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15:46:46  <madewokherd>if a project's source control has updates that are 4 years newer than the latest release, I should probably go with the source control, right?
15:47:15  <FearTheCowboy>yeaaah.
15:48:06  <madewokherd>then should I also add it to nuget?
15:54:04  <virmitio>um... huh? that question doesn't parse
15:56:07  <madewokherd>if I'm downloading a thing from source control and building and using it myself, and not publishing the results of that work for other people to consume more easily, that seems anti-social
16:00:00  <virmitio>well, is the copy you grabbed from source control able to be referenced by an explicit and unique version number? and is the source you're building the confirmed final state referenced by that version number? if so, then go ahead and push a nuget package of it by that version reference. if not, I can't see it being a stable representation of the library, and likely not a good candidate for a nuget package
16:00:26  <madewokherd>I have no reason to believe it is
16:00:45  <madewokherd>but this is what strong-naming is for
16:01:07  <virmitio>if it's versionable but non-final for that version, you can still push a nuget package with a version semantic identifying it as a pre-release/development package
16:01:26  <virmitio>yeah, nuget doesn't use strong naming really
16:01:36  <madewokherd>oh
16:01:49  <virmitio>currently it's using semver version 1
16:02:13  <auroraeosrose>strong naming is a LIE
16:02:45  <madewokherd>well how am I supposed to publish anything without stepping on someone's toes if I don't have strong-naming?
16:02:58  <madewokherd>except things I author myself I guess
16:04:02  <FearTheCowboy>lets bring this up in the meeting.
16:04:27  <madewokherd>unless coapp is going to fix it, let's not
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16:37:53  <virmitio>Weekly Conf Call 10:30 PDT (55 mins from now) Connect w/Lync Attendee http://j.mp/KP0Zht to http://j.mp/MsWUKA Join Anytime
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16:45:38  <ender1>i won't be joining tonight - i've got a bad cold and keep sneezing
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17:25:44  <FearTheCowboy>auroraeosrose ... gonna join? We'll try to keep it brief this week
17:25:50  <auroraeosrose>coming
17:26:02  * virmitiodoesn't believe that claim...
17:26:04  <auroraeosrose>my MIL dropped by
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18:28:37  <madewokherd>I guess if that doesn't get solved it means we can't package any libraries statically that have dependencies that aren't self-contained (i.e. if there's a library that expects its users to pass it a zlib stream, it can't be statically linked if we can't guarantee there won't be separate zlibs in the binary)
18:38:54  <FearTheCowboy>Hmmm. It does appear possible to link a .lib file so that it doesn't contain the dependencies, and that makes it the responsibility of the thing that links *that* in to make sure that the dependencies are satisfied at link time.
18:38:59  <FearTheCowboy>Interesting.
18:39:36  <FearTheCowboy>that means that it's actually possible to ship an openssl.lib file that still has link-time dependencies that aren't in the lib file.
18:40:35  <auroraeosrose>wow that's
18:40:36  <auroraeosrose>nuts
18:40:39  <auroraeosrose>but kind of cool
18:41:00  <FearTheCowboy>that's really good. I think that we can use that.
18:44:27  <madewokherd>that's how I originally thought it worked
18:45:22  <FearTheCowboy>Yeah, but when you build a lib file, the LIB tool doesn't have a way of saying "Get XYZ() from OTHER.LIB
18:45:37  <FearTheCowboy>but I just figured out how to arrange that.
18:45:57  <madewokherd>well, sure, but if you don't specify that you get maximum flexibility
18:46:52  <FearTheCowboy>at the expense of the possibility that the consumer might not know how to solve the issue correctly...
18:46:58  * FearTheCowboyis experimentin'
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21:37:58  <FearTheCowboy>*whew*... Good news--we've pretty much worked out how to allow intermediate packages to delegate linking decision to the consumer.
21:38:30  <FearTheCowboy>Should allow you to make a libpng package that *needs* zlib, but lets the end dev choose dynamic or static.
21:39:13  <FearTheCowboy>the CallingConvention (on X86) can be forced for a dependent package by the intermediate tho'
21:39:48  <FearTheCowboy>I'd highly recommend that package devleopers stick with cdecl, as that will leaves everyone with the most flexibility
21:46:36  * virmitiopart
21:47:30  <auroraeosrose>most people aren't silly enough to use stdcall
21:47:34  <auroraeosrose>very very small set that do that
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21:47:56  <FearTheCowboy>Yeah, I agree. And that'll help a lot.
21:58:02  * madewokherdjust tried calling MessageBoxA on windows rt as cdecl and stdcall to see if one of them crashes
21:59:51  <madewokherd>only use case I can think of for stdcall is vb6, and somehow I'm hoping vb6 and coapp never have any reason to interact
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