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16:18:41  <ender`>soo... looks like
16:19:01  <ender`>...XP will be supported by VS2012 (eventually)
16:20:49  <FearTheCowboy>huh ?
16:20:50  <auroraeosrose>LOL
16:21:00  <ender`>http://blogs.msdn.com/b/vcblog/archive/2012/06/15/10320645.aspx
16:21:19  <ender`>(forgot the link)
16:21:47  <ender`>(the interesting bit is under Enhancing Multi-targeting)
16:22:19  <FearTheCowboy>About f'ing time.
16:22:50  <FearTheCowboy>that's good. It means that (eventually) VS2012 can be used for everything that it should be. Including C++11
16:24:32  <auroraeosrose>uh huh
16:24:36  <auroraeosrose>but when do we get C99?
16:24:39  * auroraeosrosewhimpers
16:26:40  <FearTheCowboy>ROFLCOPTER
16:26:58  <auroraeosrose>srsly!
16:27:14  <auroraeosrose>c++ 11 before c99
16:27:18  <auroraeosrose>what is the world coming to
16:27:20  * auroraeosrosecries
16:27:34  <FearTheCowboy>B-b-b-but nobody uses C99 on Windows!
16:27:52  * FearTheCowboyshakes his head at "Microsoft Logic"
16:28:00  <auroraeosrose>uh, yeah
16:28:07  <auroraeosrose>cause they just pick a non-stupid OS
16:30:22  <FearTheCowboy>I think in a few months, we'll have to sit down and build a multi-target-compiler-profile for Intel's C++ compiler, which supports more of the C99 featureset than VC
16:34:06  <vpovirk>so is there a way to define a list of things for ptk via the command line?
16:35:01  <FearTheCowboy>like, do do a #define, but on the command line?
16:35:35  <FearTheCowboy>you can do --foo=abc,def,ghi and it gets turned into a define (and can be used as a collection)
16:35:47  <vpovirk>excellent
16:36:07  * FearTheCowboywishes that virmitio would show up... he's supposed to be back from vacation today.
16:36:22  <vpovirk>maybe then I can convince virmitio to change how multiple compilers/platforms are done
16:36:33  <vpovirk>although sadly it requires a target for each compiler/platform combination
16:36:54  <vpovirk>or at least each compiler and each platform
16:37:13  <vpovirk>but it doesn't require a recursive ptk call
18:57:52  <vpovirk>were there a bunch of new packages built, or did @CoAppPackages just suddenly notice the existing ones?
18:58:11  <FearTheCowboy>apparently the feed 'forgot' a bunch of packages
18:58:16  <FearTheCowboy>I'm re-uploading them...
18:59:13  <FearTheCowboy>I think I broke accidentally corrupted the feed a few days back. Dunno what I did tho'
19:00:51  <FearTheCowboy>nice to see the @coapppackages twitter account works :)
19:01:09  <FearTheCowboy>although, I just noticed that I'm not actually subscribed to it :D
19:02:59  <FearTheCowboy>I wish that Azure web roles had a way of mounting an Azure-storage folder as a folder... Azure roles dont' have any smarter access to storage than anything else. Very sad.
19:04:00  <FearTheCowboy>if it did, I'd just have it run thru the files on my storage to find the current packages. Instead, I have to either upload them to my service, or have the service 'download' them from storage. either way, same thing.
19:07:05  <FearTheCowboy>---
19:07:43  <FearTheCowboy>FYI, the latest coapp cli is better at showing package information... the flavor is there now, and it correctly shows the location now.
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