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15:45:42  <FearTheCowboy>CoApp has reached this week it's first Release: http://coapp.org/news/2012-07-19-Released-at-last.html
15:50:48  <FearTheCowboy><crickets>
15:51:03  <virmitio>it's been like that for a while
15:51:34  <auroraeosrose>crickets chirping yes
15:51:41  * auroraeosrosepokes virmitio
15:51:52  <auroraeosrose>how's the package list hanging
15:52:00  <virmitio>ooh hoo hoo hoo, that tickles
15:52:14  <auroraeosrose>and I really really want sxsplus
15:52:17  <virmitio>I'm cursing mysql at the moment
15:52:22  <auroraeosrose>yeah, well - who doesn't
15:52:42  <virmitio>it wouldn't be so bad if it just built the way it says it does
15:52:48  <auroraeosrose>yeah....
15:53:24  <virmitio>I can get a core-only build of mysql without an issue, but that cuts out half the features that are in the standard community build
15:55:19  <vpovirk>oh hey, so, msi stuff
15:55:43  <vpovirk>I'm curious if anyone actually wanted to build an msi on windows independently of coapp
15:55:47  <auroraeosrose>virmitio: what's not building?
15:55:47  <vpovirk>er
15:55:50  <vpovirk>on linux
15:56:04  <auroraeosrose>vpovirk: is it easier if we say "no"
15:56:14  <vpovirk>?
15:56:18  <FearTheCowboy>vpovirk: -> Yes.
15:56:25  <auroraeosrose>LOL
15:56:29  <FearTheCowboy>but, one step at a time... :)
15:56:35  <vpovirk>right
15:56:51  <virmitio>auroraeosrose: well, the present issue is that some of the source files apparently call for a 'mysqld.lib', and cmake isn't building one
15:57:08  <FearTheCowboy>But, with the work that I'll be doing with the windows core (and others) in the near future, we may only need a really limited subset of MSI
15:57:19  <vpovirk>I'm not sure it matters
15:57:54  <FearTheCowboy>to the point that the only really tricky bit is digitally signing on a non-windows platform. (which I've found the code, I just gotta figure out what permission I need to publish *that*)
15:58:16  <vpovirk>since I wouldn't be coding support for individual msi "features" anyway, just for the database format
15:58:27  <FearTheCowboy>that too...
15:58:52  <auroraeosrose>mysqld.lib?
15:59:32  <virmitio>yep
15:59:48  <virmitio>which as far as I can tell shouldn't exist in the first place
16:00:03  <virmitio>thus why it's my current problem
16:01:02  <virmitio>need to find the cmake section that generates whatever is asking for mysqld.lib and see if that's what needs fixing or if it's some other section of cmake that's causing the issue
16:02:39  <auroraeosrose>The main reason it doesn't do this is that MySQL 5.0 doesn't include the embedded server version of the library. It was in 4.1, they took it out in 5.0, then put it back in in 5.1 due to user demand. As long as we want to support 5.0 out of the box, we can't go depending on the embedded server. We can't make it optional, either, at least on Windows where you are. The VS2008 C++ build system doesn't have the flexibility to detect pla
16:02:44  <auroraeosrose>something here to do with it?
16:02:59  <auroraeosrose>http://comments.gmane.org/gmane.comp.db.mysql.c%2B%2B/7493
16:03:16  <auroraeosrose>mysqld.lib links to mysqld right?
16:04:57  <auroraeosrose>http://forge.mysql.com/worklog/task.php?id=3653
16:04:59  <auroraeosrose>ewwww
16:06:42  <auroraeosrose>http://forge.mysql.com/worklog/task.php?id=3653 - ah ah here virmitio!!!
16:06:48  <auroraeosrose>click on "low level design"
16:07:02  <auroraeosrose>1. Create a pre-link step that will run a script file after compilation of the
16:07:02  <auroraeosrose>server files but before the link step.
16:07:02  <auroraeosrose>2. This script is a jscript file that runs the dumpbin utility on all server
16:07:02  <auroraeosrose>object files and some of the libs that get linked in statically. The script
16:07:02  <auroraeosrose>needs to tell data from function and export data as "symbol_name DATA"
16:07:03  <auroraeosrose>3. Step 2 above produces a module definition file that is used as input to the
16:07:03  <auroraeosrose>link phase for mysqld.
16:07:03  <auroraeosrose>4. The linker will now produce an import library for the server. This import
16:07:04  <auroraeosrose>library is then used as input for all pluggable storage engines.
16:07:10  <auroraeosrose>that is how it's supposed to make mysqld.lib
16:07:49  <auroraeosrose>virmitio: does that help at all?
16:07:56  <auroraeosrose>should tell you where to look and what is going "wrong"
16:08:02  <auroraeosrose>in their cmake stuff yes?
16:08:31  <virmitio>stand by while I read
16:32:26  <virmitio>that's actually not terribly helpful for the current situation
16:32:33  <virmitio>at least not directly applicable
16:33:10  <virmitio>currently looking for a couple switches in the cmake config that maybe I missed flipping after adding the various community edition componenets
16:59:15  <auroraeosrose>that bug says those switches might not be there yet
16:59:34  <auroraeosrose>so you may have to manually make a defs file to get the mysqld.lib generated
17:00:04  <virmitio>I'm seeing the def file get made, the issue seems to be that it's not generating anything with it
17:00:13  <virmitio>I think?
17:00:56  <virmitio>I'm also finding that there's a large number of cmake defines that aren't listed, cached, or even generated until some other define has already been set
17:01:16  <auroraeosrose>the defs file got made
17:01:29  <auroraeosrose>was the argument passed to the linker to generate the lib then?
17:01:40  <auroraeosrose>if you have a defs file doing a lib is mucho simple
17:01:59  <virmitio>if I were doing it by hand, I'd agree with you
17:02:34  <virmitio>I'm trying to affect it via the pre-config cmake files, though, which puts me at adjusting the generator for the generator of build commands
17:03:19  <auroraeosrose>yeah, well if worse comes to worse just drop in a link somewhere to do the link /def file ;)
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17:03:23  <auroraeosrose>errr- command
17:03:49  <virmitio>I'm starting to seriously debate that option
17:29:19  <virmitio>I'm not sure I'm really a fan of how they did "convenience libraries" in this build setup
17:48:38  <virmitio>making progress, it's dying in different places now
17:48:59  <auroraeosrose>hah
17:49:40  <virmitio>hey, by the cmake percentage listed during the build, I'm 30% further along in the build
18:00:21  <virmitio>and according to folks on #mysql-dev, I seem to be the first person to try building mysql on windows who also wants to use the "system" zlib and openssl library instead of the bundled one
18:03:49  <auroraeosrose>yeah
18:03:51  <auroraeosrose>exactly
18:03:59  <auroraeosrose>everyone on windows bundles everything
18:07:44  <virmitio>kinda how I feel sometimes: http://bit.ly/LAphM5
18:13:38  <virmitio>got x86 building from a cold start, all tests pass
18:13:46  <virmitio>x64 is in progress
18:14:14  <virmitio>next stop: autopkg files!
18:16:14  <auroraeosrose>woot
18:22:04  * virmitiois predicting doom
18:23:15  <virmitio>ok, silly question time
18:23:25  <virmitio>does libmysqld depend on libmysql?
18:24:34  <auroraeosrose>not that I know of
18:24:38  <auroraeosrose>libmysql is the client library
18:24:42  <virmitio>k
18:24:50  <auroraeosrose>libmysqld is the actual mysql server
18:24:55  <virmitio>trying to work out what bits go in which packages
18:26:25  <virmitio>my understanding was that libmysqld was an embedded/embeddable mysql that could be used by an application without needing a separate installation of mysql
18:26:39  <auroraeosrose>perhaps
18:26:40  <auroraeosrose>dunno
18:26:57  <auroraeosrose>either way - libmysql is purely the C client library for talking to embedded/server mysql
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18:30:41  <virmitio>works
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20:48:52  <ender|>http://www.networkworld.com/community/blog/microsoft-code-contains-phrase-big-boobs-yes-really
21:11:40  <virmitio>well, that's likely to end badly for somebody
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22:49:46  <virmitio>anybody want to play guinea pig for trying to use a mysql package in ~ 25-30 minutes?
22:56:11  <virmitio>don't all volunteer at once
22:56:46  <ender`>i'd volunteer, but i'm going to bed in ~15 minutes (it's 0:55 here)
22:56:55  <virmitio>bah, sleep
22:57:01  <virmitio>a likely excuse
22:57:11  <ender|>if i didn't have work tomorrow...
22:57:16  <ender|>http://eternallybored.org/imgs/cats/P1040623.jpg
22:57:39  <virmitio>I've felt like that before
22:58:43  <auroraeosrose>pat will be back tomorrow
22:58:57  <auroraeosrose>he can be guinea pig again on monday - he has my "I break stuff" skill
22:59:17  <virmitio>good to know
22:59:31  <virmitio>but can he figure out /why/ it broke?
22:59:35  <auroraeosrose>so you can turn him into "install this and break it" test boy
22:59:38  <auroraeosrose>probably
22:59:41  <auroraeosrose>he learns fast ;0
22:59:49  <virmitio>I can work with this
23:01:08  <auroraeosrose>did you see the bat I caught today?
23:01:16  <auroraeosrose>why it was hanging in my kitchen no one knows
23:01:19  <auroraeosrose>don't know HOW it got in
23:01:30  <auroraeosrose>but Ed was like "mom, there's a bat hanging in the kitchen"
23:02:05  <virmitio>because that's always what you want to hear
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23:09:03  <virmitio>gonna go take a walk while this compiles
23:17:24  <virmitio>still building on the official box
23:17:40  <virmitio>going to go home and tell it to upload in a bit
23:17:46  <virmitio>seeya tomorrow folks
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