitio>at the moment, most of what I know is that it's desired for the symbol packages to contain the pdb's, source files (just code and header files, not scripts), and the .dll files
21:00:40  <virmitio>hmm
21:01:34  <virmitio>spencercw: I've got a meeting to be at just now, but if you can stick around a few minutes, I'll see what I can find for you.
21:01:51  <spencercw>No worries. Thanks for the help
21:05:24  <FearTheCowboy>symbolserver.org hosts symbols for oss projects
21:06:29  <FearTheCowboy>the reason the symbols get uploaded elsewhere, is because they are hosting a huge symbol server that you can just add to your vs settings and whoooosh! it'll (eventually) work for all the pkgs from NuGet
21:06:50  <FearTheCowboy>spencercw -> maybe I can help you out.
21:06:58  * vpovirkquit (Remote host closed the connection)
21:07:40  <spencercw>@FearTheCowboy: Hold that thought. It's working now
21:08:10  <spencercw>I think I probably just didn't build it properly or something
21:09:14  <FearTheCowboy>whoosh. magic.
21:09:16  <FearTheCowboy>:D
21:09:23  * virmitiodidn't do it
21:09:38  <FearTheCowboy>virmitio -> have we a zlib set built with the latest version?
21:09:44  <FearTheCowboy>(with source?)
21:10:22  <FearTheCowboy>symbolsource guys need an example with static and dyamic. (Adding in cdecl and stdcall is just because we're cruel) :D
21:12:56  <virmitio>FearTheCowboy: stand by
21:13:54  <virmitio>FearTheCowboy: you realize that zlib has a conditional source file, yes?
21:14:06  <FearTheCowboy>You suck.
21:14:07  <virmitio>only present when compiling x64
21:14:27  <FearTheCowboy>if the file doesn't *change* just lump it in.
21:14:30  <virmitio>I can include it anyway for this specific case, but that's going to be a thing
21:14:39  <virmitio>k
21:14:46  <FearTheCowboy>if there are two (or more) versions of the same file, we're gonna get spanked.
21:15:01  <spencercw>Right. Definitely sorted now. Thanks for the help. :)
21:15:09  <FearTheCowboy>:D
21:15:12  <FearTheCowboy>Awesome.
21:15:44  <FearTheCowboy>spencercw -> if you have *any* issues ping me here asap.
21:15:50  <FearTheCowboy>I live to get this working :D
21:16:08  <virmitio>FearTheCowboy: the multiple-versions-of-source will be an issue with openssl
21:16:14  <virmitio>namely opensslconf.h
21:16:35  <FearTheCowboy>Yeah.
21:16:39  <FearTheCowboy>*sigh*
21:17:08  <FearTheCowboy>well, put them in the condition'd section. perhaps the SymbolSource guys will figure it all out :D
21:17:33  <virmitio>FearTheCowboy: zlib files built. they're on your coapp: drive as version
21:17:50  <spencercw>Will do, thanks. I've just been having a little play to see how it works. I've still got to try and migrate all our big projects at work. It's a complete clusterf*** at the moment and nothing's even setup on build servers.. :\
21:18:10  <FearTheCowboy>virmitio => thanx
21:18:50  <FearTheCowboy>spencercw -> Yeah, well... getting as much into pkgs will help a lot. ... but c/c++ build environments tend to be cluster****y
21:18:52  <virmitio>spencercw: just think happy thoughts. like a fire, or baseball bats
21:19:27  * TripleEmcoderjoined
21:19:58  <spencercw>Indeed. My favourite is one of the projects which can only be built by one developer because we only have one developer licence :p
21:20:06  <TripleEmcoder>Hello there
21:20:12  <FearTheCowboy>Howdy!
21:20:15  <virmitio>TripleEmcoder: hello
21:20:15  <TripleEmcoder>looking for Garett :)
21:20:19  <FearTheCowboy>that's me :D
21:21:43  <TripleEmcoder>yep, recognize the nick ;) so regarding the symbol packages... I wasn't expecting to get into that lenghty discussion on Twitter - this here should indeed be faster
21:21:56  <FearTheCowboy>lol
21:21:56  <TripleEmcoder>so... where exactly are the dynamic/static folders?
21:21:56  <FearTheCowboy>yeah
21:22:03  <virmitio>lol
21:22:08  <FearTheCowboy>grab http://downloads.coapp.org/files/zlib.symbols.
21:22:09  <TripleEmcoder>either I'm blind or I don't know
21:22:12  * virmitiogoes to get popcorn for this discussion.
21:22:14  <FearTheCowboy>it has both static and dynamic
21:22:21  * FearTheCowboysmacks virmitio with a fish
21:22:47  <FearTheCowboy>the folder structure in native pkgs is.... not entirely determinate.
21:23:39  <FearTheCowboy>if the package is *only static* (like DirectXTK) or *only* dynamic (like CPPRestSDK) you won't see static/dynamic at all
21:23:42  <TripleEmcoder>so I've read... but I believe it was worded "flexible "
21:24:01  <TripleEmcoder>I see
21:24:07  <FearTheCowboy>Yeah, this stuff just about killed me to get to work :D
21:24:47  <FearTheCowboy>wait.
21:24:55  <TripleEmcoder>is redist always equivalent to dynamic?
21:24:55  <FearTheCowboy>virmitio ! where's the static libs in there?
21:25:43  <virmitio>in the symbol library? they're not
21:25:45  <FearTheCowboy>TripleEmcoder -> *sortof* ... redist is the container for DLLs, but it can also contain other files that need to be present for the end-executable (like language files, resurces)
21:26:00  <FearTheCowboy>virmitio > we need the static pdbs in there too.
21:26:16  <virmitio>VS doesn't want to generate them for me
21:26:23  <FearTheCowboy>huh? no PDBs?
21:26:30  <FearTheCowboy>O_O
21:26:41  <virmitio>yeah, that's the face I made at first too
21:26:48  <TripleEmcoder>right, maybe I should have asked differently - will be see static/dynamic folders outside of symbols.nupkg?
21:27:19  <FearTheCowboy>You'll see \dynamic\ in the redist (if there is static in the main pkg)
21:27:38  <FearTheCowboy>and you'll see static\dynamic in the main pkg (mostly for lib files)
21:28:47  <TripleEmcoder>I might need to wait for a few real-life examples to wrap my head around this :D
21:29:17  <FearTheCowboy>virmitio -> check in the intermediate directory for the pdbs for static. I got a bad feeling...
21:29:24  * spencercwquit (Quit: Page closed)
21:29:40  <TripleEmcoder>by the way you guys are doing some really amazing stuff with coapp
21:29:56  <TripleEmcoder>and this packaging scheme
21:30:21  <FearTheCowboy>Thanks!
21:30:54  <TripleEmcoder>just too bad I can barely recall how to code in C/C++ ;)
21:30:56  <virmitio>FearTheCowboy: looks like it's generated as "vc<toolset_version>.pdb", but never gets copied to the output dir?
21:31:01  <FearTheCowboy>hmm.
21:31:15  <FearTheCowboy>I'm starting to beleive my original assertion that debug info is included in the lib file.
21:31:24  <TripleEmcoder>virmitio: I think I saw that mentioned on StackOverflow
21:31:37  <FearTheCowboy>... then why is the DirectXTK producing pdb files?
21:31:45  <FearTheCowboy>one sec...
21:32:01  <virmitio>FearTheCowboy: what are you compile and link switches?
21:32:04  <virmitio>*your
21:32:19  <FearTheCowboy>(checking)
21:35:26  <FearTheCowboy>aha. they over-rode the output name of the PDB for that project to $(IntDir)$(TargetName).pdb ... which makes it the same as the lib in this case. Even though it should have been just an intermediate file.
21:36:12  <FearTheCowboy>the default is $(IntDir)vc$(PlatformToolsetVersion).pdb
21:36:19  <FearTheCowboy>I wonder if they did that just to mess with me.
21:36:25  <virmitio>probably
21:43:37  <ender|>http://freeculture.org/blog/2013/04/23/dont-let-the-myths-fool-you-the-w3cs-plan-for-drm-in-html5-is-a-betrayal-to-all-web-users/
21:48:29  <TripleEmcoder>ok, getting late here in CET, so I'm out, but let me know what you find out :)
21:49:45  <FearTheCowboy>ok
21:49:46  <FearTheCowboy>will do.
21:49:54  * TripleEmcoderpart
21:49:56  <FearTheCowboy>I'll see what I can find
21:50:10  * piscisaureus_joined
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22:11:45  * ender1quit (Quit: Ideas are like potatoes. No matter how many ways you turn your idea around, looking for the best possible angle, it�s got lumps and somebody out there wanted cauliflower.)
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22:28:54  * virmitioquit (Quit: Leaving.)
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22:46:56  <FearTheCowboy>Confirmed: Static PDBs are a myth.
22:47:30  <FearTheCowboy>the PDBs in the intermediate directory don't contain *anything* in the library. I think it's PDB info for the dependency.
22:59:18  * [[zzz]]changed nick to [[zz]]
23:23:39  <madewokherd>so, if you statically link then you cannot get debug information for your dependencies?
23:27:12  * piscisaureus_joined
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