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12:17:12  <drdanz>Hi, I'm new to coapp... I'm trying to understand how does it works and how to build a package following the instructions on the wiki, but I'm stuck at "pkt.exe build" that gives me "Error:No valid build configurations selected." Am I missing something?
12:25:00  <drdanz>Oh, I was missing "release" :)
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12:45:51  <mloskot>drdanz: I doubt wiki is the latest documentation, better check coapp.org
13:07:10  <drdanz>mloskot: oh, ok thanks!
13:09:31  <mloskot>drdanz: but don't expect a getting started tutorial, that's still a big showstopper, IMHO
13:11:49  <drdanz>mloskot: no problem, I'll learn by examples ;)
13:50:33  * [[zzz]]changed nick to [[zz]]
14:45:47  <drdanz>Now I get a "Sequence contains no element", after the package is built and "Targets Verified." Any idea of what I might be still missing?
15:02:10  <mloskot>drdanz: I don't, but perhaps this is related "Sequence contains no element"
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16:04:54  <drdanz>Ok, I managed to build the package with pkt, but I don't see any .msi file around... I tried autopackage but doesn't seem to do anything.
16:05:45  <virmitio>are you trying to build a package from our package repo?
16:07:59  <virmitio>that question is not meant to be taken as "it only works from our packages", but is just to give me a starting point for helping you
16:08:27  * virmitiois not doing well with interpersonal communications today
16:08:47  <drdanz>virmitio: I tried with a random package from your repo, i.e. pango
16:09:15  <drdanz>just to understand how does it work...
16:09:21  <virmitio>fair
16:09:42  <virmitio>when you ran ptk, what was the command line you used?
16:10:10  <drdanz>.../pkt.exe build release
16:11:07  <virmitio>reasonable. have you had a look at the COPGK\.buildinfo file?
16:13:21  <drdanz>virmitio: just a quick look
16:14:14  <drdanz>oh... should I use the package target?
16:14:52  <virmitio>yep, that's the standard target for actually generating the .msi files
16:15:21  <virmitio>you can run it with the "--build=true" switch to skip rebuilding everything else, if you'd like
16:15:30  <virmitio>wait
16:15:36  <virmitio>"built=true"
16:16:24  <drdanz>virmitio: ok, cool thanks a lot...
16:17:24  <virmitio>not a problem. feel free to ask other questions as they come up
16:17:43  <drdanz>It still fails, but I have to run to catch a bus... I'll try again tomorrow! Thanks again!
16:18:11  <drdanz>bye!
16:18:15  <virmitio>seeya
16:18:35  * drdanzquit (Remote host closed the connection)
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16:47:30  <mloskot>The mailing list seems inactive, doesn't it?
16:48:13  <virmitio>well I'm receiving the emails, I just need to find time to actually act in response to them
16:50:48  <mloskot>got it, no rush
16:50:50  <mloskot>just wondered
16:51:09  <virmitio>understandable
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