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11:19:55  <javruben>bmatusiak: the image editor is looking good
11:20:06  <javruben>have you though about cropping and resizing?
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17:10:25  <bmatusiak>@javruben i need to workout some layer based ideas for selecting parts of the image
17:11:22  <bmatusiak>so crop copy/past and other things that require selecting part of the image needs that
17:11:30  <bmatusiak>resize doesn't
17:14:20  <bmatusiak>@javruben have you tested it with your own eyes?
17:14:45  <javruben>no, I just checked the movie
17:15:03  <bmatusiak>ok cool just checking
17:15:14  <javruben>selection is fairly easy
17:15:25  <javruben>on first click create a div
17:15:31  <javruben>and on mouse move position it correctly
17:15:39  <javruben>that's it
17:15:43  <javruben>you can do it like paint
17:15:53  <javruben>so whenever a new selection is created, the old one is destroyed
17:16:06  <javruben>you could go more complex too like photoshop
17:16:15  <javruben>it's all just a matter of how much work you want to put into it
17:16:24  <bmatusiak>i was going to make a rectangles on the canvas .
17:16:31  <bmatusiak>just as much work as your div idea
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17:17:23  <javruben>ok, if you say so
17:17:24  <bmatusiak>i was going to make it have layers so you can moved multi objects around before you flatten
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17:17:33  <javruben>sounds good
17:17:46  <bmatusiak>:P
17:18:03  <bmatusiak>thanks for the supports javruben , can do it without a little help
17:18:08  <bmatusiak>can't*
17:18:38  <javruben>cool, I love this effort, once it's done, I'll make sure it gets into c9.io asap
17:18:51  <Kasu>Is there any other way to retreive my workspace files than File>Download Project? My workspace is broken atm and I can't work or get my files.
17:24:46  <bmatusiak>@javruben thats a good question. that Kasu has. what if the deshboard has that feature to download project also
17:25:24  <javruben>Kasu: at the moment, no
17:25:55  <Kasu>I see. Bummer!
17:26:10  <javruben>we'll soon release several ways to get code in and out of workspaces
17:26:17  <javruben>what is broken about your workspace?
17:26:25  <Kasu>https://c9.io/kasu/kweb
17:26:41  <Kasu>I don't know. It just stops loading data. The UI gets loaded all right, but that's all.
17:26:55  <bmatusiak>kasu clear you cookies
17:26:59  <javruben>hmm sucks
17:27:11  <javruben>I've seen this issue before, it will be fixed when the ide server restarts
17:27:15  <javruben>that happens every 4 hours
17:28:28  <bmatusiak>javruben, you thing this is from a combo of Vfs and webdav?
17:29:07  <bmatusiak>because i think i seen this also but on my local machine
17:29:07  <javruben>I'm not sure where the problem resides, we've been looking at the vfs reconnect logic
17:29:15  <javruben>a patch is being released on monday for that
17:30:25  <Kasu>FYI I cleared cookies and I'm still getting no data. The terminal loaded though!
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17:33:19  <bmatusiak>kasu then problem is, vfs is disconnected.. and it can't read files for webdav
17:33:56  <bmatusiak>terminal is a different connection…. kinda like vfs
17:34:19  <Kasu>damn, no ftp in the terminal :) hehe
17:35:22  <bmatusiak>you can tar/zip your files and run curl to upload your file to somewhere
17:35:24  <Kasu>any idea how I can use the terminal to retreive my files? I packaged my files in a zip, but that's as far as my terminal-fu goes.
17:35:40  <Kasu>oh curl, good
17:35:55  <bmatusiak>http://stackoverflow.com/questions/12661759/how-to-post-a-file-content-with-wget-in-a-post-variable
17:35:59  <bmatusiak>found this
17:36:51  <bmatusiak>the usage for curl is one of the answers
17:48:17  <Kasu>now the terminal bugs out
17:48:20  <Kasu>oh well, worth a try.
17:48:23  <Kasu>thanks for the help
17:48:40  <Kasu>hope my work doesn't disappear at least :|
17:51:44  <bmatusiak>it shouldn't
18:05:06  <bmatusiak>@javruben I'm going to need some help making the imgEditor menu bar look pretty .. lol
18:05:17  <javruben>:)
18:05:42  <javruben>check out the debug buttons
18:05:48  <javruben>copy that bar and those button styles
18:06:45  <bmatusiak>what about extra options for the edit ex Resize
18:08:07  <bmatusiak>i don't like popups , but i do like the new layout for the run/stop configure panel
18:45:45  <Kasu>Haha! I got it working, curl can upload to ftp <3
18:50:16  <bmatusiak>:P nice
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20:26:02  <Kasu>javruben shouldn't the ide server be restarted by now? I'm still having the issue.
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