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19:23:21  <j01011010>I know this is a dumb question but why can't I find the run button? I am a new user and I've been stuck on this for days. It's not where it should be... here's a screen shot http://imgur.com/Y2twiL8
19:28:26  * dialexjoined
19:30:17  <j01011010>anyone?
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20:55:23  <j01011010>99 bottles of beer on the wall
20:55:28  <j01011010>99 bottles of beer
20:55:34  <j01011010>you take one down and pass it around
20:55:41  <j01011010>98 bottles of beer on the wall!
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22:35:13  <MACscr|lappy>so im having major headaches trying to get files to upload
22:35:30  <MACscr|lappy>they seem to say they complete and they dont or there is no reaction at all
22:35:50  <MACscr|lappy>im using a Chromebook, so obviously using the newest Chrome browser
22:36:02  <MACscr|lappy>connection is ftp
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