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10:20:15  <Hightower666>Morning all, hoping for a little help
10:20:37  <Hightower666>Last week I did some work on c9, writing a PHP website which utilises MySQL
10:21:25  <Hightower666>Everything working fine - log on today and I have to start Apache through the terminal. When I try and load my website I get an error about Access denied for my user (which was connecting to MySQL fine last week)
10:21:45  <Hightower666>I've even tried logging in to PHPMyAdmin with that user (which was fine last week) and it gets access denied
10:22:10  <Hightower666>I can change the user to root with a blank password - that let's me in to PHPMyAdmin, but the database I created last week is not there
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14:41:35  <Newbourne_>Hello, I have a Micro plan which states unlimited SSH and two workspaces but I cannot create two SSH workspaces. I would like to create two private SSH workspaces to my two home servers. When I create the second private SSH workspace I see “Private to the people I invite (0 out of 1 left)” and “Your complimentary private workspace is already used.” on the right panel.
14:42:08  <Newbourne_>I do not understand why I am unable to do this.
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