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05:17:45  <thansen>I'd like to run c9 locally without doing global install of sm and pals
05:17:55  <thansen>is this possible?
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06:43:46  <marktheunissen>hello all, i'm running the self-hosted version of cloud9 on a development server that has multiple users. Do I have to run a separate process for each user so they only access their own files?
06:44:05  * javrubenjoined
06:44:15  <marktheunissen>or can i somehow configure a single process of cloud9 to allow logins and separate workspaces?
06:47:44  <javruben>marktheunissen: there is login support, but not multiple workspace support in the oss version. For that feature we offer an enterprise version of cloud9.
06:48:22  <marktheunissen>javruben: ah i see, thanks - is there any more documentation on self-hosting cloud9?
06:48:39  <javruben>https://github.com/ajaxorg/cloud9
06:48:39  <marktheunissen>javruben: i'm building an open source product
06:48:52  <javruben>plus there are several blogs and stack overflow items on it
06:49:02  <marktheunissen>javruben: just the one README? :)
06:49:23  <marktheunissen>javruben: ok i'll poke around
06:49:39  <javruben>https://www.google.com/search?q=installing+cloud9+ubuntu&aq=1&oq=installing+cloud9&aqs=chrome.2.57j0l3j62l2.5883&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8
06:50:05  <marktheunissen>javruben: yup, i have it installed. but for example, what are all the command line parameters?
06:50:21  <javruben>that should be in the readme
06:50:43  <marktheunissen>javruben: k
06:51:11  <marktheunissen>javruben: so if i want multiple users to all have their own cloud9 ides on a single server, i have to run the cloud9 node.js server for each user?
06:51:25  <javruben>yes
06:52:17  <marktheunissen>javruben: sure, and is this safe? there's no common shared place like a temporary directory that may cause users to interfere with each other?
06:52:51  <javruben>I cannot guarantee it, but I believe it is safe
06:52:56  <marktheunissen>:)
06:52:57  <javruben>set the workspace dir with -w
06:53:05  <javruben>(if I remember correctly)
06:53:07  <marktheunissen>javruben: no guarantees in life
06:53:09  <marktheunissen>:)
06:53:11  <marktheunissen>yeah
06:53:11  <javruben>:)
06:53:28  <marktheunissen>i'll start each process with --user xxx --pass yyyy -w /home/user
06:53:33  <marktheunissen>for example
06:53:40  <javruben>yes, that should work
06:53:55  <marktheunissen>it's just a bit of a resource-heavy thing to do
06:54:01  <javruben>yeah I know
06:54:23  <javruben>but it should be fine for a few dozen or so users, depending on your vm size
06:54:50  <marktheunissen>javruben: yeah, it's for training of open-source technology, using a cloud server, so i can always scale the server up
06:55:04  <marktheunissen>32 gigs RAM would be the highest on rackspace
06:55:07  <javruben>why not use the online one?
06:55:18  <javruben>c9.io
06:55:46  <marktheunissen>one reason is the overhead of getting 20 students to all make accounts, then connect to the development server that we're providing
06:56:23  <marktheunissen>they have to make an account on c9.io, then enter their credentials for our server where the files are hosted (ssh or FTP)
06:56:57  <javruben>you could make accounts for them
06:57:08  <javruben>and if they already have github it should be a single click
06:57:24  <marktheunissen>javruben: that's an option too
06:57:27  <javruben>do you prefer your own server, compared to the workspaces we provide?
06:57:40  <javruben>should we add something to our workspaces to make them better for you?
06:58:36  <marktheunissen>javruben: i'm not really familiar with what the workspaces provide - but let's say we're training on how to develop Wordpress themes or Drupal themes… do the workspaces provide that?
06:58:57  <marktheunissen>does each user get access to a stack of some sort?
06:59:04  <marktheunissen>like a hosted application that they can develop?
06:59:17  <javruben>yes
06:59:37  <javruben>although it is not optimal right now to install certain things
06:59:50  <marktheunissen>ah i see it's heroku, azure, cloud foundry
07:00:01  <javruben>well that is just for deployment of production apps
07:00:23  <javruben>when you create a workspace there is a linux container you get
07:00:29  <javruben>so when you don't use ftp or ssh
07:00:37  <javruben>you get an equivalent of a vm
07:00:43  <marktheunissen>ah ok
07:00:53  <javruben>but we don't allow root access
07:00:54  <marktheunissen>what do you mean equivalent?
07:00:56  <marktheunissen>ah
07:01:00  <javruben>its a linux container
07:01:01  <marktheunissen>so it is an actual vm?
07:01:42  <javruben>it is a virtualization technique with less overhead
07:01:49  <javruben>but for all intent and purpose its a vm
07:02:33  <marktheunissen>ah i see
07:02:49  <javruben>but we do need to work on making installing things like wordpress easier
07:02:50  <marktheunissen>similar to systemd's more advanced jail
07:03:04  <marktheunissen>i.e. more advanced than chroot
07:03:08  <javruben>no its full process isolation
07:03:14  <javruben>ps aux will only show your processes
07:03:20  <javruben>its in the linux kernel since 2.6
07:03:29  <javruben>I have to go now
07:03:55  <javruben>but my advice for you now is to go ahead with your own server, although I would recommend to use c9.io instead of managing your own instances
07:04:14  <marktheunissen>thanks for the help!
07:04:15  <javruben>within 2 months you'll be able to very easily install wordpress
07:04:19  <javruben>and things like that
07:04:20  <javruben>no problem
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