02:38:10  * cmrjoined
02:38:29  <cmr>Is the terminal *really slow* for others as well? Even just typing has a fair bit of lag..
02:48:54  * jkridnerquit (Remote host closed the connection)
05:01:40  * mbrevdajoined
05:26:30  * B0073Djoined
05:26:50  <B0073D>Wow. it's not exactly cramped in here.
05:27:11  <B0073D>Is there an eta on the workspaces fix/
06:54:40  <mbrevda>mine just went offline
06:54:53  <B0073D>Hmmmm
06:55:06  <B0073D>I think the HN link may have overloaded them
06:55:09  * B0073Dshrugs
06:55:53  <mbrevda>i was fine till a few minutes ago...
06:57:21  <B0073D>Nothing new there: https://status.c9.io/
06:57:55  <mbrevda>mine is back
06:58:19  <B0073D>I havent been able to use any of my workspaces at all.
06:58:25  <B0073D>They'le all stuck 'migrating'
06:58:52  <mbrevda>yeah, that can take time. Mine tool 30ish min BEFORE everyone was all over it
07:01:28  <B0073D>Ouch
07:01:42  <B0073D>Right. Thanks for that. I guess it'll be finished tomorrow at that rate.
08:17:40  * dannygjoined
08:34:27  * Guest12899quit (Changing host)
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08:34:30  * Guest12899changed nick to deepy
08:36:17  <deepy>any good way to resolve this? https://github.com/ajaxorg/cloud9/issues/3154
11:06:37  * Peeter_quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
11:08:13  * Peeter_joined
11:08:20  * Andy80joined
11:08:22  <Andy80>hi
11:08:54  <Andy80>do you know if it's possible in c9 ide to hide certain files from the Workspace tree view? For example I'd like to hide all *.pyc files
12:53:15  * jkridnerjoined
15:08:39  <mbrevda>Andy80: probably not going going to help you, but the GUI hides all Linux hidden files. I.e. those that begin with a .
15:16:54  * dannygpart
15:24:16  * ceejjoined
15:25:04  <ceej>morning. has anyone else noticed the previouspane binding does not work?
16:42:57  * Andy80quit (Quit: Leaving)
17:04:44  * tristanzjoined
17:04:57  <tristanz>awesome stuff with new ide
17:06:32  <tristanz>one question? How can I be sure my container is secure? Is this root in docker? Is there something above that that makes you confident that this is actually secure?
19:40:23  * tristanzquit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
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21:51:59  * B0073Dpart