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16:28:26  <thansen>does cloud9/ace support code completion for php?
16:29:29  <mAritz>yes, i think so
16:32:03  <thansen>is it intelligent taking into account your own classes/methods or is just php built-ins
16:32:34  <mAritz>no idea. test it ;)
16:32:41  <mAritz>or read the code if you prefer that: https://github.com/ajaxorg/ace/blob/master/lib/ace/mode/php/php.js
16:33:28  <mAritz>although i'm not 100% if the auto-complete/doc code is in there as well
16:33:33  <thansen>mAritz: I would test it but I can't get cloud9 to fire up on my machine
16:33:42  <mAritz>why not?
16:33:54  <mAritz>you could also do a simple test on c9.io
16:33:54  <thansen>and I don't feel like going through and getting it all going if that functionality isn't there
16:34:34  <mAritz>why is it not working? maybe there's a simple fix
16:34:47  <thansen>I think I have too new of nodejs
16:35:00  <mAritz>what exactly is the error? :D
16:35:07  <thansen>but the sh launcher has bad logic too
16:35:27  <mAritz>because i'm running c9 currently with v0.8.18 on one of my machines (i think)
16:35:49  <thansen> net-libs/nodejs-0.9.9
16:36:01  <mAritz>oh, ok... that might be problematic
16:36:14  <mAritz>0.9 is unstable and thus only supported by very few modules
16:36:15  <thansen>@@@@ FATAL ERROR: DRYICE FAILED { '0': 'Failed to find module: ace/lib/fixoldbrowsers' }
16:36:27  <mAritz>did you do "sm install"?
16:36:36  <thansen>yes
16:36:55  <mAritz>hm, yeah... any specific reason you want to run it under 0.9?
16:37:11  <thansen>no, what my package manager installs
16:37:16  <thansen>on gentoo
16:37:22  <mAritz>wow, that's terrible
16:37:54  <thansen>I'm running the equivalent of debian testing on gentoo...not stable
16:38:19  <thansen>the readlink command needs to be fixed though
16:38:25  <thansen>in the sh file
16:39:00  <mAritz>yeah, it already is in another fork, but there are some ongoing changes to the open source version that will be pulled in one huge effort soon
16:39:42  <mAritz>you should either manually choose the 0.8.18 package or install nvm (https://github.com/creationix/nvm) and use that for managing your node installs
16:39:48  <mAritz>nvm is really good
16:40:22  <mAritz>for example it offers a command to install all the global npm packages you have in another version, thus making updates rather painless
16:41:56  <mAritz>but you should probably test the php stuff on c9.io first ;)
16:42:18  <thansen>mAritz: I hate creating accounts like that...just a pet peeve
16:42:32  <thansen>lemme downgrade nodejs and see what I get
16:42:37  <mAritz>well, you can use your gh account
16:43:33  <mAritz>if you can point me to a gh repo that has some php stuff you want me to test, i can do that for you
16:43:56  <thansen>hmm, I have some php stuff but nothing with classes etc
16:44:44  <thansen>if you just want to create a php file that should work
16:45:05  <mAritz>i'm testing https://github.com/tylerhall/simple-php-framework
16:46:18  <mAritz>thansen: https://c9.io/maritz/simple-php-framework
16:46:22  <mAritz>go wild :)
16:46:34  <mAritz>oh, wait
16:46:36  <thansen>excellent, thanks!
16:46:41  <mAritz>still need to sign up to edit
16:46:41  <thansen>ok
16:50:14  <mAritz>hm, it autocompletes but either I suck at phpdoc or it doesn't display phpdoc stuff properly
16:50:21  <mAritz>might very well be my bad though
16:50:36  <mAritz>i haven't done php in 2 years :D
16:50:53  <mAritz>can you look at includes/class.auth.php -> getAuth
16:50:54  <thansen>I'm less concerned about phpdoc than I am about classes/methods
16:51:21  <mAritz>well, it autocompleted the getAuth method on $Auth->getA
16:51:38  <thansen>ok, so if you do $a = new Auth();
16:51:44  <thansen>and $a->
16:51:50  <thansen>it will present you with all methods?
16:52:51  <thansen>or better said, all public methods
16:52:59  <mAritz>hm, it's a little overzealous and displays all used words and then after that all properties/methods of Auth
16:53:19  <thansen>ok, fair enough
16:53:35  <thansen>and *within* Auth, if you use $this->
16:54:38  <mAritz>ugh
16:55:23  * thansendowngraded nodejs
16:55:27  <mAritz>all known words or something
16:55:41  <mAritz>seems very very naive
16:55:45  <thansen>do I have to do global install of sm and pals?
16:55:58  <thansen>I can handle naive I think
16:56:22  <mAritz>sm yes
16:56:28  <mAritz>npm install -g sm
16:56:33  <mAritz>but nothing else afaik
16:57:04  <mAritz>honestly i think the autocomplete is not really useful without having typed a good portion of what you want
16:57:22  <mAritz>i think it just uses all words of all files that were opened at some point. not sure though
16:57:32  <mAritz>(i'm just a user myself, btw)
16:57:37  <thansen>yeah
16:58:02  * thansenrunning sm install now
16:58:40  <thansen>this looks much better than what I saw with 0.9.x
16:59:59  <thansen>http://pastebin.com/NBiMVD5G
17:02:54  <mAritz>hm, never saw that before
17:04:22  <thansen>installing more stuff with npm
17:04:24  <thansen>Error: Cannot find module 'ace/package.json'
17:04:30  <thansen>got to there now
17:05:16  <mAritz>:/
17:06:20  <thansen>got it
17:06:31  <thansen>aparently nm doesn't help much
17:06:38  <thansen>have to npm install all this stuff after
17:08:43  <thansen>nope, looks like the worker is failing to startup still
17:08:45  <thansen>gah
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17:46:09  <thansen>mAritz: got it to work
17:46:23  <thansen>did a manual clone of ace
17:46:52  <mAritz>:o
17:46:58  <mAritz>seems weird
17:50:16  <thansen>is it a 1 to 1 mapping of workspace to running instance of cloud9
17:51:45  <mAritz>uhm, not sure if i understand the question, but i think yes
17:52:34  <mAritz>you can't have multiple workspaces in an instance. but multiple instances can point to the same workspace (not sure why you'd want that though :D )
17:52:50  <thansen>right
17:52:58  <thansen>doesn't seem to scale very well
17:53:08  <mAritz>what i do if i need to have an instance with multiple workspaces is just putting them in one parent dir and using that as my workspace
17:53:10  <thansen>new port for every project
17:53:32  <mAritz>you could put a reverse proxy in front of it if ports are a problem
17:53:49  <thansen>how does that help
17:54:29  <mAritz>you can access by example.com/workspacename instead of example.com:12345
17:54:30  <mAritz>?!
17:58:59  <thansen>yeah, but a port still opens
17:59:25  <mAritz>you don't have to add it to your iptables
17:59:26  <thansen>how does c9.io deal with that with thousands of users with thousands of workspaces
17:59:51  <thansen>I get that, there's only ~65k ports available on a given machine
17:59:56  <mAritz>lots of ec2 instances would be my guess. not sure though
18:00:16  <thansen>strange mentality
18:00:27  <mAritz>why? ec2 instances would work just fine for this
18:00:40  <thansen>do you have some sort of dashboard that lists your workspaces?
18:00:44  <mAritz>yes
18:01:23  <thansen>I guess that's a separate project then?
18:01:29  <mAritz>yes
18:01:40  <thansen>open source or no?
18:01:44  <mAritz>i don't think so
18:01:56  <thansen>I see
18:03:42  <mAritz>pretty sensible if you ask me
18:04:08  <mAritz>since the hosting+workspace management is kind of the thing they are selling
18:05:35  * thansenshrugs
18:05:41  <thansen>orion seems more sensible
18:05:46  <thansen>fire up a server
18:05:57  <thansen>many workspaces for many users
18:07:35  <mAritz>i don't know... i like it the way it works right now because i can control what workspaces are available to whom pretty easily by just starting/stopping instances
18:07:48  <mAritz>although, i don't..
18:08:10  <mAritz>work alone on most of my projects right now :D
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20:14:53  <mongrelion>cloud9 won't run in my local env. I'm using the suggested node version (with nvm). Dependencies install smoothly but server won't boot up. Here's the error: http://pastie.org/6217032
20:15:25  <mongrelion>I'm trying with nodev0.6.21 and nodev0.8.20.
20:16:58  <mAritz>mongrelion: https://github.com/ajaxorg/cloud9/issues/2670#issuecomment-13558370
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