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12:56:00  <madewokherd>is the world rebuilt yet?
13:05:12  <madewokherd>guess not
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14:44:42  <FearTheCowboy>Mornin;
14:45:23  <FearTheCowboy>No, I haven't got there. Took an opportunity to fix a couple other things--one of which was to pave the way for new package handlers in the future.
14:46:21  <FearTheCowboy>Then, last night, I got on a code-cleanup binge. reorganized the code, fixed about a brazillan minor issues
14:49:26  <madewokherd>and now I'm blocked because the devtools I have is broken :(
14:52:16  <madewokherd>"Failed to find package 'libiconv[vc10]-'" BUT IT'S RIGHT THERE
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16:35:14  <makeworkeasy>virmitio: the assembly in the autopackage boilerplate is missing {}'s in the name
16:38:48  <virmitio>makeworkeasy: I'm looking at the boilerplate on the website and not seeing any issues with it. can you clarify?
16:39:51  <makeworkeasy>never mind, must have been my error
16:39:59  <virmitio>no problem
16:40:44  <makeworkeasy>is there an easy way to test things in another language?
16:41:08  <virmitio>what things are you wanting to test?
16:41:08  <ender`>you know, i've been thinking yesterday: what happens if you try to install CoApp on XP that uses FAT32 on the system drive? :)
16:41:16  <auroraeosrose>....
16:41:21  <FearTheCowboy>Ender: NOPE
16:41:21  <auroraeosrose>then you can jump off a bridge ;)
16:41:35  <virmitio>ender`: Then we laugh at you
16:41:40  <FearTheCowboy>Stop trying to make the system angry. :p
16:41:46  <auroraeosrose>and stupid
16:41:49  <ender`>FearTheCowboy: does it say NOPE, or does it just crash? :)
16:41:52  <makeworkeasy>mostly I just want to see that the translations don't work
16:42:13  <FearTheCowboy>I'm pretty sure that it will crash or die somehow.
16:42:24  <auroraeosrose>LOL
16:42:29  <auroraeosrose>it should detect that and go "NOPE"
16:43:27  <ender`>i'm only asking because i had the pleasure of using such a machine a few days ago
16:43:49  <auroraeosrose>...you poor thing
16:44:08  <ender`>(Acer used fat32 on their XP factory images for some reason)
16:44:54  <FearTheCowboy>that's just bad.
16:45:00  <FearTheCowboy>Everyone Welcome to the Weekly CoApp Conference Call-use the free Lync client http://j.mp/Iaim61 and join here: http://j.mp/qdy0i6
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18:43:59  <ender`>http://youtu.be/x4BsorfxUXs
18:48:01  <makeworkeasy>should we be updating openssl frequently?
18:48:28  <virmitio>do they issue new releases frequently?
18:48:47  <auroraeosrose>yes
18:48:49  <auroraeosrose>yes
18:48:50  <auroraeosrose>yes
18:48:52  <makeworkeasy>well, we updated it to 1.0.0f in january
18:49:03  <makeworkeasy>and now they're on 1.0.1b
18:49:08  <auroraeosrose>there was a very recent cve
18:49:28  <makeworkeasy>is 1.0.1 binary incompatible with 1.0.0 ?
18:49:28  <virmitio>then, yes, I believe we'll need to update it
18:49:44  <makeworkeasy>if so we'll also need to update 1.0.0 in theory, although in practice right now I doubt it matters
18:56:58  <makeworkeasy>lack of package feed makes work on packages difficult
18:57:09  <virmitio>yes
18:57:18  <virmitio>working on that
19:07:25  <FearTheCowboy>I've restored the old feed
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19:20:37  <makeworkeasy>whoops
19:30:04  <wwahammy>Hey, I have a C# event question. When you invoke an event, do all of it'd delegates complete before you go to the next line of code after the event invocation?
19:30:23  <FearTheCowboy>Yes.
19:30:37  <wwahammy>alright cool
19:30:38  <wwahammy>thanks
19:30:38  <FearTheCowboy>unless one of the delegates uses threads or tasks
19:30:45  <wwahammy>*nods*
19:31:04  <wwahammy>the delegates don't happen simultaneously either, do they?
19:31:40  <FearTheCowboy>no
19:31:54  <wwahammy>alrighty thanks
19:48:00  <makeworkeasy>I think we need to put more thought into how we manage dependencies
19:48:59  <makeworkeasy>because right now we these three things are independent: what's actually installed+active, the build-time dep according to ptk, and the dep in the .autopkg files
19:49:20  <makeworkeasy>it seems like we should be ensuring somehow that they're the same
19:51:52  <auroraeosrose>but they might not BE the same
19:52:05  <auroraeosrose>build time dep vs. run time dep
19:52:29  <makeworkeasy>but if a dep is common between build and run time, it should be the same version
19:52:35  <makeworkeasy>and pkt
19:54:45  <FearTheCowboy>as we get more of this stuff automated, we can start putting in checks to validate that these things are consistent.
20:07:20  <makeworkeasy>FearTheCowboy: you wouldn't happen to remember why you deleted Makefile from openssl
20:07:21  <makeworkeasy>?
20:07:47  <FearTheCowboy>I think I thought it was generated... but I dont' know for sure.
20:07:47  <virmitio>doesn't it get generated during the build process?
20:08:44  <makeworkeasy>it's in the tarballs
20:10:33  <makeworkeasy>well, I'm resolving the conflict by putting it back
20:13:09  <virmitio>I take it that just running ptk release doesn't build?
20:18:46  <makeworkeasy>well, I had to change ${Package.PublicKeyToken} for the zlib dep to the outercurve pkt in the .autopkg file, but otherwise it's working
20:19:51  <virmitio>yeah, I need to go through and adjust those in all of our packages anyway. I'd prefer that they reference our official PKT explicitly instead of looking for whatever key it's being built with
20:22:32  <makeworkeasy>any preferred way to do that?
20:23:45  <makeworkeasy>just hard-code it in the .autopkg requires?
20:23:46  <virmitio>my plan is just to replace the dependency references with our PKT instead of ${Package.PublicKeyToken}
20:23:51  <virmitio>yep
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20:24:17  <makeworkeasy>ok, I'll switch to that from now on
20:24:25  <virmitio>works
20:24:37  <makeworkeasy>I've been trying to find a way to make self-built deps possible without modifying the build files
20:24:43  <makeworkeasy>but it hasn't worked out
20:25:09  <virmitio>I just see no reason to make everyone who wants their own copy of httpd (for example) to also have built their own copy of every dependency of it
20:25:44  <makeworkeasy>I agree
20:26:21  <virmitio>well, add a define:: dep_pkt: "${key??<insert our official key here>}";
20:26:21  <makeworkeasy>I was looking for a way to default to outercurve but be able to switch to the local pkt
20:26:37  <makeworkeasy>then I have to remember what my pkt is
20:26:47  <virmitio>then you can use ${dep_pkt} (or whatever name you give it) for the references
20:27:23  <virmitio>true, but at least then you only need to paste it in once (to either autopackage or the ptk package command) instead of re-writing files every time
20:28:38  <virmitio>you could also try passing the reference that you're replacing into the command (ie. ${Package.PublicKeyToken})
20:29:06  <virmitio>I "think" that autopackage will properly parse through that to resolve it automatically
20:29:45  <virmitio>if not, we may be able to con FearTheCowboy into reworking the #define rule resolution to accommodate
20:30:38  <makeworkeasy>ah, the build process modifies Makefile :|
20:48:55  <makeworkeasy>"Error: Exception Caught: Failed to digitally sign 'C:\Users\Vincent Povirk\AppData\Local\Temp\Autopackage\533\tmpfile.11700001.native-bootstrap.exe' Win32 RC: '80070001'" o_O
20:49:14  * virmitiosighs
20:49:28  <virmitio>had that show up with someone else too
20:49:42  <virmitio>FearTheCowboy?
20:49:51  <FearTheCowboy>that's not the same as the other one.
20:50:43  <FearTheCowboy>hmm
20:50:47  <virmitio>message is almost identical
20:50:50  <FearTheCowboy>I think that's a timestamp server failure
20:50:56  <FearTheCowboy>the other one was a strong name failur
20:51:04  <FearTheCowboy>and this is on the native bootstrap
20:51:19  <virmitio>ah
20:51:27  <virmitio>as opposed to the managed
20:51:34  <FearTheCowboy>makeworkeasy -> try it again? sounds like the timestamp server didn't respond right
20:52:01  <makeworkeasy>windows claims I'm not connected to the internet, so maybe that's it
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20:54:14  <makeworkeasy>yep, looks like it's right
20:54:44  * makeworkeasyplugs in the network cable
20:55:09  * makeworkeasytries again
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21:06:36  <makeworkeasy>if the compatibility policy lists versions, will it also include versions between minimum and maximum?
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21:12:06  <FearTheCowboy>yes, it's a range
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21:25:55  <makeworkeasy>"Error: Error (???): One or more errors occurred."
21:26:13  <FearTheCowboy>look in dbg view
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21:26:40  <makeworkeasy>restarting the service seems to have fixed it
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21:49:23  <makeworkeasy>yay, atk built
22:14:52  <makeworkeasy>buildinfo boilerplate lacks a clean command
22:15:52  <virmitio>true, I wasn't terribly concerned about it at the time, as I just use "git clean -xfd" when I want to start over
22:31:23  <makeworkeasy>virmitio: https://github.com/coapp-packages/perl/commit/2ea66c23aa9c938183f20f5fcce0928017f5e8db - WTF DID YOU DO?
22:31:42  <makeworkeasy>it's not a merge
22:35:12  <virmitio>seeing as that was over a month ago, I honestly don't recall, but I'm reasonably certain that it actually was either a merge or a snapshot import to update from 5.14.1 to 5.14.2
22:36:02  <makeworkeasy>the files seem right, but v5.14.2 isn't in the history
22:36:04  <virmitio>if you're really concerned about it, I'm willing to nuke it again and refork from the original github perl repo
22:36:22  <makeworkeasy>that's not necessary
22:37:01  <makeworkeasy>'git merge --strategy=ours v5.14.2' brings it back into the history so further merges will work
22:37:07  <virmitio>"v5.14.2" should be a tag, I believe I was on the "blead" branch at the time I looked it up
22:38:41  <makeworkeasy>lol perl_fail.autopkg
22:39:49  <virmitio>y'know, I really did mean to get back to that repo at some point to separate it into proper packages
22:40:10  <makeworkeasy>well, maybe I'll beat you to it, but probably not
22:41:13  <makeworkeasy>oh dear god what is pack-prep doing
22:42:03  <makeworkeasy>oh I guess it's just renaming built files..
22:43:16  <virmitio>oh, you may want to be aware that in order to actually get all the files I had needed, it maps an output directory to the p: and installs the compiled perl there
22:43:44  * pisc_awaychanged nick to piscisaureus
22:44:21  <makeworkeasy>with subst?
22:44:27  <virmitio>yep
22:44:32  <makeworkeasy>so that's why I have a p:
22:45:06  <virmitio>unless you manually killed the build partway through, it should have removed it afterward (even if it failed)
22:45:26  <makeworkeasy>I did
23:06:49  <makeworkeasy>the "release" target also cleans?
23:07:41  <virmitio>has to, otherwise there were incompatible object files lying about when using multiple compilers
23:08:10  <virmitio>I'm sure there's a better way to do it, but I was in a hurry and that way was effective for the purpose
23:16:24  <makeworkeasy>probably move the things needed for packaging to somewhere else
23:20:54  <makeworkeasy>was there a plan for finding the libraries?
23:22:36  <ender`>hah, tried installing CoApp in XP VM with FAT32, and got Error 603 :)
23:23:05  <virmitio>I'm pretty sure that everything is error 603 from the bootstraps right now
23:23:23  <ender`>oh :(
23:23:33  <makeworkeasy>"custom action failed"?
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