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14:06:02  <madewokherd>"small size: the actual conversion methods are located in dynamically loaded shared modules, representing either a character encoding scheme (CES), or a coded character set (CCS);"
14:06:07  <madewokherd>probably not good
14:06:14  <madewokherd>(apr-iconv)
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14:11:16  <madewokherd>[09:05:12] <madewokherd> "small size: the actual conversion methods are located in dynamically loaded shared modules, representing either a character encoding scheme (CES), or a coded character set (CCS);"
14:11:16  <madewokherd>[09:05:16] <madewokherd> probably not good
14:11:16  <madewokherd>[09:05:23] <madewokherd> (apr-iconv)
14:13:02  <virmitio>so we're looking at additional dependency libraries? or is it expecting files in specific locations?
14:13:50  <madewokherd>don't know yet
14:14:02  <madewokherd>that's just from the readme
14:14:06  <virmitio>joy
14:14:14  <madewokherd>actually, I'm having trouble with the apr-dev packages
14:14:35  <virmitio>why is that?
14:14:39  <madewokherd>I can install apr-dev[vc10]-x64 but coapp can't seem to find apr-dev[vc10]-x86
14:16:46  * madewokherdtries downloading through the web interface
14:17:04  <virmitio>odd, it's in the feed and works fine for me at the moment.
14:17:15  <auroraeosrose>virmitio: um - do we have the library loading stuff yet?
14:17:28  <auroraeosrose>cause... all this is going ot fall on it's face if I can't load extensions properly
14:18:00  <virmitio>no, and I've been told that it won't be available for a while yet. but we have a temporary solution in mind for that
14:18:26  <virmitio>it's just going to be a strange and mildly unfortunate solution
14:19:59  * madewokherdrestarts the service to break the apr-dev installer out of a hang
14:20:03  <virmitio>build everything, package up all of the extensions into a single assembly, manifest the php package to look for the extensions assembly, push the pair of packages
14:20:48  <auroraeosrose>oh ick
14:21:01  <auroraeosrose>virmitio: I can build them all as static extensions too
14:21:07  <auroraeosrose>that's just... less then happiness
14:21:25  <auroraeosrose>and will work better then that ickiness ;)
14:21:34  <auroraeosrose>it just kills all pecl extensions, etc
14:21:58  <virmitio>I'd rather go the ugly route for now, as we can rewrite the manifests later if we need to and we can have an update later that works properly
14:22:47  <auroraeosrose>how can we package all the extensions into a single assembly though? they're all seperate packages
14:22:51  <auroraeosrose>well they're supposed to be
14:22:59  <virmitio>although I admit that this plan falls into my categorization of "bad ideas"
14:23:15  <auroraeosrose>uh, yeah
14:23:19  <auroraeosrose>will not work.....
14:23:24  <auroraeosrose>seriously
14:24:04  <auroraeosrose>we can do a monolithic PHP package ;)
14:24:10  <auroraeosrose>STATIC ALL THE THINGS
14:25:01  <virmitio>well, a less packager-friendly approach would be to go ahead and package each extension separately, then give php a manifest to each of those extension packages
14:27:32  <virmitio>I'd still rather keep the php base package dynamically linked if possible, that way it's a trivial matter to push an update that loads extensions the way we want
14:28:11  <madewokherd>anyone know how to read an envvar in a .mak file?
14:28:22  <madewokherd>I need to point it to $(ProgramData)
14:28:27  <virmitio>$(myvar)
14:28:34  <virmitio>wait
14:28:44  <virmitio>$(PROGRAMDATA)
14:28:52  <virmitio>it all-caps all env variables
14:29:40  <madewokherd>ah, that worked, thanks
14:30:20  <madewokherd>I think it built a static library :/
14:34:04  <virmitio>madewokherd: could you push up what you've got and I'll have a look?
14:34:50  <madewokherd>all I have is a patch to some .mak and .dep files
14:35:00  <madewokherd>apparently there's a separate makefile for the dynamic library
14:35:07  <virmitio>lol
14:35:19  <virmitio>that seems kinda silly, but ok
14:35:44  <madewokherd>and I'd have to delete the existing apr-iconv because I started over with an import of the win32 source
14:37:04  <virmitio>that's fine
14:37:28  <madewokherd>sure you don't want me to just finish this?
14:38:10  <virmitio>go ahead and finish, I was more meaning that it's fine to kill and remake the repo
14:38:36  <virmitio>sorry, distracted
14:41:24  <madewokherd>I don't see an option to do that
14:41:46  <madewokherd>it should be under Admin for the repo, but I don't have an Admin button for that repo
14:42:06  <virmitio>stand by
14:43:35  <virmitio>that's just not cool
14:43:46  <virmitio>I can't load any github page
14:43:52  <virmitio>from any browser
14:46:42  <virmitio>ok, back now. killing apr-iconv
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14:48:44  <madewokherd>pushed
14:49:58  <virmitio>sweet
14:59:54  <madewokherd>I might just use this as my new .buildinfo boilerplate when it's done
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15:11:12  <madewokherd>virmitio: you want to be able to do things like "ptk --comp=vc9,vc10 --plat=x86 release", right?
15:14:01  <madewokherd>do you have a list of comp values?
15:15:03  <virmitio>ideally, yes
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15:15:58  <virmitio>available options on the current build server is: vc10, vc9, vc8, vc7.1, vc6, mingw
15:16:10  <madewokherd>I'll skip mingw for now
15:16:16  <virmitio>fine by me
15:16:31  <madewokherd>and I can't test anything but vc10
15:16:43  <madewokherd>but in theory all should work the same
15:16:44  <virmitio>no worries
15:17:01  <madewokherd>oh I guess you'd need an apr-dev[vc9] and such
15:17:23  <virmitio>yep
15:18:02  <madewokherd>well, I'll just put them in anyway so I can user this as a template
15:18:16  <virmitio>they're coming, but not likely to hit top of my list for at least another month or two
15:21:41  <madewokherd>oh I can't have a . in a target name
15:21:44  <madewokherd>dammit
15:21:56  <virmitio>?
15:22:06  <madewokherd>I was going to make a target for each compiler
15:22:18  <madewokherd>and do uses: { COMP => "$each" }
15:22:50  <virmitio>ah
15:23:49  <madewokherd>so we still can't do this without recursing
15:24:40  * madewokherdcheats and makes it vc71
15:35:12  <auroraeosrose>virmitio: sob - yeah it should be php-common (core dll) php-cli php-cgi then php-ext-mysql php-ext-blah
15:35:51  <virmitio>ok
15:36:02  <virmitio>we'll make that happen
15:36:05  <virmitio>somehow
15:36:27  * auroraeosrosemumbles at garrett
15:37:09  <virmitio>he's on vacation today, so I doubt he'll know about the grumbling unless you grumble at him again on Monday
15:37:23  <virmitio>which I would encourage
15:39:23  <auroraeosrose>oh I will
15:40:45  <virmitio>icu has 32 vc project files that I need to take note of for the build, and every one of them has a different output location for the x64 build (but they all go to a select few locations for the x86 build)
15:41:55  <virmitio>silver lining: I'm not having to roll my own project files for it
15:42:30  <madewokherd>so if I to "ptk clean release", ptk complains of files left in the build dir
15:42:33  <madewokherd>er
15:42:42  <madewokherd>if I do "ptk verify release" it complains
15:42:56  <madewokherd>but if I do "ptk clean release" afterwards, the files are removed
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15:43:48  <virmitio>I don't recall right now the specifics of what "verify" looks for beyond "are my listed targets there?"
15:45:23  <madewokherd>it looks for untracked and ungitignored files outside of COPKG
15:45:39  <madewokherd>but it's supposed to clean first
15:45:39  <virmitio>joy
15:46:02  <virmitio>file a bug, I'll talk to garrett about it on monday
15:47:05  <madewokherd>will do, once I have the buildinfo pushed
16:57:49  <madewokherd>pushed CoApp branch to apr-iconv
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17:12:47  <madewokherd>I'm tempted to throw out the SDL fork and start over
17:13:21  <virmitio>go for it, just be sure that our fork is following the stable branch
17:15:01  <madewokherd>well, maybe not, apparently someone added vc10 build files and I don't want to lose that
17:16:54  <madewokherd>except upstream has vc10 build files
17:17:35  <virmitio>CoApp Weekly Conf Call starts in 15 minutes. Connect w/Lync Attendee http://t.co/9jkXNIZU to http://t.co/Xt87bzfj
17:17:52  <virmitio>conference call is entirely optional this weel
17:17:57  <virmitio>*week
17:18:52  <madewokherd>will you be there?
17:19:00  <virmitio>yes I will
17:19:23  <madewokherd>why?
17:19:47  <virmitio>to answer any questions anyone comes up with
17:19:56  <virmitio>or to talk about random topics
17:20:01  <virmitio>I'm not picky
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