00:01:29  <madewokherd>so I guess what I'm supposed to do when importing a python module is look for assemblies with a specific filename in them, and somehow make sure the context has whatever assemblies are appropriate
00:02:16  <FearTheCowboy>*sortof*; I have to run right now, but I can fill you in on that later next week.
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00:02:57  <mloskot>madewokherd: may I ask what is it about Python in CoApp?
00:03:21  <madewokherd>we need a way to locate python modules (which are not dll's) through sxs
00:03:53  <madewokherd>or perl or various other things
00:04:34  <mloskot>Interesting. Is .pyd is meant as DLL?
00:04:47  <madewokherd>yes
00:05:11  <madewokherd>though being a dll doesn't really help, since python is looking for the file and not just using loadlibrary
00:05:22  <mloskot>yes
00:05:53  <madewokherd>there's also the fact that the exe isn't necessarily the program we're running (it's usually going to be python.exe), so we need a way to add assembly references to our python programs
00:06:30  <madewokherd>and I guess our python modules
00:06:57  <mloskot>is that to support multiple python versions hosted aside, through sxs?
00:07:14  <madewokherd>yes
00:07:31  <mloskot>Sounds complex, but if achieve it would be so cool
00:08:00  <madewokherd>come to think of it, we'll need a way to find the right exe, too
00:08:37  <madewokherd>so it seems like the hardest part is actually starting the process
00:09:04  <mloskot>what's the trigger here?
00:09:09  <mloskot>shortcut, command?
00:09:30  <madewokherd>well, either one is a valid way to want to start a python program I guess
00:10:45  <madewokherd>we'll need some really crazy .bat file
00:11:39  <mloskot>python.exe my.py is easy, versus simply .\my.py with automagically recognising .py should run through (one of available) python.exe
00:11:41  <madewokherd>there's also running python.exe to get the interactive interpreter, which should theoretically be able to import any modules you've installed
00:12:12  <madewokherd>well, then we'd need to make sure the python.exe in the path is a stub program that knows how to do all the things, and I don't think it's good to rely on that
00:13:15  <mloskot>I don't think either
00:14:19  <mloskot>unfortunately, there is no such thing as mandatory preamble in python scripts where min required version is declared
00:16:29  <madewokherd>it's not just the version
00:16:36  <madewokherd>we want the right publisher, too
00:17:04  <madewokherd>unless you explicitly make all your dependencies generic, which isn't a thing we can do yet
00:18:01  <mloskot>Right
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