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13:46:40  <Andy80>hi guys, a very quick question: sharing the code on C9 is fantastic, but what is the best practice if I need to keep 1 file hidden? For example a secrets.py with passwords and other stuff....
13:53:56  <Andy80>the best would be the possibility to make the file visible for the collaborators and hidden for everyone else
14:08:46  <skelterjohn>in general, that kind of information needs to be separated from your main codebase
14:09:06  <skelterjohn>something you can put on a machine when you want to deploy your project
14:09:28  <skelterjohn>basically, config and code should be kept separate
14:09:35  <skelterjohn>sorry, not c9 help :)
14:18:14  <Andy80>skelterjohn, yeah, but the nice thing about C9 is that you can test instantly a modification, without having to deploy again.... if I need to checkout the code and run on my machine... it has no sense for me :)
14:18:29  <Andy80>at least in this case
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14:39:26  <skelterjohn>i see no reason why this can only happen on your own machine
14:39:58  <skelterjohn>c9 provides a real VM to run your project on
14:40:01  <skelterjohn>curl the secrets in there
16:21:35  <Andy80>skelterjohn, I explain in a different way.... to run my app in my machine, I need to fill a secrets.py file with passwords etc.... it's not a problem if it's on my machine. But I cannot deploy a file with passwords and make it visible to everyone.... do you understand it now?
16:22:52  <Andy80>when you visit the project url https://c9.io/andreagrandi/workshopvenues you should not see the secrets.py file (actually I didn't deploy it, so you can't see... but you can't also connect to the db etc...)
16:24:24  <Andy80>by the way I've another question, related to static PATHs when using Django on C9
16:25:46  <Andy80>I've defined a STATIC_URL and STATIC_DIRS like this: https://github.com/andreagrandi/workshopvenues/blob/master/workshopvenues/workshopvenues/settings.py when I run it locally I correctly get the urls like: localhost:8000/assets/img/....
16:26:24  <Andy80>but when I run it on C9, the static files are mapped inside the template folders.... like this: https://c9.io/andreagrandi/workshopvenues/workspace/workshopvenues/venues/templates/venues/assets/ico/apple-touch-icon-144-precomposed.png
16:26:27  <Andy80>and I cannot understand why
16:28:43  <Andy80>I expected the file to be here: https://c9.io/andreagrandi/workshopvenues/workspace/workshopvenues/assets/ico/apple-touch-icon-144-precomposed.png
16:47:35  <skelterjohn>yes, i understood that from the beginning
16:48:03  <skelterjohn>if you don't want it to be in the same repo as your code, you can use curl (or any file transfer mechanism) to get the secrets to that machine
16:49:13  * mastrolinuxpart
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16:54:35  <Andy80>skelterjohn, you mean a code inside my python script that first gets the secrets.py from another location and include it on the fly?
16:54:57  <skelterjohn>no, i meant bring up the terminal in the machine you're deploying to before launchin
16:54:57  <skelterjohn>g
16:55:35  <skelterjohn>if it was just code in your project then anyone could do it
16:56:11  <skelterjohn>if that's not something that works well with c9, then i'd say that c9 is not currently ideal for serious cloud deployments
16:56:21  <skelterjohn>it's not an easy thing to automate, either, so no finger pointing from me
17:05:39  <Andy80>don't worry :) not pointing fingers to anyone ;) I was just asking if it was possible or not... right now I can only do trivial changes when I'm not at home because I can't test anything...
17:05:41  <Andy80>but it's ok
17:06:11  <Andy80>I need to go now, thanks again!
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