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14:04:13  <FearTheCowboy>I see auroraeosrose is back from whatever convention was so damn important she had to miss friday's meeting :)
14:04:38  <auroraeosrose>I was at dpc
14:04:45  <auroraeosrose>and speaking ;)
14:04:52  <auroraeosrose>europe makes that hard to do
14:05:26  <FearTheCowboy>lol
14:06:45  <FearTheCowboy>You guys need to get some people outside the PHP community on mojo ... :D
14:07:01  <auroraeosrose>working on it
14:07:07  <auroraeosrose>any user groups in the area?
14:07:14  <auroraeosrose>right now we're handing out sets to tech user groups
14:07:48  <FearTheCowboy>"user" groups? I don't hang out "users" ... you can catch something doing that.
14:07:51  <FearTheCowboy>LOL
14:07:59  <auroraeosrose>LOL
14:08:07  <auroraeosrose>no tech meetups in the area?
14:08:09  <auroraeosrose>really?
14:08:11  <auroraeosrose>bad FearTheCowboy
14:08:38  * ssam2quit (Ping timeout: 244 seconds)
14:09:05  <FearTheCowboy>I dunno. I thinking about going to a few of those...
14:09:23  * ssam2joined
14:09:25  <auroraeosrose>you should be
14:09:34  <FearTheCowboy>I'm kinda shy.
14:09:34  <auroraeosrose>btw, I've been pimping coapp everywhere I go
14:09:37  <FearTheCowboy>:D
14:09:37  <auroraeosrose>people want it want it
14:09:40  <FearTheCowboy>Awesome !
14:09:48  <auroraeosrose>"can I install PHP with it now?"
14:09:52  <auroraeosrose>yeah, so....
14:10:01  <FearTheCowboy>Well, last week's build is getting pretty stable.
14:10:28  <FearTheCowboy>we even had a sneek peek at the Updater UI at the meeting.
14:10:36  <FearTheCowboy>Hopefully we should have that packaged this week
14:11:08  <FearTheCowboy>and I'm gonna try to have sxsplus working this week, so we should be able to do PHP w/extensions ... if we've got a build :)
14:12:03  <auroraeosrose>I need tim for like half a day or a day
14:12:29  <auroraeosrose>I think I have the configure line and all ready to go, need help with the stupid format on the files
14:14:31  <FearTheCowboy>He is pretty much at your disposal when you have the time.
14:14:55  * wwahammyjoined
14:15:35  <auroraeosrose>ok, I will try to grab him today or tomorrow
14:15:38  <wwahammy>Hey, look at http://mjg59.dreamwidth.org/12368.html
14:15:39  <auroraeosrose>I want want a php build
14:15:42  <wwahammy>https://sysdev.microsoft.com/en-US/Hardware/signup/
14:15:43  <auroraeosrose>I know the gtk build is close
14:15:48  <auroraeosrose>which means I can do a php-gtk release ;)
14:16:04  <wwahammy>those are code signing certs with ONE-TIME payments
14:16:37  <FearTheCowboy>huh?
14:16:59  <vpovirk>who uses php-gtk ?
14:17:06  <wwahammy>Redhat is saying the code signing certs for UEFI that Verisign is selling are one off payments
14:17:22  <wwahammy>Microsoft says they're regular code signing certs
14:17:28  * auroraeosroseglares at vpovirk
14:17:46  <vpovirk>I was just wondering
14:17:49  <auroraeosrose>you know it's faster then pygtk - which surprised the hell out of me
14:18:14  <auroraeosrose>actually quite a few people do - it's pretty popular with the poor saps on windows actually ;)
14:18:37  <vpovirk>more popular on windows than linux?
14:18:45  <FearTheCowboy>wwahammy -> I don't think those are perpetual certs. I think that's the continuation of the $99 code signing cert deal that MS has had with verisign for years.
14:19:02  <auroraeosrose>vpovirk: yes, actually
14:19:20  <auroraeosrose>because we provide unzip and run binaries for it on win ;)
14:19:21  <wwahammy>http://www.redhat.com/about/news/archive/2012/6/uefi-secure-boot
14:19:29  <wwahammy>"Such creative individuals can also participate by simply enrolling in the $99 one time fee to license UEFI. For users performing local customization, they will have the ability to self-register their own trusted keys on their own systems at no cost."
14:19:34  <auroraeosrose>and now we'll do coapp builds for it - weeee
14:20:02  <vpovirk>well, I guess I don't know what other gui toolkits php has..
14:20:10  <wwahammy>the words "one off" and "one time" have been used repeatedly
14:21:19  * auroraeosrosekicks wwahammy
14:21:25  <wwahammy>what?
14:21:31  <auroraeosrose>just for fun ;)
14:21:43  <FearTheCowboy>wwahammy -> Yeah, but... not on Verisign's site. I think there is some confusion here.
14:21:46  <auroraeosrose>vpovirk: actually they didn't have a lot, I'm working on 3 now
14:21:47  <wwahammy>well we're going to find out how long this lasts in a second
14:22:18  <FearTheCowboy>the ms site is the winqual site; the winqual deal has always been a $99 cert
14:22:52  <FearTheCowboy>"$99 to licensen UEFI" doesn't sound like the cert cost
14:24:36  <FearTheCowboy>The redhat pages are terribly confusing here.
14:24:49  <wwahammy>they seem to be
14:30:04  <vpovirk>why do people I don't know keep following me on mojo?
14:30:45  <FearTheCowboy>Perhaps they are trying to expand their networks. I just followed a bunch of people I didn't know....
14:31:00  * virmitiojoined
14:33:33  <vpovirk>but.. you're not really "expanding your network" if you just end up with links to people you still don't know on some website
14:35:19  <FearTheCowboy>lol
14:35:24  <FearTheCowboy>true enough
14:35:26  <wwahammy>interesting... Verisign says renewals of the certificates don't go through them
14:35:37  <wwahammy>MS handles it
14:35:49  <FearTheCowboy>where?
14:36:25  <wwahammy>Talked to a customer representative
14:36:29  <wwahammy>via chat
14:37:14  <FearTheCowboy>Hmm. Verisign customer agents aren't known for their accuracy or cluefullness
14:38:58  <wwahammy>well let's just say the whole thing is wildly confusing righ tnow
14:41:50  <virmitio>yeah, I've been through that set of conversations
14:42:30  <virmitio>they're handling all of their cert renewals through the cert services of MS Win Server
14:42:36  <virmitio>no idea what version
14:43:19  <virmitio>so their support folks have it in their notes that the certs are handled by MS [software]
14:51:00  <FearTheCowboy>on a slightly tangential note; anyone have an idea how to generate a 'message' that can be certified that the message was generated from a peice of software that was digitally signed?
14:51:42  <FearTheCowboy>I can't think of a way that you could have a crytopgrahic proof-of-posession that's only possible with the signed version of the software
14:52:36  <virmitio>not that I can think of, unless the software in question also has its own signing key
14:52:50  <vpovirk>but if you have a copy of the software then you have the key
14:52:58  <FearTheCowboy>except then the only thing protecting that signing key is at best a layer of obfuscation...
14:53:15  <FearTheCowboy>extract the key, and you can generate messages all you want.
14:53:36  <wwahammy>what's this for?
14:54:16  <vpovirk>I think the only way is to keep the software (and the key) on a server you control..
14:54:55  <FearTheCowboy>I was thinking about using Azure's service bus for reporting debug information (since you can essentially just 'create' messages and insert them into a queue), but that would mean embedding the coapp servicebus credentials into the app itself (which would be trivial to pull out and flood the queue with crap)
14:56:01  <virmitio>are we talking about live messages (both ends are alive at once) or queued messages (where sender may not be up when recipient gets the message)?
14:56:29  <FearTheCowboy>well the queue is provided by Azure, the subscribers are not required to be live at that time.
14:56:40  <virmitio>hmm
14:57:04  <wwahammy>they could send the entire binary?
14:57:06  <FearTheCowboy>it's actually a nice messaging system, but ... feels like it's only good for a sealed eco-system.
14:57:17  <wwahammy>but then they could just send a good binary
14:57:53  <FearTheCowboy>hmmm.
14:57:57  <FearTheCowboy>virmitio, wwahammy https://join.microsoft.com/meet/garretts/7DH3W0N1
14:57:59  <virmitio>generate random key pair for a period, post the public key to a known secure location, sign messages. messages are good until the keys expire
15:29:05  * ssam2quit (Quit: Leaving)
15:46:02  <ender|>https://community.rapid7.com/community/metasploit/blog/2012/06/11/cve-2012-2122-a-tragically-comedic-security-flaw-in-mysql
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17:45:12  <ender`>metro in all it's glory: http://eternallybored.org/tdwtf/metro4.png
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19:40:35  <vpovirk>ok conemu goes on the list of doom
19:40:44  <auroraeosrose>LOL
19:40:48  <auroraeosrose>yes, yes it does
19:40:50  <auroraeosrose>we LIKE IT
19:40:52  <vpovirk>in the hope that I can get proper colors out of lolcat
19:40:55  <auroraeosrose>well... except the far support
19:40:57  <auroraeosrose>WTF
19:40:57  <vpovirk>and other things
19:40:58  <auroraeosrose>ahem
19:41:59  <vpovirk>even if I have to hack both conemu and a curses library to do it
19:42:55  <auroraeosrose>pdcurses ftw!
19:43:09  <FearTheCowboy>Quite amazing...
19:45:25  <vpovirk>maybe I'll only have to hack a curses library
19:49:00  <auroraeosrose>vpovirk: what do you need in curses?
19:49:25  <auroraeosrose>http://pdcurses.sourceforge.net/ - this one works fab on windows ;) one of the few... otherwise yeah you'll need some hackery
19:49:34  <vpovirk>16 colors
19:52:02  <vpovirk>ideally I'd want text-mode programs to just work with the additional colors when launched from a terminal that can handle them
19:52:51  <auroraeosrose>hmmm - no clue - this is the curses.h you get with pdcurses http://pdcurses.cvs.sourceforge.net/viewvc/pdcurses/PDCurses/curses.h?view=markup
19:53:52  <vpovirk>I've never actually used curses
19:54:00  <vpovirk>so I don't know what's needed from an api perspective
19:58:49  <auroraeosrose>hahaha
19:59:17  <vpovirk>what?
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