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13:59:31  <Someguy123>hey Chip_Zero who are you? do you work at cloud9?
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14:13:27  <Chip_Zero>Someguy123: https://twitter.com/lennartcl
14:13:47  <Someguy123>hm, Language Engineer?
14:16:22  <Someguy123>Chip_Zero, do you know if Cloud9 has any plans to accept Bitcoin?
14:20:11  <Chip_Zero>no such plans right now :)
14:25:37  <Someguy123>Chip_Zero, know if anyone has already suggested this? I've been using cloud9 for a few days and I've already fell in love with it, but there's no way I'm touching paypal to buy premium (they decided to suspend me for no reason one day, and refused to tell me why). I'm not entirely sure where I would suggest this, and if it's already been suggested
14:28:42  <Chip_Zero>we definitely want to provide other payment options, but haven't discussed cryptocurrency, nor have we had other requests for that
14:29:43  <Chip_Zero>personally, I'm also not a big fan of paypal or their politics, but it's just a very useful payment system right now that's supported on so many sites
14:31:45  <Someguy123>Chip_Zero, right now Cloud9 doesn't need to worry about accepting Bitcoin directly. There are services such as BitPay and Coinbase that handle the transaction processing just like paypal, and pay out USD directly to your bank the next day
14:31:56  <Someguy123>it would be nice to have that option.
14:33:18  <Someguy123>this would also help cloud9 get a bit more publicity, simply by letting the Bitcoin community know that you're accepting it.
15:25:18  <Someguy123>Chip_Zero, is it just me or is cloud9 experiencing some issues?
15:25:34  <Someguy123>It wouldn't let me save earlier, and now it's refusing to open one of my .ejs views
15:25:39  <Someguy123>the loading bar just gets stuck near the end
15:25:51  <Someguy123>(it's a small 1kb file, no reason for it to get stuck)
15:27:39  * kwmiebachquit (Ping timeout: 272 seconds)
15:28:01  <Someguy123>hm, it opened after 3 tries...
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23:15:50  <rmcdaniel_>hey Someguy123
23:16:09  <Someguy123>hm, who are you rmcdaniel_ ?
23:16:51  <rmcdaniel_>I saw you talking about Bitcoin, I run http://bitlab.co
23:26:30  <Someguy123>rmcdaniel_, you haven't done a very good job of advertising
23:26:37  <Someguy123>because I've never heard of bitlab until now
23:26:59  <Someguy123>and i'm one of the guys leading litecoin
23:27:08  <rmcdaniel_>Yea, this is brand new
23:27:28  <Someguy123>rmcdaniel_, http://i.imgur.com/kRhITTH.png
23:27:31  <rmcdaniel_>here's a blog post about us https://www.firebase.com/blog/2013-11-05-bitlab-firebase-interview.html
23:27:33  <Someguy123>way too much whitespace on 1080p
23:28:03  <rmcdaniel_>Have you heard of a firebase before?
23:28:21  <Someguy123>rmcdaniel_, yeah, but as soon as I saw "cloud database" I looked away
23:28:33  <Someguy123>storing wallet data in the cloud is such an awful idea
23:28:45  <Someguy123>if someone at firebase felt like getting rich, they can modify your data.
23:28:45  <rmcdaniel_>it's not for long term storage
23:31:31  <rmcdaniel_>You can't lose what you don't leave in the cloud. You just have it there long enough to complete the transaction and then send it to a secure wallet.
23:32:39  <Someguy123>I suppose
23:33:05  <Someguy123>hm, the whole event based thing with firebase looks pretty cool
23:34:19  <rmcdaniel_>Yea, it's what really got me excited enough to make a Bitcoin API
23:36:49  <rmcdaniel_>Everything is open source too so you can set it up on your own hardware if you want to
23:37:47  <rmcdaniel_>I mean, my API, not Firebase, though they will set you up with an on-premise setup if you give them enough money.
23:39:00  <Someguy123>yeah