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00:56:26  <gcs-develop>I was wondering when the documentation for building packages might be finish....
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16:07:43  <dmex>FearTheCowboy: ping
16:37:39  <FearTheCowboy>dmex -> I'm about to go into a VP-level review. I'll be back in a couple hours
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16:40:27  <ender`>hah, Microsoft Slovenia has trouble with phone activation again
17:00:20  <saivert>I have only ever called the activation phone once. it was horrible.
17:01:04  <saivert>MS hired som monotonous sounding guy in my country to record the voice messages
17:02:52  <saivert>I think I was helping out someone where the computer didn't have drivers installed for the wifi and XP refused to let me install the drivers so I could activate it via internet. nice lockout. at least they fixed that with Vista onwards. you can actually use that OS but with black background and constant nags.
17:03:17  <saivert>when it is not activated and the trial has expired
17:14:55  <ender`>they have live people answering phones here (during daytime) - at night they patch you to the english automatic system
17:45:51  <HamishC>virmitio: if you are tidying up the httpd project files, you might want to take a look at https://github.com/Raggles/httpd, I've done quite a bit of the work already
18:14:59  <virmitio>HamishC: if you're confident in any changes you've made, go ahead and merge them and push to the main package repo
18:16:21  <HamishC>ok, Ill wait until the bug that prevents me from building anything gets fixed so I can test, then will do
18:18:30  <FearTheCowboy>bug?
18:18:51  <HamishC>coapp list does nothing for me at the mo
18:18:58  <virmitio>ah
18:18:59  <HamishC>cant find any packages
18:19:03  <virmitio>yep
18:19:08  <HamishC>neither local nor remote
18:19:12  <virmitio>yep
18:19:22  <FearTheCowboy>Yeah, we've seen that.
18:19:36  <FearTheCowboy>the only thing that seems to work is to coapp.cleaner and install again.
18:19:53  <FearTheCowboy>that seems to fix it; I'm gonna debug that as soon as I can repro it in a machine with a debugger :)
18:20:15  <HamishC>hmm ok. can I leave the existing packages on there or do I have to remove everything?
18:20:47  <HamishC>reinstalling the 50 packages takes a while
18:20:58  <FearTheCowboy>:S remove it all?... I really don't know for certain what's causing it.
18:21:00  <virmitio>the cleaner will nuke everything
18:21:01  <FearTheCowboy>hmm.
18:22:16  <HamishC>ok I might have a wee debug session this morning then
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18:23:45  <FearTheCowboy>I have a vague idea what might be causing it; we're gonna see if I can cause the issue on demand.
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19:23:55  <FearTheCowboy>virmitio -> I think I've figured out enough to replicate the problem.
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21:15:21  <mloskot>I'm reading http://coapp.org/developers/shallow-forking.html and could anyone clarify certificate issue
21:16:03  <mloskot>The requirement states I need pfx file. Is there any howto on how to generate pfx file?
21:16:08  <vpovirk>yes
21:16:54  <mloskot>I found number of non-coapp resources on how to do it, but I'm not sure if CoApp practice is special/different
21:17:23  <mloskot>vpovirk: long story short, how to fulfill the req number 4 ? :)
21:17:33  <vpovirk>http://coapp.org/news/2012-03-17-Getting-Started-with-Autopackage---Part-1.html
21:18:24  <vpovirk>I thought there was something else
21:18:47  <mloskot>Looks good, but is "test certificate" suitable for public packages I'd like to create and maintain?
21:18:52  <vpovirk>no
21:19:19  <mloskot>Right, so how do you folks who publish packages in feeds get your certs ?
21:19:42  <vpovirk>if you just want to push things to coapp-packages and have coapp build and publish them, which is what I do, a self-signed cert is good for testing them
21:20:02  <vpovirk>otherwise you have to get it from a CA
21:20:40  <vpovirk>you'll have to ask garrett about it, I think, he knows far more about this than I do
21:21:01  <vpovirk>and has some plan to not require developers to pay for a certificate, but I don't know what it is at the moment
21:21:50  <mloskot>vpovirk: got it, I don't want to do anything more sophisticated than packaing open source stuff and publishing it through coapp-packages projcet
21:22:12  <virmitio>you're welcome to get an authenticode code-signing cert from any cert authority you'd like (Verisign, CAcert, your own self-signed cert), but it will be treated by windows as appropriate for its authentication chain
21:22:51  <vpovirk>then a test cert is fine; you just have to make it trusted on your computer so that you can use it to build your own packages and install them
21:23:14  <virmitio>eg. a cert from Verisign will be recognized and accepted by any client machine, generally without question. A self-signed cert will prompt every new computer to install the cert before installing your software
21:23:44  <vpovirk>wow, really? I'd have expected it to just say "no" on any computer that hasn't installed it
21:25:03  <mloskot>I think I get it
21:25:13  <virmitio>I honestly don't recall if CoApp will help you in any way if the cert isn't installed/recognized already, but if you just run a self-signed msi, you'll get a security warning from windows and prompted if you want to proceed anyway, with an option in the corner to add as a trusted cert
21:27:14  <mloskot>Sounds good
21:27:33  <mloskot>I guess most/all publishers pushing through coapp-packages use this approach, right?
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21:29:42  <virmitio>I would expect so. We certainly don't expect anyone to go and actually spend money on a signing cert just to test software that they'll just be having someone else sign and publish for them
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21:30:45  <mloskot>OK, so there is no need to do too much over-engineering and I'll rather focus on mastering packaging craft than wondering about cert issues.
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21:57:48  <mloskot>Once I have .MSI of sample package, what's the procedure to test package with CoApp? Simply launch .msi ?
21:58:22  <virmitio>yep, that or `coapp -i <full path to .msi>`
21:59:37  <mloskot>virmitio: thanks
21:59:55  <virmitio>is what I'm here for
22:00:16  <virmitio>that, and stabbing holes in FearTheCowboy's ideas
22:00:16  <mloskot>is why I step in here for :)
22:00:48  <mloskot>holes? FearTheCowboy 's ideas are thick as a proper bunker's wall :)
22:01:09  <virmitio>mloskot: yep, that's why I use a really big knife
22:01:26  <mloskot>hehe
22:01:34  <virmitio>isn't that right FearTheCowboy?
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22:02:18  <FearTheCowboy>virmitio just keeps me from doing things that Future Garrett is going to be angry with.
22:03:40  <FearTheCowboy>I've pushed that new version of CoApp toolkit that should fix the crash, die fail miserably bug
22:04:04  * mloskothas just realised coapp -i ... does automatic upgrade of the toolkit, sweet, but
22:04:54  * virmitiojust suffered from the aforementioned bug while trying to install the new version...
22:05:20  <mloskot>...what the "Installation failed" mean here?
22:05:21  <mloskot>https://gist.github.com/2401986
22:05:24  <mloskot>line 15
22:05:29  <virmitio>I'm pretty sure it's out to get me
22:05:36  <FearTheCowboy>mloskot -> cosmetic
22:05:49  <FearTheCowboy>it's supposed to ignore the cancellation coming back
22:05:55  <virmitio>mloskot: In theory that will be taken care of in the future
22:05:59  <mloskot>So, I should be fine simply re-calling coapp -i as I did in line 19
22:06:06  <virmitio>but probably not until after RC is out
22:06:10  <virmitio>yep
22:06:15  <mloskot>ok
22:07:19  <FearTheCowboy>Yeah, it's actuall installing correctly, but gets a termination message from the service. It's supposed to swallow that, but it's not
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22:12:09  <mloskot>Holy cow, my first package ever installs and uninstalls
22:12:48  <FearTheCowboy>YAY
22:13:05  <virmitio>mloskot: well, that is what they're supposed to do, after all
22:13:14  <mloskot>Now, Shallow-Forking read and then will package a small library :)
22:13:29  <virmitio>works
22:13:54  <mloskot>virmitio: I know, just couldn't arrest the leak of joy :)
22:16:14  <mloskot>Cheers, g'night for now
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22:17:53  <madewokherd>[17:11:36] <mloskot> Holy cow, my first package ever installs and uninstalls <-- such a magical time
22:25:28  <auroraeosrose>LOL
22:25:34  <auroraeosrose>wish I had such luck
22:25:39  <auroraeosrose>won't....compile
22:25:41  * auroraeosrosekicks
22:25:54  <virmitio>what's it dying on?
22:26:16  <madewokherd>I think I started with an empty package
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