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23:00:42  <ender`>http://www.livingdigitally.net/2012/03/windows-8-a-giant-misstep-forward.html
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23:44:25  <Dark-Star>I don't understand why they keep up the tablet-thing even for win8 server. I mean, seriously, nobody will run windows server on a tablet, so the whole "touch here to do X" concept breaks down. this is especially true for virtual machines
23:45:02  <FearTheCowboy>no kidding
23:45:07  <Dark-Star>in that case it's even more difficult to control with a mouse, because the mouse cursor leaves the windows when you move it to the lower left. you have to precisely park it in an area of approx. 4x4 pixels
23:46:13  <FearTheCowboy>yep
23:46:29  <FearTheCowboy>it's the same when you have a six-screen desktop.
23:46:51  <Dark-Star>oh. true. didn't think about that yet
23:47:15  <FearTheCowboy>Ive got 12,441,600 pixels on my desk, and I gotta aim for a 4x4 square?
23:48:35  <piscisaureus_>FearTheCowboy: can you renew my msdn thing? Btw, if it matters, my address changed.
23:48:54  <virmitio>FearTheCowboy: well, a 1 in 777,400 chance of hitting the target is still better odds than a lottery jackpot
23:49:12  <virmitio>sorry, 1 in 777,600
23:49:23  <FearTheCowboy>piscisaureus_ -> yeah sure. Send me an email to garretts @ mirosoft.com with your new address, phone number, and current subscription # and I'll renew it
23:49:33  <Dark-Star>I still hope MS will reconsider, at least for windows server...
23:49:39  <piscisaureus_>FearTheCowboy: will do, thanks
23:50:14  <FearTheCowboy>I'm on re-deploy-from-scratch #5 this afternoon testing Azure deployment....
23:50:32  <FearTheCowboy>at 10-15 minutes for a from scratch deployment, this is killing me.
23:51:05  <FearTheCowboy>Once it's done though, I can redeploy my private stuff in less than a minute (with the scripts I've made)
23:51:29  <FearTheCowboy>and of course if it's just a update to the website, it's less than 15seconds from a commit on github.
23:52:28  <FearTheCowboy>heh-heh... even just doing an upgrade "The Azure Way" is minimum of 10 minutes for the VM to do its thing.
23:52:59  <FearTheCowboy>once I get the whole coapp repository built as coapp packages, it'll be even easier :)