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02:04:05  <madewokherd>"Hmm... Your mojo decreased by -0.01 points last week."
02:04:11  <madewokherd>so it increased?
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14:51:10  <XTF>Hi. I've got an app that depends on zlib. Can I use coapp to satisfy this dependency? Where do I find a how-to for this process?
15:07:15  <vpovirk>we don't have a how-to; if you're not using coapp to install your app, what you basically need to do is install the appropriate zlib-dev package, add the appropriate include + library paths to your project, add a reference to coapp's zlib dll via sxs, and make sure in your installer to install the appropriate zlib package
15:07:39  <vpovirk>in theory, we have a VS plugin that automates the build stuff, but I don't know if there's an easy way to get that
15:09:06  <XTF>I'd like to link statically. There is a zlibstat but I'm getting linker errors. Can't find static variants of bz2 and png either.
15:09:12  <XTF>Did I miss something?
15:09:40  <vpovirk>ah, yeah, it's up to whoever made the package whether to include static libs; mostly they don't
15:09:55  <XTF>That's bad. :p Why isn't that standardized?
15:13:16  <vpovirk>well, you don't really need something like coapp to statically link things, or ship your own version of a library with an application; while we do want to support those use cases, they're not the main focus
15:14:11  <vpovirk>the main thing we want to support is dependencies that can be shared between applications, and updated without everyone who uses zlib having to do it themselves
15:14:25  <vpovirk>much like what you get from a linux package manager
15:15:39  <vpovirk>also, not all libraries can be built statically
15:16:33  <vpovirk>I'm not sure what you expect to happen when you link both libpng and zlib statically, since libpng uses zlib; it seems like you'll have two zlibs in your process
15:17:47  <XTF>I know the long-term goal, but until coapp usage is widespread I can't depend on it for distributing my apps. So until that time I'd like to statically link to libs to simplify deployment.
15:18:05  <XTF>Linking to both png and z statically works fine
15:22:22  <vpovirk>well, we don't currently have a general solution that doesn't involve installing coapp packages for libraries
15:22:47  <vpovirk>there's been talk of making coapp library packages available as nuget packages, which as I understand it would allow that, though it would be dll's shipped with your application, not static linking
15:29:10  <XTF>If I link statically, why would I still need coapp for app deployment?
15:30:31  <vpovirk>you wouldn't, but we're not working on making that possible for all the libraries where it could work
15:31:38  <XTF>Why not? For libs that can be build statically it would seem easy and be quite useful.
15:32:50  <vpovirk>I guess because it doesn't happen to be a priority for anyone
15:33:20  <vpovirk>everyone (except the msft people who are quite busy) working on coapp is in it for different reasons
15:34:42  <XTF>Shame, as I think a lot of devs could use that feature now (or yesterday).
15:38:38  <vpovirk>well, maybe you should work on it; if you can get the libs to build, it's trivial to add them to the package, so you wouldn't have to worry about the packaging end of it
15:38:56  <vpovirk>personally, I don't know the first thing about building static libs on windows in vs, so it wouldn't be easy for me
15:38:58  <XTF>Maybe I should
15:42:36  <vpovirk>not sure how much use I'd be debugging the linking errors with zlibstat, but maybe you could pastebin them?
15:45:53  <XTF>1>xcc_z.obj : error LNK2001: unresolved external symbol _inflateInit2_
15:46:20  <XTF>Stuff like this. I think it's due to the weird WINAPI tricks libz does.
15:48:07  <vpovirk>hmm, maybe I should check what libs are available; as I recall there are cdecl and winapi versions, and I thought there was a static lib for each as well
15:49:07  <vpovirk>and I think there's a define to use to get the winapi version, but really that should only be needed from something like vb6
15:50:18  <vpovirk>(which means we have more versions of zlib than we'll probably ever need)
15:50:51  <vpovirk>is there a zlib1stat ?
15:54:24  <vpovirk>no, it's zlib, zlib1, zlibstat, and zlibwapi apparently
15:54:48  <vpovirk>I have a feeling zlibstat is the winapi version, and either zlib or zlib1 is the static one :/
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15:58:27  <vpovirk>I think zlib.lib is actually the static cdecl version, zlib1.lib is the dynamic cdecl version, and zlibstat is static winapi; someone pass that along if he comes back
15:59:06  <vpovirk>some naming standard for static vs. dynamic libs, or even a separate directory, would probably be a good idea
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