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13:18:38  <ecelis>acc on
13:18:48  <ecelis>oops! lol
13:38:39  <janx>janjongboom: do you use cloud9 for your firefox os development? how do you flash devices / run the simulators?
13:38:52  <janjongboom>janx: yeah I do but I use the local version
13:39:40  <janjongboom>janx: as long as you don't use privileged APIs you can cretae hosted application on Cloud9 and then add hosted app in app manager
13:39:44  <janjongboom>janx: but not really nice
13:40:02  <janx>janjongboom: right. is the local version open source?
13:40:13  <janjongboom>janx: my choice of workflow would be to have DigitalOcean instance, link cloud9 to that, and mount it locally as well and work like that
13:40:22  <janjongboom>janx: downside is that you need a 5$ DO instance
13:40:33  * jkridnerquit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
13:40:43  <janjongboom>janx: I think its coming soon, but maybe lennartcl knows
13:41:38  <janx>janjongboom: the DO instance sounds useful, but what about letting c9.io ssh into your computer / into a vm (e.g. a docker container)?
13:41:49  <janjongboom>janx: yeah thats a similar idea
13:42:04  <janjongboom>janx: but i dont like exposing my machine through SSH, plus you need some IP forwarding thing
13:42:28  <janx>same here
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13:43:18  <janjongboom>janx: you can set up box.com or dropbox on the Cloud9 VM
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13:43:25  <janjongboom>janx: shouldnt be too hard and autosyncs
13:43:30  <janjongboom>janx: maybe not fast enough
13:43:35  <janjongboom>janx: but dirty hack
13:44:34  <janx>janjongboom: probably not fast enough, I'd like to host a build server farm somewhere, with docker containers continuously building firefox, that you could quickly fork and ssh into (e.g. with cloud9)
13:45:17  <janx>I guess mounting a digitalocean instance is not fast enough either
13:45:39  <janjongboom>janx: dunno, we use EC2 as our build farm in Telenor
13:45:59  <janjongboom>janx: are we talking Firefox OS development or Apps development?
13:47:19  <janx>janjongboom: I'm interested in doing firefox os development (gecko and gaia) with cloud9, apps seems easy enough
13:47:35  <janjongboom>janx: yeah
13:47:48  <janjongboom>janx: I wouldnt use c9 for that, unless you get your hands on local version
13:50:23  <janx>janjongboom: c9 really does a lot of what I need, but I guess I'll have to write and self-host the docker build farm myself and let c9 ssh into the containers
13:50:47  <janx>janjongboom: thanks for the infos!
13:50:49  <janjongboom>janx: yeah well a cloud IDE is not really fitted to do development thats really tied to local hardware
13:50:54  <janjongboom>janx: like a phone plugged into your computer
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